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This article is about the 62nd chapter of the Attack on Titan manga. For the anime episode of the same name, see Sin (Episode).

Quote1.png So? Now do you remember your father's sin? Quote2.png
— Rod Reiss reveals Eren's lost memories

Sin ( Tsumi?) is the 4th and final chapter of the 15th volume and the 62nd chapter overall of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.


The Royal Government has been forfeited and the nobles of the Assembly arrested, but Erwin Smith and Darius Zackly still have doubts about their newly appointed positions. They discuss the direction humanity will take after their drastic actions and contemplate the penalty it will ensue. Hange and the new Squad Levi attempt to locate Eren after he was taken to a dungeon by Rod Reiss and Kenny Ackerman, with Historia Reiss as a front. Chained up and confused, Eren is confronted by Historia and she reveals that Rod is not an enemy of humanity. Rod and Historia say that all will be explained soon enough. Laying hands on Eren, hidden powers trigger a distant memory of Eren with his father, and the aftermath of his very first transformation is revealed: Eren had eaten his own father.


Nile briefs the press on the coup

After the success of the Survey Corps' coup against the Royal Government, a public proclamation is given to the people of Mitras announcing that the former government has been conquered. Erwin and Darius announce this to the public on the gallows that once had been prepared for Erwin's execution. Nile Dok is questioned by the crowd about the news, and he proclaims that the Survey Corps overthrew the government because they would end up betraying their own people if it meant their own survival. Nile says that the Corps have no interest in ruling within the Walls, explaining that the Fritz family is not the true royal family, the real royalty being in hiding. Nile explains that with the situation humanity has faced, the throne was unfit for a monarchy that endangered its own people. Nile goes on to say that the military's mission is to crown the true royal heir and restore people's trust in the government, and that the former corrupt monarchy are currently sitting in jail cells. A reporter reveals that despite the recent events being a good thing, the people have expressed mixed, uncertain emotions about the whole ordeal. The reporter says that, though the true royal heir will be crowned, within the hearts and minds of the people, the Fritz family will always be in power. This shocks Nile, with the reporter going on to explain that no one knows what to believe in any longer.

Erwin and Darius discuss the revolution

Erwin and Darius sit in a wagon strolling through the city. Erwin confesses that he believes humanity was in better hands with the old monarchy, saying that no matter how corrupt and frail it was, they were able to keep humanity extant. He says that despite their plans to abandon half of their people, it still would have resulted better than the extinction of the human race altogether. He explains that it would have been safer to entrust the former government with Eren's Titan powers, the retaking of Wall Maria and even Eren's life entirely. The best choice for humanity would have been for Erwin to abandon himself and his friends all while entrusting the government, remarking if humanity truly is more precious than individuals.

Darius says that Erwin's mission is as perilous as ever, with Erwin questioning why Darius led them down such a treacherous road. Darius says that if Erwin wanted to trust the government, he should never have planned the coup with Pixis in the first place. Darius says that the reason his men pointed their guns at the government was because he never liked them in the first place, expressing that they were disgusting, pompous rulers. He was their own loyal lapdog and climbed his way into power, and laughs when thinking about how much he wanted to see them torn down. He says that he was waiting for the day to see them fall for as long as he was in their hands. Darius says that whether the revolution has a better or worse impact on humanity, it does not concern him, saying that the remark makes him look like the bad guy. He says that Erwin must feel the same way, and Erwin agrees. Darius says that Erwin allowed others to choose what path humanity followed, explaining that the both of them valued their own lives over the fate of mankind. Darius asks the reason Erwin did this, and Erwin says it is because of a dream he has had since he was young, thinking back to his father's classroom.

Back at the Berg Newspapers, Hange thanks Roy for distributing the papers. Hange tells him to take everyone from the paper and their families to Trost District, just like they previously had prepared. Hange and Moblit head to the rendezvous point, where they see Marlowe and Hitch. Hange and Marlowe briefly exchange code and prepare to meet the person they discussed about. The group gathers their horses and ride to the point, seeing a crowd of people, and the group is thrilled to discover their plan succeeded. Hange tells Moblit to message Erwin about the news.

Hange talks about the Reiss family and their chapel's destruction

Hange meets up with the Squad Levi and briefly explains to a confused Mikasa that Eren will be eaten in order to have his powers stolen, based on a lead from a discussion overhead by Reiner and Bertolt. Hange says that they will explain the whole situation as they move, and the squad takes the horses towards a dark path. Hange reads from a report commissioned by Erwin about the Reiss family grounds, explaining that it is safe to assume that Eren will be taken there. Survey Corps members disguised as farmers conducted a covert survey on the grounds, with the majority of the report being about an incident that happened to the Reiss family five years ago.

