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Sasha (サシャ Sasha?) is a member of the Scout Regiment in the live-action films Attack on Titan, The Movie: Part 1 and Attack on Titan, The Movie: Part 2. She is the live-action counterpart of Sasha Blouse from the original Attack on Titan manga. She is portrayed by Nanami Sakuraba.


Sasha has long hair which she keeps in a ponytail. She wears the standard Scout Regiment uniform.


Sasha has been called a glutton ever since joining the Regiment. She has an abnormally large appetite and sometimes scolds people for not finishing their food, or asks them if she can finish it for them. She is generally a happy person and encourages people like Armin. Despite having an easily-overlooked personality, Sasha is a skilled soldier in battle.


Attack on Titan: Hangeki No Noroshi

Attack on Titan, The Movie: Part 1

After the fall of the outer wall, the resulting loss of land results in massive food shortages. In order to earn money for their family, Sasha's parents force her to join the military so they can collect the money rewarded to the families of new recruits.

On the night of the military's departure to reseal the outer wall, Sasha bids goodbye to her parents. Her father is unconcerned with her departure, excitedly busying himself with counting the money that he received for her recruitment. In his excitement, he accidentally spills the money and Sasha's mother angrily orders her to help collect it.

Sasha joins her fellow recruits in the mess hall. As she is eating, Armin attempts to use his food to explain the military's plan to seal the wall to her. After he is finished explaining, Sasha immediately takes his tray and begins eating his food. Jean singles her out as he is insulting the recruits, but Sasha is so absorbed in her meal that she fails to notice.

As the soldiers are traveling to Omotemachi, Yunohira stops the convoy after he hears noise nearby and orders the soldiers to help him investigate. The soldiers only find cattle nearby, but Eren and Hiana accidentally attract a nearby horde of Titans. The convoy leaves without the recruits, and they are forced to flee to Omotemachi on foot. They manage to make it to the city where they are intercepted by a group of Titans, but are quickly saved by Captain Shikishima and his squad.

As the soldiers are spending the night in the city, Armin shows Sasha a small device that he was given by a small boy to repair before the outer wall fell. Sasha does not pay attention to the story, more concerned with the apple she is eating, but accidentally drops it as she is eating it. The two go to find it, and come face to face with Kubal, who lectures them on the dangers of mechanical devices such as the one Armin possesses. As he leaves, he crushes Sasha's apple underfoot, to her disappointment.

As day breaks, the city comes under attack from Titans. Sasha and Armin take refuge on the ground, hiding among the rubble of the city. To their horror, they find Lil trying to resuscitate Fukushi's mutilated body. The three survivors are found by Souda, who orders them to retreat. As the battle continues, the recruits notice Jean being swarmed by Titan and try to save him. They succeed, but Armin is then grabbed by a nearby Titan, and although they try to save him, their efforts are not enough to kill the Titan. Eren arrives to save Armin, but is eaten in the process.

The survivors take refuge on top of a nearby building, and Titans begin to surround them. As it begins to seem that all hope has been lost, a Mysterious Titan arrives and begins killing the remaining Titans in the city. After it has finished, it collapses and Souda orders the survivors to cut open its nape. The recruits obey, and are shocked to find Eren inside.

Attack on Titan, The Movie: Part 2

After Kubal learns of Eren's ability, he has the boy restrained for questioning. The survivors from Omotemachi all stand by and watch as Eren is interrogated to determine if he can be trusted. Sasha tries to stop Armin from intervening, but is unable to stop him from stepping up to defend Eren. The trial comes to an abrupt end when a White Titan arrives and begins killing Eren's guards. Seeing that the Titan intends to kidnap Eren, the recruits try to slay it, but are unable, and the Titan successfully makes off with Eren.

With no way to pursue the Titan, Hans decides that she and the remaining recruits will proceed to Monzen alone to recover the bomb planed there and use it to seal the wall. They successfully acquire the bomb and proceed to the wall, but are intercepted by Shikishima and his forces, with Eren in tow. Shikishima reveals that he intends to use the bomb to breach the second innermost wall and allow Titans even farther into the interior, and a stand-off occurs between the two forces. Sannagi sacrifices himself to give the recruits a chance to escape.

As the recruits flee, Sasha tries to console Armin over Sannagi's death, but is interrupted by Shikishima, who is still alive. He transforms into his White Titan form and begins to engage the recruits. Sasha uses an explosive-tipped arrow to heavily damage the Titans face, but the recruits are unable to kill it and Eren is forced to engage it in his Titan form.

Eren manages to defeat Shikishima, and the recruits proceed to the wall to plant the bomb. After they have placed the bomb and started its timer, they are confronted by Kubal, who tries to stop them from sealing the wall. Sasha shoots him multiple times, triggering his transformation into the Colossal Titan. As the rest of the recruits engage the Titan, Sasha escorts Armin, who has been shot in the leg and injured, to safety. Once back on the ground, they witness their comrades' victory over the Colossal Titan and the sealing of the wall.


  • Armin - Among her comrades, Sasha is closest to Armin. On constant occasions, she interacts with him in a kind manner. They give motivation and friendly advice to each other, portraying their trust for one another in whatever circumstance.



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