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Sawney (ソニー Sonī?) is one of the Titans captured by Hange Zoë.


Sawney has blond hair and blue-gray eyes. It has a blue collar with gold studs around its neck.


Sawney is a more docile Titan compared to its kind, but can be seen showing energetic movements and actions from time to time.[1][2]


After Eren asked Hange why she was out of money, Hange decides to introduce the group to Sawney and Beane, the two Titans she keeps in the biology club room. Sawney later chases after Hange when the latter sets it loose.[3]

During the Sports Day games, Hange manages to win the bread race by riding Sawney. It then proceed to eat the food prizes and tries to bite Hange. At the last game, Sawney and Beane are seen holding a giant confetti ball over the schoolyard.[1]

One day, Ilse Langnar, a newspaper club member, is surprised by Sawney and runs away in fear, dropping her notebook in the process. Hange and Levi arrive and find Sawney. Noticing the notebook, Hange then lets her Titan deliver it back to her, and Sawney runs after Ilse.[4]

Sawney and Beane cheer for the band

During the school's 104th festival, Hange shows her experiences on Titans to her classmates and tickles a hindered Sawney that laughs as a result, but also nearly chops off her head.[2]

Sawney is later seen with Beane cheering for the No Name Band.[5]


  • Sawney shares the same voice actor with Franz Kefka in the Japanese dub.