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Sharle Inocencio (シャルル・イノセンシオ Sharuru Inosenshio?) is the daughter of the late merchant, Dario Inocencio, and the younger sister of Xavi. She serves as one of the two deuteragonists of the Attack on Titan prequel series Before the Fall.


Sharle has very large eyes and long blonde hair. She has a braid on each side that are pulled to the back of her hair, with her bangs parting down the middle and cascading down each side of her face, well past her shoulders. She wears what appears to be a nightgown at the beginning of the manga. When seen later in the manga, she is wearing a light-colored, long-sleeved dress with a light-colored, short-sleeved jacket that buttons in the front and stops at the waist. She also wears a light-colored shawl tied in the front around her shoulders.


Sharle comes off as innocent but like many at a young age, she had a general interest in Titans and the outside world. She has long since come to the understanding that her existence was merely viewed by her father as a strategic ploy for a political marriage. Only after hearing of the "Titan's son" that lived under their very roof did she feel a sense of duty to her family and the town. Thinking that if she killed the "Titan's son," the town would be saved, and her birth would finally have actual meaning.

Quite friendly and outgoing, Sharle is able to quickly warm up to people she meets and form friendships fairly quickly. Sharle is an astute learner and takes an early interest in studying and books, as she shows that she has enough knowledge of the outside world to teach it to others.[2] She is also a very quick learner, becoming a capable craftsman apprentice after roughly a month and working with two master craftsmen on an equal level after only approximately three months.


The Titan's Son arc

Sharle is scared of the Titan's son living in their home

Sharle is seen living with her father Dario and older brother Xavi within the safety of Wall Sheena. After her father takes them to the top of Wall Maria, she catches her first glimpse of a Titan and becomes absolutely terrified of them. Several weeks pass and Sharle is taken to dinner by Xavi at a rival family's house, despite her reluctance to go. She watches as the Diekmeier heir Abel flout his superiority to Xavi, nervously wondering how her brother will react.[3] After they return back home, Sharle is horrified to learn that her father has purchased Kuklo, the rumored "son of a Titan." Severely uncomfortable with a supposed Titan living in their house, Sharle becomes determined to kill him;[2] however, after seeing Kuklo wordlessly plead for her to kill him, Sharle begins to have second thoughts. After sneaking away to see him over the course of several nights, Sharle questions if he is truly the son of a Titan or just a regular human like herself. She soon befriends Kuklo and starts to teach him how to speak, revealing what knowledge she has about the outside world. She was destined to be married off to a wealthy family, and when candidates started arriving, she is rather easily convinced by Kuklo to escape with him.[4] When the Titan worshipers sneak into the mansion and kill Dario, Sharle is quickly found by her brother who begins to fight the cultists. However, both are quickly overrun and are saved only by the sudden arrival of Kuklo. Xavi blames the house raid on Kuklo, slashing at his eye in punishment. After her brother is knocked unconscious, Sharle claims that she no longer has a place in the household and she departs with Kuklo to Shiganshina District before morning.[5]

Shiganshina arc

Sharle bids farewell to Kuklo

After several hours of traveling both on foot and riding within a traveler's wagon. Shiganshina comes into view. When the two of them settle down inside a shelter home, Sharle comes home with a bag of groceries. A solemn Sharle changes Kuklo's bandages around his eye while apologizing for her brother injuring him; she reveals to Kuklo that her brother is now part of the Training Corps and that the Military Police are looking for them in connection with the cult's attack on her home. Sharle is promptly called down to prepare dinner.[6] When Sharle and Kuklo are sent to bed, Sharle fills him in on the arranged marriage her father had set up for her with a member of the Baumeister family. Sharle advocates that she is grateful she left home.[7] The next morning, Sharle is excited to send off the Survey Corps outside the Walls alongside the rest of the town. Kuklo recalls that Sharle saw a Titan years ago, and would like to see one for himself to ensure his identity. Sharle reminds him that he is human.[8]