It reads that the Reiss family was blessed with five children, a sixth being illegitimate, which came from the lord and a servant. This was not an unusual thing and did not leave a bad reputation with the lord. The lord's eldest daughter, Frieda Reiss, was loved by all for her genuine character, and was known to visit the fields to personally thank the farmers for their work. You could ask anyone on those grounds and they would tell how that she was their pride and joy. A tragedy struck the night Wall Maria fell, however, as marauding bandits who had taken advantage of the Wall's destruction raided a chapel in the village. They went unnoticed and that night, the entire Reiss family was gathered around in prayer and all of them died that night, save for Rod. This all happened days before Historia's mother was murdered by the Military Police's Interior Squad. After the annihilation of his family, Rod attempted to contact Historia, and ended up being the reason the Interior Squad surrounded Historia and her mother in the first place. Levi and Mikasa question Hange about the Reiss bloodline, but Hange tells them the subject is for another time. Hange moves onto why such a well structured chapel could have fell so easily as it did, and why the bandits needed to level the building anyway. Hange questions why Rod, the only one to witness the bandits, rebuilt it immediately after it fell. Hange wonders if Titans were involved in the situation, and say that any suspicious situation such as that is worth looking into. The team decides that they will check out the chapel, where Hange suspects Eren will be taken to be eaten. Armin recites in his head that when a Titan eats a human who can become a Titan, it gains their powers. With that in mind, he wonders where and how Eren became a Titan, and who was eaten in order for Eren to gain his abilities.

Eren awakens chained in a crystallized dungeon, mouth gagged. While Rod and Kenny are talking, Historia approaches Eren and explains that Rod is an ally of humanity, and was only previously misunderstood. She says that despite all of the people he is killed, it was all for the benefit of humanity. Rod confronts the two and tells Historia that he will explain the rest. Eren in his mind remembers the last thing seeing was the two reconciling, in his memory Rod asking for Historia's forgiveness and told her that all he did was in order to protect her and he anticipated the day would come when he would be able to warmly hold her. Eren asks to himself how long he was gone, and where the Corps' current location is. Eren also questions what Rod has been telling Historia and why he keeps getting kidnapped. Eren remembers the dungeon he was kept in, but the thought is cut short as Rod and Historia approach him. Rod says that it is Eren's first time in the dungeon, but he would not be surprised if Eren is familiar with it. This further confuses Eren but Historia asks Rod if he will explain all this to Eren. Rod says that he would like to try something first. He explains that they need to touch Eren in order to resurface the memories of what happened in the dungeon. Rod and Historia slowly place their hands on Eren's back, triggering a violent, rapid series of flashbacks.

Grisha's death

In his mind, Eren sees someone else's memories of entering a passageway beneath the chapel. Below the chapel is the crystal cavern, the members of the Reiss family standing within. They turn in surprise at the person, and Frieda Reiss glares with anger. A feminine Titan is seen battling the person who is also a Titan, and the person slaughters the children of the Reiss family. Eren becomes horridly confused and questions what is going on, seeing a man in a Survey Corps uniform before the sight shifts to Eren in the forest from his father's point of view five years ago. Eren is injected with the serum and is struck with immense pain before transforming into a Titan for the first time. The Titan aims Eren's father, grabbing him and consuming him. The memory then shifts to the aftermath, with Eren in human form holding Grisha's glasses and howling in terror beside his bloody remains.

With the memories concluded, Rod asks Eren if he remembers his father's sin.

Characters in order of appearance

  1. Erwin Smith
  2. Darius Zackly
  3. Nile Dok
  4. Waltz
  5. Dot Pixis (flashback)
  6. Hange Zoë
  7. Erwin's father (flashback)
  8. Roy (flashback)
  9. Peaure (flashback)
  10. Moblit Berner (flashback)
  11. Marlowe Freudenberg
  12. Hitch Dreyse
  13. Mikasa Ackerman
  14. Armin Arlert
  15. Sasha Blouse
  16. Levi Ackerman
  17. Connie Springer
  18. Jean Kirstein
  19. Flegel Reeves (flashback)
  20. Abel Reiss (picture, killed in a flashback)
  21. Urklyn Reiss (picture, killed in a flashback)
  22. Rod's wife (picture, killed in a flashback)
  23. Florian Reiss (picture, killed in a flashback)
  24. Frieda Reiss/Founding Titan (picture, killed in a flashback)
  25. Rod Reiss
  26. Dirk Reiss (picture, killed in a flashback)
  27. Historia Reiss
  28. Kenny Ackerman (flashback)
  29. Eren Yeager
  30. Grisha Yeager/Attack Titan (killed in a flashback)
  31. Keith Shadis (flashback)