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The "Smiling Titan" is a Titan that invaded Monzen during the fall of the outer Wall.


This Titan is very tall, with long black hair. Its main distinguishing feature is its characteristic, a grinning smile in which its lips are fixed wide open, exposing its teeth and gums at all times.


Attack on Titan

After the Colossal Titan breaches the outer Wall, this Titan is among the many Titans that invade Monzen District. Maneuvering through Monzen, the Titan picks up and devours a civilian man by biting his head off. Eventually it comes upon Mikasa, who had been abandoned in the street while trying to rescue an infant. Although the Titan tries to eat Mikasa, it is only able to devour the infant that was with her, while Mikasa escapes. However, the Titan is still able to bite her in the process, leaving a large disfiguring scar on her stomach. Eren believes the Titan succeeded in devouring her, as the church he helplessly watches from collapses and both are gone by the time he escapes. His belief that the Titan succeeded becomes one of his driving motives for joining the Scout Regiment

Two years later, when Eren partakes in his first mission and discovers Mikasa alive, she reveals what really happened to her and shows her scar. When Eren uncovers his Titan ability and begins slaughtering every Titan nearby, this Titan is among the other Titans nearby while Eren's slaughter occurs. After killing almost a dozen Titans, this Titan and the other nearby Titans wander away from the scene.

Attack on Titan: End of the World

When Hans leads the remaining Scouts to seal the hole, Jean spots nine Titans roaming the fields some miles away, this Titan among them. However, Hans insists that they continue with their mission and ignore them. None of the Titans spot their passing.

People Killed

  • One unnamed adult male 
  • One unnamed infant

Failed Attempts