Sharle worries about Kuklo's safety

That night, Sharle prepares him for his expedition outside the Walls. She arms him with her special knife and prays that he will return safely.[9] Sharle is standing among the cheering people who send the Survey Corps off.[10]

The following day, Sharle is among the crowd awaiting the Survey Corps' return, taken back by the angry comments from some of the villagers. As the soldiers begin to return through the gate, she notices that Kuklo is not among them and begins to worry about his well-being. Prior to the gates of Shiganshina closing, Sharle spots Kuklo and Carlo Pikale riding in last-minute behind the group.[11] While Kuklo is met by Military Police officers, a frantic Sharle is unable to reach him through the crowd. Before Kuklo leaves with the officers, he gives Carlo his knife.[12]

Sharle reaches Carlo and is questioned by him while stating Kuklo's reason to head outside the Walls. Carlo takes out Sharle's knife and gives it back to her, which she claims is her good luck charm. Despite the risks, Sharle conveys that she is prepared for the possibility of losing her freedom while freeing Kuklo from imprisonment in the process.[13] For a rendezvous with Kuklo later on, Carlo arranges for his father Jorge to send Sharle to the Industrial City by keeping her in one of the foremen's factories.[14]

Visit to the Industrial City arc

Kuklo thanks Sharle for making him see the beauty in the world

In the Industrial City, Sharle is seen running errands when she notices a few new arrivals enter the city and is overjoyed to see Kuklo among them; she runs over to them and immediately hugs Kuklo. She also meets Cardina, but is taken aback when she learns that he was the member of the Baumeister family she was arranged to be married to. Cardina calms her and signifies that they should let bygones be bygones right as he confirms that their engagement is off. Sharle is helped with her groceries and returns to her temporary stay in a factory happily. She plans to make dinner as soon as she introduces her friends to Xenophon Harkimo.[15] When they make their way into Xenophon's office, however, they find that he is asleep. Sharle rushes in to wake him up.[16] As soon as Xenophon playfully calls Kuklo by his infamous nickname, the "Titan's son," Sharle sends him a glance of sympathy and proposes to make tea.[17] Sharle comes back with a tray in her hands, walking in on Xenophon and Jorge suggesting Kuklo and Cardina join the Survey Corps. In Kuklo's stead, Sharle vehemently protests for the sake of his safety. Kuklo interrupts her, affirming that he does not mind joining.[18]

During dinner that night Sharle bitterly leaves the table, claiming that she has to fix some tea. While brewing the tea, Sharle criticizes herself and calls herself awful for how she behaved. She questions Kuklo's resolve as she is upset with his decision. Sharle is lost in her own thoughts so much, the tea starts boiling over.[19] Sharle steps out of the room and heads to Xenophon's office. Seeing the "Device" on a nearby table, she blames it for Kuklo wishing to join the Survey Corps and grabs a hammer to smash it. However, she stops herself just prior to Kuklo finding her. He bows his head in apology for making her worry by arriving late - Sharle quickly disagrees and believes that she should be the one apologizing. She explains her fear of Kuklo never returning again and breaks down in tears. Kuklo gives her a reassuring hug and apologizes once more.[20] Sharle and Kuklo sit down together and Sharle calmly asks for his reasons on joining the Survey Corps. He answers that he loves the people of this world, which confuses Sharle.[21] He then thanks her for the great impact she is made in his life; Sharle reminds him how she did not have enough power to help him out of the basement. Kuklo is grateful regardless, for helping him find out about himself as well as see the outside world.[22]

Sharle and Kuklo take a walk together outside. Kuklo states that he truly appreciates all the people they have met on their journey. Sharle solemnly reminds him that her family had treated him horribly, though Kuklo admits that he does not hate them either. This surprises Sharle, as she continues to clarify that her family was bitter, even to her. Kuklo blatantly disagrees with her, proceeding by making her acknowledge that it was her father who requested her knife to be made to keep her fear of Titans at bay. Sharle gets teary-eyed, and expresses regret after realizing how much she overlooked her family.[23] Sharle is alarmed at Kuklo's belief that the Titans will one day return and breach the Wall.[24]

