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Since That Day (あの日から Ano Hi kara?)[1] is the recap episode of the first half of the 1st season of the Attack on Titan anime, aired as the episode 13.5. It was produced by Wit Studio and Production I.G.


This episode recapitulates the events of the previous 13 episodes of the anime.


Eren carries the boulder

Eren, in his Titan form, has picked up the boulder and is walking across Trost District, heading towards the breach in the Wall that has allowed Titans to enter ever since the second attack of the Colossal Titan. Mikasa looks on in awe, amazed at the sight. As Eren reaches the gate, Armin screams in motivation, and with a mighty roar Eren smashes the boulder onto the breach, screaming "fight!" in his mind.

Eren awakes from a nightmare, lying in a blooming field and notices Mikasa leaning over him. She prompts him to head out into Shiganshina District. The Colossal Titan first appears in Shiganshina, with the narrator explaining that on that day, humanity remembered the terror of being ruled by them, and the humiliation of being kept in a cage. The Colossal Titan lifts its leg backward and kicks in the Shiganshina gate, destroying it. The city then goes into panic as the Titans begin to enter through the hole. Eren and Mikasa rush to their house, where they find Carla, who is trapped under the rubble. Carla tells the children to run and after a brief argument, Hannes arrives and promises to kill the approaching Titan and save them all as well. When faced by the Titan, he is frightened and is forced to take the children and leave Carla behind as he witnesses the horrific appearance of the Titan, and it devours Carla before a screaming Eren's eyes.

The scene shifts to the Garrison's attempt to evacuate the city, as the approaching Titans push further. As the soldiers fail to kill anything by cannon, an Armored Titan appears and the soldiers' attempts to stop it are futile as it charges down a pathway and destroys the back gate. Later, Hannes is above a rooftop, expressing how humanity has lost. The evacuated civilians on the boat are also in despair, and there, Eren vows to kill every Titan in existence.

The cadets have now graduated, and are given three choices: to join the Garrison, who are responsible for protecting civilians and the Walls. The Scout Regiment, who risk their lives beyond the Walls in Titan territory, or the Military Police, who serve the King, lead the people and keep order within the Walls. Eren vows to devour the Titans, and he is now above Wall Rose in Trost District, saying that humanity has finally regained its dignity and that their counterattack has only begun.

The Colossal Titan reappears

Out of nowhere, there is a flash of lightning and the Colossal Titan appears directly behind him. The Titan breaches the Wall and the steam attacks the cadets and forces them off the Wall. Samuel Linke-Jackson is thrown off the Wall unconscious, but is saved by Sasha, who runs down the Wall and punctures his leg just in time. Eren says that the Titans will enter the city again and a flashback of his mother getting eaten is shown, remembering his vow to exterminate all Titans. Eren commands his squad to prepare to attack the Colossal Titan, and charges up the Wall and faces it head on, climbing up to kill it using his omni-directional mobility gear. He reaches the nape of its neck but is too slow, and the Colossal Titan bursts steam and temporarily dazes Eren. He refocuses and makes a second attempt to cut it is nape, but just as he reaches it, it vanishes into thin air. Eren lands on the Wall and is horrified that it escaped.

Armin watches as Eren gets eaten

A soldier is saying that when the Titans enter, they will relive the horror that struck humanity five years ago. Mikasa begs Eren not to die, and they depart as he vows that he will not die there. Eren and his squad enter Trost and trail across the rooftops as they attempt to fight the Titans, but Thomas Wagner is caught and swallowed whole. Vowing to kill the Titan responsible, he is stopped by another as it bites his leg off and he violently lands on a rooftop. Eren's entire squad, save for himself and Armin, are killed and Armin is placed in the mouth of a Titan that took advantage of the fray. Eren lifts himself up and rescues his friend, but is eaten in the process. His arm is severed off and Armin looks on in terror, and shrilly screams.

