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Shiny, Shiny Jr. High Students (ピカピカの中学生 Pikapika no Chūgakusei?) is the 1st side story of the 5th volume of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


Eren wakes up late to go to school, which causes him to start running to arrive as early as possible, taking several of his acquaintances on his way and arriving at the wrong school.


The episode begins with a narrator explaining the school, what the students do and how much they learn in it, and then changing to an Eren desperate for being up late, realizing the schedule blames the Titans for their late awakening.

Mikasa explains that he got up very late and that I explain why, to which Eren for being rushed to arrive, I prefer to ignore the conversation and tell Mikasa to hurry along with him to get to Junior High quickly.

When running, he collides with Krista, who falls to the ground just in front of Eren, he helps her by apologizing for running irrationally so fast, to later ask him if he was okay, Krista replied that he was okay, to which Eren would later ask him if she meets "Nico-chan" which she misses answers no, to which Eren says that if it is not the case there is no problem, seeing that he left Krista's breakfast gives him money to later run away.

After that Eren runs off again colliding this time with Sasha to whom he apologizes, also seeing that he broke his watermelon he decides to apologize for that, only this time without giving money causing Sasha to get upset and demand that he pay your watermelon, Later Eren sees Jean lying on the side of the wax with susio all over his body, to which he asks if he is okay, Jean tells him that he slipped on Sasha's watermelon and that he is surprised that he has more, after all that Eren decides to continue running to Junior High, meeting Annie right at the entrance.

Annie as the supervisor and caretaker of the Titans High School detains Eren because she was warned to stop non-Titans intruders, to which Eren grabs her hand and says that she does not understand anything of what she is saying but that she needs rushing to school and having no more time to waste with her which makes Annie blush a little, After that annie says that as Consul in the hallway she can't just let it pass, but in her mind she mentions a promise, to which in the end Mikasa interrupts them by mentioning to Annie that her attempts to play longer are wrong, to later Annie see as Eren runs off down the hall to the entrance to the titan school, Eren enters and we see lots of titans watching normal classes, until they are confused he is grabbed by one to put it in his mouth and then spit it out of the school leaving Eren with more hatred for the titans.

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