Sacrificial Cage (贄の檻 Nie no Ori?) is the 1st chapter of the 11th volume and the 37th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


Angel, Xenophon and Corina return back to Shiganshina District in high spirits. However, these high spirits come crashing down when the Titan Cult allows a Titan within the Wall the same day they return.


People flee in terror

People flee in terror

After spending one week in the Industrial City, Angel Aaltonen returns back to Shiganshina with Corina and Xenophon. As they look forward to continuing their work, their carriage is stopped due to a large crowd. Sorum inquires and learns that a group of Titan Cultists have taken control of the front gate and have a hostage. He leaves to confront the issue, giving control of the carriage to Angel. Angel decides to get a closer look, but hears a bell ringing; the front gate has been opened and a 10-meter class Titan managed to get inside the district.

Mammon begins chasing people

The Titan begins chasing people

As people rush past them, Xenophon tells Angel they must leave. Angel grabs his device and the three make their way back to the inner gate. Just then, the Titan appears in front of them and begins slaughtering citizens. Angel holds on to both Corina and Xenophon as they try to make their way through the crowd. Suddenly, the crowd in front of them gets crushed by the Titan, which then spots the three. Angel is unable to move and is petrified with fear. He is finally able to will his legs to move and manages to dodge the Titan's grasp. He looks over towards Xenophon and Corina, but Corina is nowhere to be seen. Angel then sees blood coming out of the Titan's fist, horrified to see that it managed to grab and crush Corina.

Characters in order of appearance

  1. Leo
  2. Angel Aaltonen
  3. Sharle Inocencio
  4. Sorum Humé (flashback)
  5. Xenophon Harkimo (flashback)
  6. Corina Ilmari (killed in a flashback)
  7. Mammon (flashback)


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