Sharle announces she wants to become a craftsman and apprentice to Xenophon

The next morning, Sharle is taken to the outskirts of the Industrial City to see the iron bamboo. When Kuklo and the group run into the Military Police, Sharle comforts him by holding his hand.[25] Afterward, Sharle makes her way into the thicket of iron bamboo. Sharle takes out her knife, which is made of the same material, and it reminds Xenophon of his early days as a foreman.[26] Sharle smiles at Kuklo and Cardina's playful quarrel about joining the Survey Corps, but she frowns thinking about it. She speaks up and announces that, while not able to become a soldier, she will aspire to be a craftsman in order to improve the Device's currently-flawed design. She requests for Xenophon to take her in as an apprentice - which he does, to Sharle's delight. Xenophon believes that Sharle has potential as a craftsman, as Angel Aaltonen's assistant Corina was of Sharle's age; when asked about her, Sharle finds out that Angel's assistant had perished in Shiganshina fifteen years ago.[27] Jorge tells everyone the story of the capture of a Titan fifteen years ago, with the supervision of Angel.[28]

Dissidence Movement arc

Sharle discovers Angel's iron bamboo dagger

A week after Kuklo leaves with Jorge and Cardina, Sharle is tasked by Xenophon to examine blades kept in the back; noting that her eyes are getting better at noticing details and deficiencies, Xenophon tells her to sort out any weapons that are in good enough shape to repair.[29] Eventually Sharle comes across an iron bamboo dagger similar to the one she owns, with the word 'Angel' written on it. Xenophon, who was watching from a distance, confirms that it indeed had been made and was once owned by Angel Aaltonen.[30]

Days later, Sharle wakes up to start her usual morning routine but is surprised by the sight of smoke in the sky. Fearing a fire, she goes towards the stairs but is caught from behind by a woman, telling her to be quiet. The woman mentions to Sharle that she wishes to speak with Xenophon and if there is anyone else with Sharle on this floor. As Sharle is brought to the window by the woman, five men are gunned down; another man approaches and exchanges pleasantries with the woman, revealed to be called Mai. The man, August, invites Sharle to accompany them to the office where Xenophon and the workers are. She learns about the Dissidence Movement and protests when Xenophon agrees to go with them.[31]

When Xenophon goes back on his promise and ultimately refuses to go with the rebels, August threatens the lives of the workers and demands Sharle go with them as well. Despite protests from both Xenophon and Mai, Sharle agrees to go with them.[32] As they travel to the headquarters of the Military Police, Sharle realizes that they were brought by August to better the rebel's chances at negotiating with the Royal Government. Mai apologizes for August's actions and tells Sharle why she and many others they joined the movement. Sharle begins to sympathize with the rebels, realizing that they had no choice but to rise up in order to survive.[33]

Kuklo flies in and rescues Sharle from falling

As they approach their destination, Sharle looks up and unexpectedly sees Kuklo above them. She cries out and he jumps down, trying to reach her. Despite her pleas, August sees him as a threat and orders Mai to take her away while ordering the others to open fire on Kuklo.[34] As they return back to Xenophon's workshop, Sharle is taken as a hostage by August on the roof when he tries to negotiate with the Military Police.[35] Sharle is able to get away but sees Xenophon kicked off the roof; she is able to save him but is sent falling to the ground. As she worries about dying, Kuklo flies in using the device and saves her.[36]

Sharle is mystified how Kuklo is able to fly through the air so easily with the device and eventually they both get far enough away from the Military Police. She is overjoyed to see that Kuklo is safe but notices his numerous wounds.[37] Sharle tears off part of her dress and bandages the wound in Kuklo's left leg. She chastises Kuklo for not taking care of himself but becomes worried when she hears that Military Police forces from Shiganshina are in the city as well. As they make their way back to Jorge and Cardina, Sharle asks why they are not using the device to fly; Kuklo replies that it will make them easily noticed by the MP's.[38] She tells Kuklo about the Dissidence Movement and is saddened how they are all dead; she asks Kuklo if they had any other choice and what he would do. Kuklo says that he would break away from the fear that the resistance members were constantly gripped with. He then holds Sharle and says that he will focus on what is in front of him.[39]

