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Sairam (サイラム Sairamu?) was a soldier serving in the Survey Corps in the Attack on Titan: No Regrets manga series.


Sairam was a young man with long black hair brushed out of his eyes. He could usually be seen with a serious or angry expression on his face.


Sairam was a very serious individual, a trait that often put him at odds with the happy-go-lucky Isabel Magnolia. He also proved to be a very brave individual, begging his friend Flagon Turret to save himself rather than try and save him from being devoured by Titans.


Levi stops Sayram

Levi steps between Sairam and Isabel

When Isabel Magnolia and Furlan Church began bickering with each other on their first expedition beyond the Walls, Sairam angrily demanded that they take the mission more seriously, reminding them how many soldiers had died in previous expeditions. Before he could get into an altercation with Levi, Flagon Turret calmed him down, reminding Sairam that Levi's crew would feel differently about the expedition after seeing a Titan firsthand. When they were attacked by Titans, Sairam and Flagon could only watch in shock as the three deftly defeated the attacking Titan.[1]
Sayram caught

Sairam gets caught by a Titan

When Flagon went over Erwin's new formation with Levi's group a second time, Sairam was present, and got into an argument with Isabel; questioning if she even understood Erwin's formation.[2] He is pleased with Flagon's optimistic words, but does not appear surprised that Isabel still can not do a proper salute.

The next day, a surprise storm causes the Survey Corps' members to get separated, Sairam manages to stay with Flagon. When they meet back up with Furlan and Isabel, Sairam was surprised to find that Levi was not with them, and wondered aloud if he had been devoured. A question that angered Isabel, who insisted that Levi was alive. Soon after, the four of them were set upon by a group of Titans. Sairam was the first to be devoured, using his final moments to ask Flagon to save himself.[3]


  • Flagon Turret - A friend and his superior, Sairam held an immense amount of respect and loyalty for Flagon, and could usually been seen in his company. Even when being attacked by Titans, Sairam thought only for his friend's safety, encouraging Flagon to save himself.
  • Isabel Magnolia - Because of her carefree personality and her inexperience as a soldier, the two were constantly at odds, though he could not deny her abilities with vertical equipment. Isabel also showed that, despite their bickering, she respected what he and the rest of the Survey Corps fought for.
  • Levi - He felt Levi and his friends were a disgrace to the Survey Corps, but like Flagon, he was amazed at his abilities. It is only when Sairam is arguing with Isabel that Levi makes it clear with his body language that, to some degree, Isabel is "off limits."



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