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This article is about the southern district of Wall Maria. For the Attack on Titan: Lost Girls manga chapter, see Shiganshina (Chapter).

The Shiganshina District (シガンシナ区 Shiganshina-ku?) is a town located on the south edge of Wall Maria and is the hometown of Eren Yeager, Armin Arlert, and Mikasa Ackerman. The district is built within an outcrop of Wall Maria. Since Shiganshina is located to the south, Titans usually came to this district's Walls in an attempt to consume humans, but were only able to break through in the year 845 because of the 60-meter tall Colossus Titan.[1]


Prologue arc

Shiganshina citizens see a disaster

Shiganshina civilians witness the Colossus Titan

In the year 845, the Colossus Titan breached Wall Maria and the front gate of Shiganshina by kicking a hole through it, allowing Titans to overrun the city. Shortly afterward, the Armored Titan broke down the back gate, fully breaching Wall Maria and forcing humanity to retreat behind Wall Rose and abandon all the territory and land within Maria. It is also the first city to be attacked by the Titans after a century of peace.[2]

The Female Titan arc

There is little mention of Shiganshina after the initial attack and subsequent invasion. Erwin decides to appear at the recruitment ceremony of the 104th Training Corps to persuade them to join the Survey Corps. Erwin mentions the basement in Eren Yeager's house, and how it can hold the answer to the mystery of the Titans. He also explains that by accessing his basement, they would need to find a way to reclaim Shiganshina and Wall Maria altogether.[3] A month later, Erwin and the Survey Corps set out on the 57th expedition as a practice run to Shiganshina.

Clash of the Titans arc

After Reiner Braun, Bertolt Hoover and Ymir manage to escape from the Survey Corps in the Titan Forest, they head towards Shiganshina. They rest above the Wall and have a conversation, in which Ymir confesses that she wants to go with them in order to repay them for the death of Marcel Galliard.[4]

Return to Shiganshina arc

After the coronation of Historia, Reiner Braun, Bertolt Hoover, and the Beast Titan are stationed in Shiganshina, waiting for the Survey Corps to come and steal the Coordinate from Eren.[5]

Eren seals the breach

Eren seals the breach in Wall Maria

When the plans to retake Wall Maria are ready, the Survey Corps start an expedition towards Shiganshina at night time, when most of the Titans would be inactive.[6] After the soldiers arrive in the district, they begin the operation with 100 soldiers traveling to the exterior gate covered with hoods and cloaks to confuse the enemy so they would not know which soldier is Eren.[7] After making his way to the top of the Wall, Eren freezes when he sees his hometown for the first time in 5 years, but is quickly pushed on by Levi and he makes his way to the gate, preparing to transform.[8] Finally, Eren transforms and seals the hole with his hardened Titan body.[9]

However, their seeming success is soon interrupted by the arrival of the Armored Titan and the Colossus Titan, during which the latter kills most of the soldiers inside the district and destroys much of the abandoned city, save for the members of Squad Levi and some stragglers. During this, the Beast Titan wipes out the soldiers evacuating the Corps' horses, fatally wounding Erwin Smith in the process. However, a last-ditch assault concocted by the survivors sees the Armored and Colossus Titans successfully incapacitated, with Reiner and Bertolt captured alive. The Beast Titan is also disarmed by Levi, who wipes out his army of Titans surrounding the district. The battle sees the near-death of Armin Arlert, who is administered the Titan injection by Levi and resurrects by gaining the power of the Titans. While Zeke and Reiner are rescued by the Cart Titan, Bertolt is eaten alive by the transformed Armin as the remaining Warriors are forced to retreat from Shiganshina.[10][11] In the Wake of the conflict within the group Armin’s recovery and into discussion over the injection. Eren, Mikasa, Levi, and Hange went to the Yeagers' house to uncover the basement and its secrets and into knowing the truth[12]

Citizens resettle in Shiganshina

Citizens return to living in Shiganshina

Nine months later, after all the Titans inside Wall Maria had been killed with the Executioners from Hell, the former residents of Shiganshina returned to live in the city.[13] Although the district would later be rebuilt, a large crater created by the Colossus Titan would remain with many trees growing around it.[14] At some point, the shell left by Eren's Titan at the outer gate would be carved out to allow for passage outside Wall Maria.[15]

War for Paradis arc

The Reeves Company is given the responsibility to reconstruct the district by the military. However, in 854, the military forcefully evacuates all the citizens of Shiganshina. This order spreads confusion around the populace.[16]

Shiganshina District 854

The Shiganshina District, rebuilt, in the year 854

However, Training Corps sessions under Keith Shadis are still being held inside Shiganshina. Following the emergence of the Yeagerists, the group interrupts one exercise in order to seize control of the training regiment.[17] The complex serves as a headquarters for the Yeagerists, as well as a prison for their adversaries.[18] Those held captive in the prison include military branch leaders Dot Pixis and Nile Dok, a group of Survey Corps officers, the Blouse family, and two Warrior candidates.[19]

After being infiltrated by Warriors Pieck and Galliard, Shiganshina becomes the scene of battle once more when Pieck leads Eren Yeager into a trap at the military HQ. Though the Jaw Titan's ambush fails, Marleyan airships holding Theo Magath and the remainder of the Warrior Unit fly into the district's proximity.[20] The ensuing conflict leaves the district in ruins once again.[21]

Shiganshina walls crumble

Shiganshina's wall crumbles

In the battle's climax, Eren Yeager undoes the hardening of every Wall on the island, revealing an army of Wall Titans within them. Shiganshina's landscape is drastically altered by this event.[22] After the town is cleared of Pure Titans called within the battle, the Yeagerists reestablish control of the district.[23][24]

Eren's tree is rediscovered

Eren's tree is rediscovered

Shiganshina advances for several decades after Eren's death becoming modernized by the time Mikasa dies of old age. Sometime later Shiganshina is destroyed by an aerial bombardment during another conflict and is reclaimed by nature. An unspecified amount of years later, a boy and his dog explored the ruins of Shiganshina where they came across the tree that Eren was buried, which had grown to resemble the tree Ymir Fritz found those many years ago.[25]