Just then, the two hear a voice calling to Sharle and both are shocked to see Xavi coming their way; he too is stunned to see them together (as well as Kuklo still being alive).[40] Sharle begs her brother to not kill Kuklo but Xavi claims she has fallen under his control, calling Sharle an insult to their family name. She counters that he provided false testimony about Kuklo's supposed involvement in the attack on their home, but it falls on deaf ears.[41]

Fuchs holds back Sharle from interfering

After Xavi attacks Kuklo several times, Sharle tries pacifying Xavi by agreeing to go with him to spare Kuklo's life but the latter adamantly refuses. Fuchs grabs Sharle so neither can interfere in the fight and is horrified when Xavi slices Kuklo along the back of his leg.[42] As she sees Kuklo drift away unconscious in a nearby river, Sharle is gassed by Fuchs and is taken by him and Xavi back to Wall Sheena.[43]

After being brought back to her family home, Sharle is taken by Xavi to a formal gathering between the most prestigious heads of houses as her debut to society.[44] While being introduced, she catches the eye of Michael Pottering, the son of an assemblyman. Sharle realizes that Xavi is trying to marry her off to bolster his connections similar to their father.[45] They are both surprised to see Gloria Bernhart, who is attending with her uncle, and Sharle becomes nervous that she will recognize her from being an unwitting part of the Dissidence Movement. She goes along with Xavi's story that she was staying with a friend and that a maid was the one taken by Kuklo during the attack by the cultists.[46] Nevertheless, Sharle becomes nervous once more when Gloria wonders if they have met somewhere before.

Underground City arc

Sharle is relieved that Kuklo's body was not among the dead rebels

Sharle insists that she is not allowed outside of the family home very often and that it would have been quite impossible for her to have seen Gloria before.[47] Taken back by Sharle's cover story, Xavi agrees and tells Gloria that she must have mistaken someone else for Sharle. The next day, Sharle is relieved that Kuklo's body was not found among the others recorded by the Military Police. While Cardina and Jorge are working to find Kuklo, Sharle wonders what she can do on her end; spotting the workshops, she recalls seeing Angel's iron bamboo dagger and that a soldier in the Military Police named Hans was the owner of it. Sharle resolves to track down the soldier, and ultimately, Angel so he can help Xenophon with the device.[48] At that time, Sharle is told that Michael has arrived; hearing that both Xavi and Rixner are gone, Sharle realizes this is her best chance to get away. As they drive past the Military Police headquarters, Sharle asks to go in real quick to relay a message for her brother.[49] Michael just looks down in sorrow as it drives past; suddenly, two thugs open the carriage door and try to presumably rape her. Sharle fights back and is able to get away back to the Military Police building where she hails the outside guards. She tells the guards she is here to see Gloria and that the thugs grabbed her.[50]

Gloria takes Sharle inside and compliments how she was able to handle herself with the thugs. When asked, Sharle merely states that a family friend taught her how to defend herself.[51] Gloria arranges a carriage to take her back home, and Sharle thanks her. Before leaving, Sharle is able to find Hans Luhmann, the one who had the dagger made. She learns that he was sent to a brothel in the fabled 'Underground City' located in Stohess District and there, was led to a blacksmith named Angel who crafted the dagger.[52] Sharle's determination to find it leads Hans to give her specific directions and advice how to navigate through the district. Impressed with herself on the progress she has already made, Sharle quickly disguises herself after arriving back home and flees towards the Underground City. Once there, she nearly gives herself away but is able to stop herself in time.

