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Sharle Inocencio (シャルル・イノセンシオ Sharuru Inosenshio?) is a student at Attack Junior High School and the younger sister of Xavi Inocencio.


Sharle has large eyes, with light-colored hair that is worn in a ponytail. She wears the standard school uniform with a cape.


Sharle is a kind-hearted girl who is a bit dramatic. She is also a very grateful person. This behavior is demonstrated when Kuklo after he saves her from a Titan and ends up developing feelings for him.


Sharle and her brother, Xavi Inocencio arrive at their new school when suddenly, Sharle bumps into a Titan. Thinking Sharle has met her soul mate, Sharle's excitement quickly turns sour when she discovers that the person she bumped into is a Titan. The Titan is about to grab Sharle, when Kuklo intercepts and defeats the Titan, saving her. Sharle thanks Kuklo by giving him bread. As Sharle watches Kuklo eat the food, Xavi rushes over and asks her if Kuklo gave her goatpox. Sharle tries to explain that Kuklo saved her from the Titan, but Xavi does not believe her and punches Kuklo, knocking him to the ground, calling him names. When Sharle asks what happened to Kuklo, he replies that he did not have the energy to fight Xavi. Sharle then tells Kuklo her name and asks Kuklo for his. Kuklo tells her his name, falling asleep on her lap, and while this is going on, Sharle develops feelings for him.[1]

As time goes on, Sharle is late for school every morning and bumps into Titans forcing Kuklo to save her. One morning, when Sharle tries to give Kuklo bread, he refuses and says that he wants a sweet bean bun from the school store. As Kuklo is practicing shoving other students out of the way for a bun, an angry Xavi comes and threatens Kuklo for talking to Sharle. Kuklo grabs a tree and hits Xavi like a baseball, mad that he interrupted Kuklo's training. Sharle apologizes for Xavi's behavior, offering to help Kuklo with training by calling in some bakery chefs to help him memorize flavors of baked goods. Sharle tries to give Kuklo some bread, but Kuklo ignores her and starts to devour all the bread he touches. As the chefs are baking more bread, one of them runs out of ingredients and gives Sharle a sweet bun. Sharle throws the bun to Kuklo, and he catches it in his mouth, thanking her. Before Kuklo buys a bun, he practices purchasing it with Sharle. When Kuklo, goes to buy his bun, he is unable to and when Sharle asks him why Kuklo tells her that he had no money.[2]


  • Xavi Inocencio - Xavi is Sharle's brother. He can be overprotective of her when it comes to guys. He punches Kuklo and accuses him of being after Sharle's maidenhood. Later he tells Cardina Baumeister to break off his engagement to Sharle after hearing that Cardina leches off of girls.
  • Kuklo - After Kuklo saves Sharle from a Titan, she develops feelings for him and gives him food during lunch period.