Eren awakes in the stomach of the Titan that ate him, and says that it was not supposed to be this way. He questions why Titans prey upon humanity and steal their hopes and dreams. He is reminded of his mother's death and his father giving him the key to the basement, and vows to kill them all himself. Suddenly a giant hand arises from the mouth of the Titan and it collapses. Eren explodes out of the Titan and emerges as a Titan himself, and roars in anger. As he is approached by a Titan, he says that he will wipe them all off the earth, every last one. He punches at the nape of the Titan that killed Milieus, and Eren continues to kill Titans in front of Mikasa, who is surprised to see a Titan killing another Titan. Bloodthirsty, Eren says that he wants to kill more and more.

Eren in Titan form attacks Mikasa

Eren in his Titan form nearly punches Mikasa, but she avoids it and he attempts again but fails. She uses her omni-directional mobility gear to land on his face, asking whether he recognizes her or not, and says that they are family. She says that he must use the boulder to block the breach in Trost. Ian orders her to move immediately, as Eren aims for her but mistakenly punches his face instead. Eren collapses and there is a glimpse of his human form within the Titan's nape, and he wonders what he is doing and what day it is. Eren awakes sitting in his house as Mikasa and Carla are doing the dishes and Grisha reads a book. Dazed, Eren realizes he is at home and thinks of going back to sleep. Pyxis says that Eren in his Titan form will take the boulder and place it in Trost's breach. Eren doubts his abilities in his Titan form, but knows what he must do. He says he must become a symbol of hope for humanity, as his friends and allies surrounded in fear.

The soldiers prepare for the mission and Armin punctures Eren's Titan to wake him up out of unconsciousness and Eren roars, seemingly in excruciating pain. Mikasa asks Armin to get away, but he tells her to do what she must and leave Eren to him. She leaves them and Armin asks Eren whether he can hear him, saying that if he does not get out of there, they will all die and humanity will lose. As Titans continue to come out of the breach and enter Trost, more soldiers are devoured and the ones planted on the rooftops are the last. On the Wall, a soldier suggests that they recall the elite squad, but Pyxis refuses. He says that the Titans must continue to be lured into the city.

Eren exclaims seeing the outside world is his birthright

A flustered and emotional Armin is still attempting to awake Eren, asking whether he still wants to avenge his mother and kill all the Titans. He asks whether Eren still hates the things that killed his mother. In Eren's vision, Armin taps on the window behind their house, where Eren is at peace. Eren says that his mother is right there and wonders why he has to leave, unable to understand Armin. He flashbacks to when they both dreamed of the outside world and Armin gushes about how it would be wonderful if one day, they both visited it themselves. In his home, Eren remembers the outside world and his dreams of going there, and killing all Titans and escaping the Walls. Eren arises from his seat and Armin reminds him that he knew that hell was one step beyond the Walls. Armin asks why he wanted to go outside and Eren says because he was born into this world. Eren is now carrying the boulder across Trost and Mikasa looks on in awe, and Armin says that if they can cover him until he reaches the breach, they have won. Filled with resolve, Ian orders them to protect Eren at all costs, even if it means their lives.

Eren speaks of his desire to join the Scout Regiment and kill all the Titans

Eren explains that from the time people are born, they are free. He says that it does not matter how strong those who deny us that freedom are. He says that those who will see the outside world will be "the freest person in the world." As soldiers are eaten and the elite team attempt to distract them, Eren says that "fight" and that he would be willing to give up his life for that. He says that it does not matter how cruel and terrifying the world is, but that you must "fight!" Eren has reached the breach and Armin screams in motivation, and Eren plants the boulder on the breach with a loud roar.

Eren awakes in the forest again. Mikasa asks if he was in a slumber and he says that it felt like a very long dream. Mikasa looks at him and asks why he is crying, and he feels his cheek, confused. The scene turns violent and he wakes up again, but in a cell in front of Levi and Erwin Smith. Calling him a piece of crap, Levi asks what Eren wants to do. Laughing and angry, Eren says he wants to join the Scout Regiment and slaughter all the Titans.


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