Sharle tries to convince Angel to come out of his self-imposed exile

Sharle is able to follow Han's directions to a brothel and gets an audience with Klarissa, the person who told Hans about Angel; she then leads Sharle to Angel, who is outside drinking.[53] Sharle tries to talk to Angel, but he angrily pushes past her. Determined to speak with him, she tries to follow him but is caught by a group of thugs. Sharle is saved by Klarissa, who claims that she is her client. One of the thugs, Leo, apologizes and informs Sharle that he saw Angel go past him, and takes Sharle to his workshop at the edge of the Underground City. Deciding to give her a chance, Angel allows her to speak and even show off her skill.[54] Despite impressing Angel, Sharle is unable to convince him to join her and Xenophon in working on his device and orders her to leave him alone.[55] Sharle thanks him for seeing her, but poses the question where his passion for crafting a weapon to defeat Titans came from and if it was long before the death of his apprentice Corina. The next day, Sharle is surprised to hear she has a visitor; she is happy to see that it is Angel, who apologizes for his behavior the previous day and asks her to take him to Xenophon.[56] After they leave the Underground City, Sharle muses over how much she owes Klarissa and Leo yet is understandably saddened they do not wish for her to return. As she discusses with Angel how to get back to the Industrial City and if society's views will ever change, Sharle is unaware that they have been spotted by Fuchs on another carriage.[57]

Restoration of the Survey Corps arc

Sharle talks with Angel how to improve the device

As they stop for the night at a camp, Sharle informs Angel that the main flaw discovered at this point with his device is the weight; Angel agrees that it has been a lingering issue for him. He asks Sharle if there is anything else she would consider as a flaw in the design. Despite not seeing it used in practice, Sharle recalls how one hand is needed to operate the device; she muses that it would be easier if the user's hands could be used to operate both the device and a sword instead of one or the other. Intrigued, Angel asks her to elaborate and Sharle proposes integrating the control mechanism of the device into the grip of the sword.[58] Fearing it to be a stupid idea, Sharle is relieved that Angel thinks of it as an ingenious concept and shares his desire to return immediately to the Industrial City to work on their design.[59]

During their stay in the Industrial City, Gloria makes an unexpected visit to Xenophon's workshop and spots Sharle there, confirming her suspicions that Sharle has been working with the inventors for some time.[60] When they hear that Gloria's uncle has given them and the Survey Corps three months to produce results, Sharle and the two inventors protest that it is not enough time; these pleas fall on deaf ears. They are able to finish two days later and Sharle travels with Angel to the Training academy nearby.[61] After happily reuniting with Kuklo, they all go inside and reveal the newly christened 'vertical maneuvering equipment'. As Sharle shows Kuklo some of the features, they travel to a nearby forest for him to test the design out. When asked if it could be mass-produced for all the members of the Survey Corps, Sharle reveals the conditions given by Gloria.[62] Sharle helps Kuklo, Cardina and several senior members of the Survey Corps assemble the aptitude training devices when she is shocked to see her brother Xavi approaching.[63]

Sharle does not trust Xavi's intentions and confronts him

Xavi tries to appease them by saying he was merely sent by Gloria to oversee the operations on behalf of the Military Police. As he goes to meet with Carlo, he briefly stops by Sharle and merely states they will talk later.[64] Not sensing a good reason for him being there, Sharle goes to see Xavi that evening. She defiantly states that she is staying at the academy and will not be going home with him; Xavi insults their father for not raising her right before saying that she is free to do whatever she wishes for the next few months until the expedition takes place. After hearing Xavi claim that he will be participating in the expedition, Sharle notes it is out of character for him and blatantly asks why he is doing it. He again merely states that he is under orders by Gloria, but Sharle accuses him of being there to ensure Kuklo and the Survey Corps' efforts will fail, which would result in them being disbanded.[65]

