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Sasha Blouse (サシャ・ブラウス Sasha Burausu?) is a 1st year student at Attack Junior High School.


Sasha has large eyes and usually keeps her brown hair tied in a neat ponytail with side bangs swept to the right. She also wears the standard 1st year Attack Junior High uniform with a ribbon as a bow.


Sasha is in the same class as Eren and Mikasa. She is a complete glutton, and is always either seen eating something or asking a classmate for some food. She is not too bright, but has been shown to be very athletic.


Sasha asks Mikasa for food

On the first day of school, Sasha is eating candy before class begins. While the teacher is doing roll call, she asks her classmate, Mikasa Ackerman, for some food and explains that she has stopped getting food stamps in the mail. Instead, she has been receiving motivational posters. Sasha points out that Mikasa looks like a lady from one of her posters.[1] Mikasa turns away with a blank stare while Sasha lies on her desk, hungry.

During a feud between Eren Yeager and Jean Kirstein, Sasha lies at her desk starved. When Mikasa returns from consoling Eren outside, Sasha angrily declares that she almost died because of Mikasa. Mikasa then asks Sasha if she knows Eren. Sasha explains that she heard everyone talking about cheese meatloaf and says that she would eat it if someone gave it to her. Feeling unsatisfied with Sasha's answer, Mikasa walks away.[2] Later outside, Mikasa brings down a Titan for putting Eren in its mouth. Sasha and the others falsely applaud Eren for saving them from the Titan, on being threatened by Mikasa.[3]

The next day when Eren and Mikasa arrive at school, a bunch of students is gathered around the bulletin board. When Eren asks what all the fuss is about, Sasha asks why Armin has not been coming to school. Eren mentions that Armin has been through a lot and that he hardly came to school in the final year of elementary school. Eren then asks Sasha what Armin not coming to school has to do with her question. She explains that her class is battling the rival class in a dodge ball tournament the next day. However, the entire class has to show up. She then says that the winner will get umaka-chan. Upon hearing this, Eren vows to bring Armin to school even he has to drag Armin there.[4]

The day of the tournament arrives, with Armin coming to school. Unfortunately, Eren oversleeps, and it begins without him. While the first match is going on, Jean notices Sasha eating some yakisoba. When Jean asks her why she is eating it now, she replies that yaksisoba tastes awful when it has cooled down. Jean tells her to wait until the tournament is over. Sasha says that she could not and took some yakisoba from the blind man who runs the shop after he had just cooked it up. When Jean tells Sasha that she stole the food and could have waited, she replies that sustenance is always the most important thing. She also explained that if she does not eat, she will shrivel up and die during the tournament. Despite Sasha's claims that she can play while eating, Armin points out that she is still useless because she cannot catch the ball.[5] Sasha and Class 4 are able to win their first two matches, but ultimately lose to the Titan class in the final match.

While on a field trip to the Titan building on the campus, Sasha and her classmates end up finding themselves surrounded by Titans in the forest during lunch. Just then, a Titan lifts Armin's futon and steals his lunch box.[6] Sasha and other students end up having their lunch boxes taken by Titans as well. As she watches the Titans eat her lunch, Sasha cries and begins to agree with Eren's views of the Titans.[7] Upon hearing that all students have to join an after school club, Sasha is dismayed that it is mandatory for everyone. Along with the members from Class Three, she hears of a club on campus that is dedicated to the elimination of the Titan students;[8] recalling how her lunch was taken by a Titan, Sasha agrees to join them in searching for the meeting place. Class Three and Four are able to find it in an older part of the school and are accepted as new members.[9]

Sasha is tutored by Armin after school

Due to the secretive nature of the Survey Club, everyone is forbidden from signing up for it officially. Sasha and Connie discover the next day that their teacher assigned them to the "Wall Beautification Club."[10] After school, they meet up with Rico, the student leader of the club. Despite Sasha having some misgivings, she and the others eventually make some progress and impress Rico; however, she is dismayed to overhear that her and the others are essentially janitors for the school, something Rico inadvertently let slip one day.[11] Sasha begins to fall behind in her math grades, but Armin volunteers to help tutor both her and Connie after school; when Connie inexplicably fails to show up, Sasha is then instructed by Armin to break down the problems. After Sasha begins thinking about food, Armin uses this to help her understand better.[12] Eventually, Sasha has a break-through and is elated by how much progress she has made; however, while she walks home that night, she promptly forgets everything Armin taught her that afternoon.[13]