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The Shiganshina arc is the second story arc of the Attack on Titan prequel series, Before the Fall.


After fleeing to Shiganshina District with Sharle, Kuklo is determined to find out if he really is the spawn of a Titan; he ventures out beyond the Wall by smuggling himself in a Survey Corps supply wagon. After discovering he is indeed a human being, Kuklo makes it back inside the district with the surviving soldiers only to be arrested under false charges by the Military Police and sentenced to death. He is able to escape this sentence with the help of a fellow inmate as well as former Captain Jorge Pikale.


Cover Number Title Release date
5 Predawn Departure
 (未明の出立 Mimei no Shuttatsu?)
January 25, 2014
Before the Fall - Chapter 5 CoverSharle and Kuklo arrive at Shiganshina District. After several days, Kuklo overhears that the Survey Corps will be making an expedition outside the Walls; convinced this is his best chance to see for himself if he is the spawn of a Titan, Kuklo resolves to smuggle himself out among the expedition troops.

Sharle, worried for his safety, gives Kuklo her dagger for protection and says she will wait for his return from beyond the Walls. Kuklo then leaves and sneaks aboard a Survey Corps wagon.

Cover Number Title Release date
6 Proof of Humanity
 (人間の証明 Ningen no Shōmei?)
February 25, 2014
Before the Fall - Chapter 6 CoverAs the Survey Corps leave Shiganshina District, Sharle continues to worry over Kuklo's safety. Outside, Kuklo accidentally reveals himself but learns that he is indeed a human. Before the soldiers can do anything, a Titan converges on their location. The soldiers start to fight the Titan off and Kuklo is amazed at the sight; however, he begins to get nervous and wonders if they will be able to get back to the Walls in time.

Cover Number Title Release date
7 The Freshly Blood-Soaked Earth
 (鮮血の大地 Senketsu no Daichi?)
March 25, 2014
Before the Fall - Chapter 7 CoverKuklo shoots at a Titan but sees it has no effect. He notices that he has fallen behind the other soldiers, but hatches a plan to possibly incapacitate the approaching Titans and buy the Survey Corps soldiers enough time to reach the Walls. Unfortunately, he is grabbed by one and is about to be eaten when Kuklo stabs it in the eye with Sharle's dagger.

Cover Number Title Release date
8 Predatory Cycle
 (捕食の構図 Hoshoku no Kōzu?)
May 26, 2014
Before the Fall - Chapter 8 CoverKuklo is able to escape the grasp of the Titan and damages it some more while trying to reach the ground. He is then rescued by Carlo Pikale. As the Titan alternates between killing and eating various soldiers trying to get away, Carlo tries to rally his remaining troops. Just then, Kuklo tells Carlo his idea on how to possibly defeat the Titan.

Cover Number Title Release date
9 The Crimson Tower
 (紅蓮の巨塔 Guren no Kyotō?)
June 26, 2014
Before the Fall - Chapter 9 CoverCarlo orders the surviving Survey Corps soldiers to retreat while he helps Kuklo enact his plan. Briefly crippling the Titan, Carlo leads it to a damaged wagon filled with gunpowder and Kuklo ignites it. Engulfed in flames, the Titan is stunned but eventually continues to chase them. Fortunately, it was incapacitated long enough for Carlo and Kuklo to safely reach the Wall.

Cover Number Title Release date
10 The Unicorn's Plight
 (一角獣の陥穽 Yunikōn no Kansei?)
July 26, 2014
Before the Fall - Chapter 10 CoverAs the Survey Corps return, many onlookers are dejected by seeing the number of missing or wounded. However, Sharle is overjoyed to see Kuklo after believing he had perished outside the Walls. Carlo and Kuklo are then approached by several members of the Military Police, led by Gloria Bernhart. They demand that Kuklo be handed over to them on grounds that he took part in the slaughter at the Inocencio home. After threatening the existence of the Corps, Carlo complies but is given Sharle's blade by Kuklo.

That night, Sharle visits Carlo in hopes of securing Kuklo's release. After questioning, Carlo hears her side of the story, he asks if there was any way that Kuklo could have contacted the attackers; he then realizes that Kuklo has been living his life as a Titan, not a human.

Cover Number Title Release date
11 Serendipity Behind Bars
 (獄中の奇縁 Gokuchū no Kien?)
August 26, 2014
Before the Fall - Chapter 11 CoverCarlo learns that Kuklo smuggled himself out to learn if he truly was the spawn of a Titan or just a human. Sharle states that Xavi presumably holds a grudge against Kuklo and told authorities that he kidnapped Sharle. Carlo agrees to do what he can to secure Kuklo's release, revealing that he is indirectly responsible for Kuklo being branded as "The Titan's Son" as a child.

Kuklo is locked in a cell and repeatedly tries to escape, only to be told by a fellow inmate that it is pointless. The inmate, Cardina Baumeister, reveals that their best chance is in two weeks when they will be taken outside the Walls. Before their execution, a man sneaks in the wagon transporting them and subtly returns the dagger Kuklo gave Carlo. Freeing them both, they start to return to the Wall when Kuklo hears several Titans approaching.

Cover Number Title Release date
12 The Killing Fields
 (刑戮の荒野 Keiriku no Kōya?)
September 26, 2014
Before the Fall - Chapter 12 CoverSeveral Titans close in on Kuklo and Cardina, but the former spots a light shining from the western side of the Walls. As Kuklo reaches the Wall, he spots Cardina falling behind and goes to rescue him. He is grabbed by a Titan but frees himself and then starts to attack it with his dagger to give Cardina enough time to get away. Just then, Cardina returns the favor and both continue towards the Wall. Eventually, the teens spot a rope being lowered and reach it at the same time that more Titans appear. The largest spots both Kuklo and Cardina and begins to throw the smaller Titans towards them.

Cover Number Title Release date
13 Left for Dead
 (苟且の死者 Kōsho no Shisha?)
October 25, 2014
Before the Fall - Chapter 13 CoverKuklo and Cardina Baumeister eventually manage to get atop Wall Maria dependent on the help of a soldier using a metal wire, albeit with much turmoil. The soldier reveals himself to be Jorge Pikale. By the next morning, Jorge, Kuklo, and Cardina travel by covered wagon. Cardina affirms that he has known Jorge from his days as a trainee. Also, Cardina also discloses that he acknowledged Kuklo's status as the "Titan's son" - this somewhat surprises Kuklo. Jorge informs them that he needs to return the device he used to save them. Kuklo learns more about the device and begins to show an interest in possibly learning how to use it.