Sharle is introduced along with Angel to the new trainees

Sharle is later introduced to the trainees as one of the inventors of the vertical maneuvering equipment. Carlo also informs her that she will be sharing a room with Rosa Carlstead, the only female who applied to the training program. The two meet later that night and get to know each other; Sharle is surprised by Rosa saying that she knew about Sharle before today due to seeing her arrive two weeks earlier and how Kuklo mentioned her while recovering from his duel with Xavi. She starts to blush when Rosa bluntly asks if she and Kuklo are together or not. After saying she does not know, Sharle tells Rosa about how her father bought Kuklo as a slave and she tried killing him due to believing he truly was the spawn of a Titan. Sharle goes on to say that she knew he was human after comparing him to the Titans she had seen atop the Wall, but commends Rosa on joining the Survey Corps and believes she would have failed every test; Rosa states that it is nothing compared with helping develop the vertical maneuvering equipment, but Sharle iterates that she is just a beginner. Sharle then turns around and states that she does indeed love Kuklo but is not sure if he feels the same way; she then comments that the look in Rosa's eyes said she likes Kuklo as well. Rosa offers to become friends and Sharle is happy to have one her own age after so long. She is thrilled when Rosa offers to introduce her to her other friends, but takes offense when Rosa slyly claims that perhaps one day she will fall in love with Kuklo as well.[66]

The following day, Sharle observes the second selection test with Angel and witnesses Rosa passing the test.[67] After Kuklo demonstrates to the recruits how to use the equipment against a Titan dummy, Sharle excitedly starts to applaud but becomes embarrassed after noticing Carlo was watching her and quickly stops.[68] Later on, Rosa volunteers but experiences trouble with her equipment and ends up unconscious. Sharle goes to check on her, but discovers that one of the straps on Rosa's harness was sabotaged.[69] Carlo immediately orders all the trainees to submit their equipment for testing and Sharle helps take Rosa to the infirmary. Later, both Sharle and Angel discover an additional three sets of equipment were sabotaged in a similar manner, with a metal shard being jammed inside Rosa's set of equipment.[70] She voices concern that Xavi could have been ordered by Vice Commander Bernhart to sabotage the test but both Kuklo and Jorge voice doubts over it.[71] Sharle is asked by Kuklo to request Xavi's assistance in finding the culprits; she goes and visits her older brother who agrees. At this time, Sharle also attends to Rosa and briefs her on what happened and how they plan to catch those responsible in the act.

Survival Expedition arc

Sharle is surprised to see the lack of Titans outside Wall Maria

Sharle travels with Angel to Shiganshina District along with the newly accepted members of the Survey Corps. She goes atop Wall Maria with Kuklo and Jorge, meeting Maria Carlstead there. Hesitant and fearful of seeing a Titan for the first time in two years, Kuklo assuages her fears and takes her hand. Sharle is quite surprised by the lack of Titans anywhere; Maria mentions that it is likely due to the recent rain storm. When Jorge mentions the rain will affect their forces on the ground, Sharle looks to Kuklo for assurance; Kuklo says they will be fine due to the vertical maneuvering equipment.[72] Smiling, Sharle then turns back to look at the land outside the wall.

Sharle looks out above Shiganshina with Kuklo

Noticing the rain stop in the night, Sharle believes that Kuklo will be out practicing; this hunch turns out to be correct and she observes how much faster he has become.[73] She asks about the meeting Kuklo attended the night before; Kuklo takes her and flies atop a nearby tree and states they will be leaving the next day, depending on the weather conditions. Sharle then asks Kuklo what he will do once the expedition is over; Kuklo says he will stay in the Survey Corps until each Titan is eliminated, but Sharle asks what aside from that.[74] Kuklo admits that he never thought of anything else due to his old moniker of being the "Titan's Son"; while he promises that he will figure it out when he comes back, Sharle makes him promise that he will get back safely.[75]

Sharle notices that the rain clouds have returned

As the expedition begins the next day, Sharle goes atop the Wall with Jorge and Angel. She asks Jorge if they are just going to prove the vertical maneuvering works in fighting Titans and learns about how the Survey Corps will also be mapping out the area for expeditions in the future.[76] Sharle is shocked to learn that the Corps have only been able to map out ten kilometers; when Jorge remarks on this, he mentions that they have to ensure that the soldiers who got those ten kilometers did not die in vain. As Sharle is led away by Maria and Angel so Jorge can reflect in private, she feels several drops of rain on her hand and looks up in fear to see the clouds getting darker once again.[77]

