Quote1 Are we gonna give up this chance that everyone sacrificed for and meekly clean the Titans' building?! No way! We haven't really lost yet! Let's go! Quote2
— Eren's team charges against Levi

Showdown! Titan Junior High School (対決 !巨人中学校 Taiketsu! Kyojin Chūgakkō?) is the 7th episode of the 1st season and the 7th episode overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High anime, produced by Production I.G.


When Eren and his friends displease the upperclassmen, they are stuck with cleaning duty. Levi decides to teach them a lesson, challenging them to a contest in the Sports Day games in which the losing grade must clean the Titans' building. The next day, Sasha begins by losing the bread eating race to Hange when the latter uses her captive Titan, Sawney, to win. Jean also loses his game despite using the omni-directional mobility gear to cheat. The class begins to despair their chances of winning when Mikasa proposes a way to get ahead: defeat the upperclassmen in the shoulder wars match. They almost win, but are defeated by Levi. Hange then floods the entire field with confetti. As Eren and his classmates grumble about having to clean the field, they are joined by Rico and the other upperclassmen, who agree to help them.


Sasha laments over bread

Sasha laments over yakisoba bread

Sasha runs in the school hall in order to buy the last yakisoba bread, but Hange snatches it before she does, with the latter fleeing from the scene as she is chased by Levi, who wants his money back for the bread. Back in class, Sasha laments the fact that she could not buy her long-desired yakisoba bread today, again. Jean reminds Sasha of the rule that forbids Year 1 students from buying bread at the school shop, with Conny wondering just how much the upperclassmen love bread. Jean tells him that what they love is just rubbing their seniority in the faces of Year 1 students. Eren then says that Jean has been skipping the Wall Cleanup Club's activities lately, with him whistling in ignorance.

The students attend the Wall Cleanup Club, with Jean this time. Rico, the president of the club angrily demands an explanation of why Jean has been skipping the club's activities, and he replies that he had been busy attending various other activities, with Eren saying that he knows that Jean is not doing any of them. A furious Rico then bears the entire class responsibility and orders them to clean every window in the school as punishment. After they are done, the students then attend the Scout Regiment club, running late. With the upperclassmen displeased with their slacking, they start scolding the students. Oruo tells Eren he should wear his school uniform all year round; Petra to Armin for hanging a keychain on his backpack; Eld at Jean for wearing a colored T-shirt; Sasha for an embroidery on her socks and an above the knee short skirt; Gunther at Armin's hairstyle, saying guys should have close-cropped heads. Eren, becoming dizzy of the upperclassmen's nitpicking, yells at them to shut up. As they all react, Oruo bites his tongue and falls to the ground. The rest of the Scout Regiment club then arrives, with all of them wearing the same things the first group was being scolded for. They are all then stuck with cleaning duty as penalty again, and on the same day.

Ymir kicks Reiner

Ymir kicks Reiner for trying to catch Christa in her place

Eren wonders if they are going to be stuck with cleaning duties for the rest of their lives, with Armin replying that there are only three years in junior high. As Christa climbs a ladder, she tumbles and begins to fall. Reiner stands behind her ready to catch her, until Ymir intercepts and kicks him in the face, catching Christa instead. She tells Christa to marry her once they were finished cleaning. Levi, Hange, and Miche then arrive to check on the students. Levi asks when they started cleaning, and Eren replies it was ten minutes ago. Annoyed, Levi says that the three of them can make the place twice as clean in two minutes. Eren tells him they have been cleaning their earnest, but Jean interrupts him and says they are like sisters-in-law always talking about cleaning. Sasha pitches in and asks for the upperclassmen to let Year 1 students buy bread at the school shop, with Conny saying they should make all guys' hair 3-mm long, same as his. Levi then says they need to be taught a lesson, and Hange suggests they compete on the school's Sports Day games the following day, and the losing grade will be cleaning the Titans' school building.

The next day, a sports commentator announces that the Sports Day of the year has begun. She introduces herself as Ilse Langnar, from the Newspaper Club, and will be reporting live. Back on the playfield, Eren is confused as to how all this came to be. Christa arrives, having changed into her cheerleading uniform, smiting Ymir and Reiner. Behind her, a shy Annie tells her that she would like to change out of her cheerleading uniform. Christa encourages her to step forward, and Bertholdt has a nosebleed and falls over once he sees her.

