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Quote1 Got it? It's because of dangerous kids like you that we can't live in peace. Now think about what you've done! Quote2
— A Shiganshina citizen scolds Eren Yeager after a beating

Shiganshina (シガンシナ Shiganshina?) is the 2nd chapter of the 2nd volume and the 7th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Lost Girls manga, written and illustrated by Ryōsuke Fuji.


As Mikasa grows more anxious awaiting Eren's return, her mother grows sick and Dr. Yeager is called over early. Because of her condition, Eren's visits increase to every five days. At Eren's next visit, she sees that he has been injured by people who felt his views were heretical. After explaining what had happened, Eren tells Mikasa of what exists in the outside world and his desire to join the Training Corps as soon as he is able. Mikasa worries that Eren will get beaten by someone again. When the Yeagers leave, Mikasa's father notices Dr. Yeager had left his hat in their home and sends Mikasa to Shiganshina District to return it to them.

After arriving in Shiganshina, Mikasa spots Eren. The bell of Shiganshina rings, and Eren calls Mikasa over so that they can see the return of the Survey Corps. Upon their disastrous arrival, Mikasa worries for Eren's future. Eren overhears insults about the Survey Corps from civilians nearby and strikes one of them, and he is taken into a nearby alley and beaten viciously while the man's friend holds back Mikasa, insisting that Eren deserves it.

Some time later, Eren is treated by his father. Mikasa claims that his injuries were incurred from him tripping, though his parents realize the truth. Realizing that she is helpless to stop Eren's reckless pursuit of his dream, she only agrees to keep his dreams a secret.


The day after a checkup from Dr. Yeager, Mikasa becomes increasingly distracted, and her mother realizes she is bored in Eren's absence. She offers to teach her how to make dolls to pass the time. That night, Mikasa wishes to see Eren more often. Not long afterward, Mikasa's mother grows sick and is bedridden for three days until Dr. Yeager's arrival. After her father explains the situation, Dr. Yeager proposes increasing his visits to every five days in order to keep a close eye on both Mikasa's mother and the developing child. Mikasa is happy with the turn of events, but wonders if her desire to see Eren caused her mother to become sick.

Eren describes the outside world to Mikasa

Eren describes the outside world to Mikasa

Mikasa starts doing her chores with much more enthusiasm as Eren's visit approaches. However, when he arrives, she sees that he has received many injuries to his face, and his father explains that he must have fought with some other children in his neighborhood. Shortly afterward, Eren explains that the people who fought him were content with living ignorant within the Walls and considered his views heretical. Mikasa wonders why Eren wants to see the outside world, and Eren tells her of the saltwater oceans, flaming waters, frozen plains, and snowfields of sand that exist beyond the Walls. However, he says that he and Armin will not be able to see the outside world for another five years when they can graduate from the Training Corps. Mikasa corrects him, saying that it will be six years until this can happen, and she asks him why he is willing to wait so long. Eren tells her that only the Survey Corps can fight back against the Titans and venture beyond the Walls, which is why he desires to become one of them. When the time comes for Eren to go home with his father, Mikasa worries for his safety but accepts that she is unable to protect him.

Later, Mikasa's father notices that Dr. Yeager had left his hat in their home. Seeing a chance for Mikasa to spend more time with Eren, he sends the Yeager family a letter informing them of Mikasa's arrival and sends her to Shiganshina District to return Dr. Yeager's hat. A boat takes Mikasa to Shiganshina by river, and upon her arrival she sees Eren in the streets. At that moment, the bell atop Wall Maria rings out, and Eren tells Mikasa that the Survey Corps must be arriving.

Eren hits a man and is beaten in return

Eren hits the man and is beaten in return

Mikasa and Eren head to the south gate of Shiganshina to see the arrival of the Survey Corps, which returns in shambles. Nearly all soldiers are wounded, and the commander gives an elderly woman the arm of her dead son. Seeing the state of the Survey Corps, Mikasa grows even more worried for Eren's sake. In front of them, two civilians comment on the scene, saying their taxes are being wasted on feeding the Titans. Eren strikes one of them in anger, and the man takes Eren into a nearby alley. The man begins to mercilessly beat Eren as Mikasa watches in shock. The man scolds Eren for supporting the Survey Corps and blames ideas like his for wasting their tax money. The children who had fought Eren the other day spot the scene and stay to watch. Mikasa spots a broken bottle nearby and considers stopping the man, but his friend stops her from acting and insists that Eren deserves his punishment. Eren is left bleeding and bruised in the street as the men and children take their leave, with only Mikasa remaining.

That night, Eren is taken to his home and his wounds are treated. As Mikasa watches him rest, Eren's father explains to his wife that Mikasa has only told them that he tripped. Eren's mother knows that he must be keeping her from telling the truth. Mikasa thinks to herself that she is completely incapable of stopping Eren, and that no one can for that matter. She decides that all she can do is keep her promise to Eren to stay quiet.

Characters in order of appearance

  1. Mikasa Ackerman (vision)
  2. Mrs. Ackerman (vision)
  3. Mr. Ackerman (vision)
  4. Yeager (vision)
  5. Eren Yeager (vision)
  6. Keith Shadis (vision)
  7. Carla Yeager (vision)


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