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This article is about the 118th chapter of the Attack on Titan manga. For the anime episode of the same name, see Sneak Attack (Episode).

Quote1 Everything we did, we did for the sake of the people of this island. And that was only possible...because we believed that this island had a future...! Children are that future! Quote2
— Onyankopon denies knowledge of Zeke's euthanization plan

Sneak Attack (騙し討ち Damashi uchi?) is the 4th and final chapter of the 29th volume and the 118th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.


Zeke Yeager continues his barrage attack, destroying numerous airships and keeping the Cart Titan at bay. Meanwhile, Gabi Braun and Colt Grice attempt to save Falco Grice and break him out of prison, while the Survey Corps are forced to join some unlikely allies. As they try to reach Eren Yeager, Pieck Finger and Theo Magath deal a devastating blow to Zeke and his Beast Titan.


Yelena rejoices at Zeke's arrival

Yelena rejoices at the sight of Zeke destroying the airships

Zeke begins throwing a barrage of boulders, striking the various Marleyan airships and causing them to crash. At the edge of the rooftop, Yelena is overwhelmed with joy at the sight of their destruction. The Beast Titan then proceeds to throw several projectiles towards Pieck, causing her to dive over the side of the Wall. She advises against fighting the Beast Titan at the moment but General Magath refuses, declaring that he will personally pass judgment on Zeke for his betrayal. Just then, Floch and a group of Yeagerists arrive and split into two groups in order to flank them.

Galliard lays among the ruins of several buildings and notes that the blow he suffered from the Attack Titan was more severe than anticipated. Nearby, Reiner lays defeated within the mangled remains of the Armored Titan and Eren continues to approach Zeke up on the Wall. Colt and Gabi witness this and Colt orders Gabi to retreat to the evacuation airship; Gabi refuses, wishing to help Colt break Falco out of prison. As the battle rages overhead, many of the imprisoned members of the Military demand to be released. In the back, Nile sits with Falco and proposes it is a rescue attempt to free him; Falco bitterly states that Marley would never do that for a mere Eldian. Nile then mentions that Falco has a chance to return home to his family, while himself and the others likely will not and soon be turned into Titans.

Armin deduces Eren's actual plan

Armin theorizes Eren's plan to release the Titans within the Walls of Shiganshina

Soon, Onyankopon arrives and releases the locked up members of the Survey Corps, begging they help Eren. Connie furiously slams him against the wall and begins to choke him while refusing to help; Armin tells Connie to release him and then after hearing his defense, agrees that Onyankopon had no part in Yelena and Zeke's plot. Onyankopon suggests they help Eren and Zeke, without whom, Paradis would be in danger from the world's armies. Mikasa weakly agrees on helping Eren, believing it is because of her Ackerman bond to him. Armin responds by saying that he believes Eren lied to them, and the euthanasia plan sounded nothing like Eren. When Connie questions why Eren sided with Zeke and Yelena, Armin replies that he had to in order to protect the island with his Rumbling. By awakening the hundreds of Titans inside Shiganshina's Wall and annihilating the world's major military forces, no other force would dare to attack Paradis for the next fifty years.

Jean admits to being envious of Eren in the past, but refuses to see him die just yet. Connie agrees to help as well and they set out to rescue the other prisoners. They easily take out the Yeagerists guarding the other soldiers, releasing them. Connie finds Instructor Shadis lying wounded on a bed, who claims to have fought a bear and insists that Connie forget about him and leave. Meanwhile, Dot Pixis commands the soldiers without the black armband to gear up with the vertical maneuvering equipment, whereas the ones who drank the wine, would fend off the enemies on the front lines. Mikasa puts on a set of vertical maneuvering equipment alongside Louise, who tells Mikasa that she is glad that they are both carrying the same goal and that she can fight by her side again. Mikasa then folds the scarf given to her by Eren and leaves it behind.

Falco reveals his motivation to Gabi

Falco reveals why he became a Warrior candidate

As the soldiers evacuate the area, both Falco and Nile spot Colt and Gabi nearby; Nile brings him over and tells the three to flee before joining his comrades. As they take refuge inside a nearby home, Gabi goes over the numerous acts of kindness and charity she has witnessed on Paradis and finally understands the drastic change in Reiner's behavior: the Eldians on Paradis are indeed no different from those in Marley. Falco then admits his unwitting role in the Raid on Liberio and, knowing he likely will be turned into a Titan, admits his feelings to Gabi and why he became a Warrior candidate. Colt proposes that Zeke may relent from transforming everyone if he is aware Falco is among those who consumed the spinal fluid and just before leaving, Gabi tears off the black armband from Falco's arm.

The Beast Titan's nape gets hit

Magath shoots at the Beast Titan's nape using the artillery

As the Survey Corps face resistance from both the Marley forces and the Yeagerists, Galliard attempts to ambush Eren only to get pelted by more stones from the Beast Titan. Zeke then observes the charred remains of the Cart Titan and silently laments that Pieck was killed in such a manner. As Floch and the Yeagerists cheer their success, several members are suddenly shot by Marleyan snipers. Then, Zeke notices the gun barrel of the Titan artillery cannon atop Pieck is directly facing him. Pieck gives the word and Magath fires, blowing a hole through the right shoulder of the Beast Titan and injuring Zeke within the nape. As Zeke falls off the Wall, Magath becomes frustrated that he does not have another clean shot, fearing that Zeke may let out a scream if he still shows any signs of life.

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