Hange wins using Sawney

Hange wins using a Titan

The speaker announces for the participants of the first game, the bun-eating race, to head to the entrance gate, and Eren wishes Sasha good luck. At the start line, Sasha and Hange stand. Sasha counts the buns at the finish line and remarks how she had longed for each one. Hannes fires the start signal and Sasha sprints away. Eren cheers for Sasha, while Armin notices that Hange had not moved from the start line and wonders if she had given up. As Sasha lunges at the yakisoba bread, Hange comes flying from behind riding one of her two captured Titans and lunges at the pole holding the buns, and the Titan eats them all. Sasha angrily yells if what Hange did is against the rules.

The next game, called the ball-tossing game, starts with Year 1 vs. Year 2 students. Rico swiftly dodges all balls, and waits for Ian and others in her team to get more points, but is shocked to see Jean flying around with the Wall Cleanup Club's omni-directional mobility gear. Rico yells at him not to use it without permission, while deflecting a ball towards him with a broom, and he falls after being hit by a barrage of balls. Rico's team then surrounds Jean and beat him up at her signal. With the gloomy results of the game, Year 1 students lose hope of winning against the upperclassmen, until Mikasa arrives and tells them it is not the time to lose heart, and formulates a plan. She asks Marco that if they take their leaders' bandanas during shoulder wars, they can turn the tables by gaining one thousand points. Marco confirms it, before saying there is no way they can do it, but Mikasa interrupts him and says she can. She goes on about how she is strong enough to annihilate the upperclassmen, even if she had to go at it alone, and chastises the rest of the team, calling them a disappointment. Jean rallies his teammates, telling them they were not taught to let their comrades fight alone. The speaker announces that the last game, shoulder wars, will start soon.

The sports commentator then lists the rules, and the start signal is fired soon after. All opponents charge at each other, with Mikasa swiftly catching multiple opponents' bandanas. Wearing a raincoat, Mikasa's team then runs next to Petra's. Under her raincoat, Mikasa reveals all the stuff that irked the upperclassmen the day before, an embroidery design on her socks; a keychain on her backpack; and an above the knee short skirt. Distracting Petra enough, Eren successfully steals her bandana.

Levi defeats Eren's team

Levi defeats Eren's team

Seeing this, Ian orders team Rico to handle Year 1 students in the rear, with his team and Mitabi's handling the two teams ahead. Mikasa tells Eren she will hold them off while he goes on ahead. Mitabi's team tries to catch Eren's attention by calling them names, but Armin and his team lunge themselves at them. As Eren's team presses forward, they are shocked to see Levi, on top of Miche's shoulders, nonchalantly sweeping the playfield with a broom. He says they are in the way of his cleaning. Eren, scared of his confidence, hesitates, but Reiner tells him not to back down, with Jean saying it is their only chance. Remembering everyone's sacrifices, Eren and his team charge forward, and as Eren tries to grab Levi's bandana, he hits the whole team with his broom and sends them flying after stealing all of their bandanas, then tells them to watch where they tread, as he had just swept the area.

Hange then arrives flying in a platform attached to a bunch of balloons, with her two captured Titans holding a giant confetti ball. Frantically asking Levi from above if she can use it, she stumbles and falls down while holding the wire, releasing a sea of confetti on the playfield, with everyone carried off in it.

The class bows to the upperclassmen

The class bows to the upperclassmen

Later on, Year 1 students are cleaning the playfield, with Eren remarking how endless the cleaning is. Suddenly he hears someone asks for more brooms, before he could answer, Eren is shocked to see the upperclassmen had come to help with the cleaning. Rico says that they too have defied their upperclassmen at some point in time. Petra reveals that last year, Levi and the others have won against them by a huge margin, but still helped them in the end. As they head off to start cleaning, all Year 1 students then bow to the upperclassmen in regret and apologize for talking impudently earlier. As Petra wonders where Levi and Hange are, Hange is seen running from Levi while apologizing to him for the confetti mess.

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