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This article is about the 77th episode of the Attack on Titan anime. For the manga chapter of the same name, see Sneak Attack (Chapter).

Quote1.png There weren't any devils. On this island... there were just people. Quote2.png
— Gabi Braun reaches a conclusion after hearing how the different members of the Braus family feel about her

Sneak Attack ( (だま) し討ち Damashi uchi?) is the 18th episode of the 4th season and the 77th episode overall of the Attack on Titan anime, produced by MAPPA.


Eren Jaeger is granted a reprieve by the timely arrival of his older brother Zeke, who begins fending off the other Titans attacking him as well as assaulting the Marleyan airships up above. After some coercion, the previously imprisoned soldiers who did not cooperate with the Jaegerists are freed so they can help defend Paradis Island. Those who have not drunk the wine tainted by Zeke's spinal fluid are given omni-directional mobility gear and the remainder organize on foot under Dot Pyxis. Reinforcing Eren proves difficult however, and a ruse from Pieck Finger and Theo Magath give them a free shot with their artillery at Zeke, knocking his Beast Titan off of Wall Maria.

When Falco Grice leaves the headquarters along with the formerly imprisoned soldiers, he spots his brother Colt. Nile Dawk reunites the two under the pretense of restraining Falco in a house, and the brothers leave along with Gabi Braun, who finally realizes that there are no devils on the island, just people. She apologizes to Falco for getting him involved, which prompts him to confess his feelings for her, since he is afraid he could turn into a Titan soon. On hearing that Falco drank the spinal fluid, Colt rushes them to Zeke, hoping that he will not scream if Falco is among the afflicted.


Armin Arlelt asks Mikasa Ackermann if she wants to help Eren Jaeger and she admits she does, but is concerned that it is simply because it is in her blood. However Armin thinks both the story of the Ackermann lineage and Eren's agreement with the euthanization plan are a lie because it does not sound like something he would believe in.

Armin tries to convince Conny and Jean

Jean Kirschtein agrees it is out of character, but does not find it that unbelievable, and Conny Springer demands to know why Eren does not oppose Zeke Jaeger and Yelena if he disagrees with them. Armin insists that it is because Eren does not have to. He is the only one who can control the Founding Titan so he is playing along to keep them from acting out and to protect Paradis Island with the Rumbling.

Armin's reasoning gets through to them, and though Jean and Conny are unhappy about Eren's behavior, they agree to go out and save him. As Eren's friends, Nicolo, and the Braus family escape up the stairs, Mikasa asks Armin why Eren would lie and push them away. Armin has some ideas, particularly for the story about the Ackermanns that he told Mikasa, but says they can ask Eren after this is over.

Outside, Eren's Attack Titan is pinned against a building by Reiner Braun's Armored Titan. It roars and then summons additional spikes through the War Hammer Titan's power to drive Reiner back. Porco Galliard takes the opportunity to attack the weakened Titan, but Eren punches his smaller Jaw Titan and hurls it away. Reiner manages to pin the Attack Titan to the ground and prepares to bite into its nape when Eren reaches up and grabs the Armored Titan by the upper jaw to fend him off.

The Beast Titan arrives to save Eren

A boulder knocks the Armored Titan off Eren, heralding the arrival of Zeke and his Beast Titan. Zeke proceeds to take out a Marleyan airship with a shot of broken boulders and Theo Magath calls for Pieck Finger to reorient her Cart Titan so he can get a shot at him. She turns from her perch on top of Wall Maria to face Zeke, only to abruptly dodge another of the Beast Titan's rock barrages. As she hangs off the side of the Wall, the Jaegerists led by Floch Forster move in to flank her.

Inside Shiganshina District, Eren gets up and begins limping towards the Wall to meet Zeke. Gabi Braun says they have to stop him, but Colt Grice tells her to head towards their escape airship while he looks for his brother Falco. She refuses, saying that it is her fault Falco is involved at all.