Sharle happily agrees to marry Kuklo

Upon the completion of the expedition, Sharle is understandably happy to see Kuklo is among the soldiers returning unharmed. She also sees that Xavi is acting different than before and presumably sees him off as he returns back to the capital. During the celebratory feast the night the Survey Corps returned, Sharle noticed that Angel was not among them and realized he slipped away to return back to the Underground City within Stohess District. She decides to write a letter to him, Klarissa and Leo and update them on all that has happened as a result of the expedition, including the full reinstatement of the Survey Corps and Carlo's promotion to Commander. Finally, she ends the letter by revealing that she will be marrying Kuklo in one month.[78]


  • Kuklo - Due to believing that Kuklo truly was the child of a Titan, Sharle had planned to kill him one night after her family had purchased him as a slave. However, she later changes her mind based on his appearance and what seemed to be his desire to die. She decides, from that point on, to teach him about the world within the Walls and the little that is known about Titans. Kuklo is shown to be kind towards Sharle and the two form a strong friendship with one another during their continued time spent together. Eventually, she develops a romantic attraction towards Kuklo, but later admits that she is unsure if the feeling is reciprocated. She is presumably thrilled to hear Kuklo does in fact share these feelings and agrees to marry her soon after the end of the Survey Corps expedition.
  • Dario Inocencio - Sharle's relationship towards her father was strained as she believed that his main interest was to use her for his own benefits.
    • In the manga, Kuklo told Sharle that he believed that Dario does care for her. He revealed to Sharle that the protection knife she owned was made personally by the request of Dario because she was suffering from the nightmares of Titans, and even bet that her arranged marriage was his own way of ensuring that she had a good future. After learning of this side of her father through Kuklo, Sharle felt regret for her short-sightedness of Dario, and cried.
  • Xavi Inocencio - Much like with her father, Sharle has a strained relationship with her older brother Xavi. They have had few interactions, but he seems to believe firmly in his duties as an older sibling, as shown when he was attempting to defend he and Sharle from the Titan Cult. However, he changes his mind later when he felt that she was siding with Kuklo.
  • Xenophon Harkimo - Sharle has a good student/mentor relationship with Xenophon after being sent to live in the Industrial City. Her drive and determination impressed Xenophon enough and taken on as his assistant; their relationship is strengthened when Sharle is able to provide a new design for Angel's device and assists Xenophon and Angel in building it.
  • Cardina Baumeister - Sharle was initially planned to be married off to Cardina, in order to get her father a foothold within the military early on. After learning of this (and later meeting him in person for the first time), Sharle did not trust Cardina and was wary around him.[79] Eventually, however, her stance and hostility towards him began to change after Cardina revealed the planned marriage was called off and he actively wanted to prove it; it is believed that Sharle now sees him in a much more favorable light.
  • Mai - Sharle took pity on Mai after hearing her past and her reasons for joining the growing Dissidence Movement within the Industrial City. Despite only knowing her for a few hours, she formed a bond with the woman and was greatly saddened by her death.
  • Klarissa - Sharle would be able to gain an audience with Klarissa and was initially taken back by how she acted. Despite this unfamiliarity, Sharle would come to see the prostitute as a big sister and enjoyed her company. After hearing that Klarissa did not want her to ever return to the Underground City, Sharle was saddened but understood Klarissa's reasoning.
  • Angel Aaltonen - Even before meeting Angel, Sharle had the utmost respect for him due to hearing Xenophon talk about Angel's accomplishments and feats. After meeting Angel in person, she was able to convince Angel to come out of exile and bonded with the master craftsman as they traveled to the Industrial City.
  • Rosa Carlstead - Sharle respects and admires Rosa on desiring to join the Survey Corps; Sharle admits to Rosa that she herself would not have been able to pass any of the rigorous tests involved and that Rosa should be proud of what she is trying to do. She does note that Rosa likes Kuklo, but is able to become friends with her regardless.


  • Her surname is of Spanish origin and means "innocent."


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