Samuel (サムエル Samueru?) was a member of the 104th Training Corps.


Samuel was a young man of average build and height, with dark hair. His hair was parted in the center with bangs and faint sideburns. He wore the typical uniform of the 104th Training Corps.


There is little known about Samuel's personality. He appeared to had been a fairly normal young man, concerned for the well-being of his friends and eager to join in celebrations.


Battle of Trost District arc

On the day before the graduation of the 104th Training Corps, he is assigned to the same team as Eren Yeager and is sent to clean the cannons mounted along to the top of Wall Rose in Trost District. The group discuss which branch they intended to join, and Sasha Blouse reveals that she had stolen meat from the officers' rations. Initially fearing punishment for the theft, the group eventually decide to partake in it with Sasha.[2]

Sasha saves Samuel from falling

Samuel is saved by Sasha

The sudden appearance of the Colossus Titan causes all of the trainees to be knocked off the Wall, and Samuel is knocked unconscious by flying debris. Sasha rushes down the Wall to his rescue, catching him by launching one of her vertical maneuvering equipment hooks into his lower calf.[3]




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