In a cell with members of the military who drank Zeke's spinal fluid, Roeg demands to know what is happening outside. Nile Dawk tells Falco that the Marleyan military might be here to save him. Falco doubts that they would come to rescue an Eldian, but Nile puts the situation a different way, suggesting this could be Falco's chance to go home and see his family. Nile doubts that he will get a chance to see his wife or daughters again, because one scream from Zeke will turn him into a Titan.

Jean convinces Surma to let them go

Elsewhere in the Shiganshina military headquarters, Surma tries to stop Armin and those with him from leaving, but Jean grabs him by the shirt and demands to know if he is going to risk his life to stop them from helping Eren. Surma stands down and Conny calls for all the cells to be opened up. As other members of the military walk free, Conny finds a battered Keith Sadies in a cell. Despite Conny's concern, Keith tells the young man to leave and not to worry about him. Meanwhile Armin and Jean reunite with Dot Pyxis, who says he is all right aside from a small drinking problem, indicating the black armband that shows he drank the spinal fluid.

Pyxis organizes the freed soldiers, and prioritizes giving the limited omni-directional mobility gear to those without black armbands. He will personally lead those who drank the tainted wine.

Louise expresses joy at fighting together again as Mikasa puts on her ODM gear, but Mikasa is indifferent. She puts down her carefully folded scarf, to Louise's surprise, and walks out without it.

Yelena basks beneath the damaged airships

Outside, Armin, Jean, Mikasa, and Conny find Yelena standing with her arms spread wide, ecstatic with how Zeke has managed to bring down the Marleyan airships. She says the moment that history will change is at hand. As they watch, Reiner tries to stop Eren from reaching Zeke, but is blown back by a barrage of rocks. Jean is shocked that Zeke is here, because that means something must have happened to Levi Ackermann. Yelena says he and Hange Zoë must have been beaten by Zeke, who promised to meet Eren at a certain time and place.

Armin says they have no choice but to help the Jaegerists unite the two brothers. His friends' faces turn to shock and he looks behind him to see Yelena regarding him with a severe expression, but she relaxes and tells them to help Zeke and Eren.

Down below, Gabi and Colt make their way to headquarters to look for Falco. Colt explains that the unusual weapon he carries is an Anti-Titan rifle, but it is difficult to kill a Titan with it without a direct hit to the nape. The two hide as soldiers come out of headquarters, only to be shocked when they see Falco walk out along with them.

Nile brings Falco to his brother

Nile notices Falco react to something and Falco says he saw his brother. Loud enough for others to hear, Nile orders Falco to come with him as a prisoner. He tells the other soldiers that he will tie up Falco in a house, but instead leads him over to Colt and Gabi. Colt readies himself to shoot, but Gabi holds him back. Once Nile sees the two, Nile tells Falco to go home and hands him to his brother. Falco runs away with them and looks back to say thank you. Nile waves and returns to the rest of the soldiers.

As they regroup, Colt asks Gabi why she trusted the enemy, but before she can answer, they are interrupted by the arrival of Nicolo and the Braus family. The three of them hide and overhear the Braus family hoping that Gabi and Falco are safe. Gabi is shocked and stands up to possibly reveal herself, but stops when she hears Kaya ask why they should care about the person who killed Sasha Braus. Colt tries to get them to move once the family is gone, but Gabi is in silent tears, concluding that there are no devils on the island at all; just people. She finally realizes what Reiner had gone through years prior. She apologizes to Falco for dragging him into this, and out of guilt he shares his involvement and how he unknowingly opened the door to Eren's raid on Liberio. He considers himself responsible for the deaths of Zofia and Udo.

Falco then confesses his love for Gabi and how he became a Warrior candidate because he did not want her to inherit the Armored Titan, so she would live a long life. Shocked, Gabi asks him why he is telling her this. Falco explains that he might turn into a Titan soon and does not want to leave it unsaid. Gabi suddenly stands up and rips the black armband from his arm, telling him they need to go. Colt agrees, hoping Zeke might not use the scream if he knows it will turn Falco.

Galliard is knocked away by the Beast Titan's attack

Meanwhile, Zeke continues to fend off attackers to allow Eren to approach him, and the Marleyan army is keeping the freed Paradis military from getting to Eren. Zeke notices steam rising from further down the Wall and sees the skeleton of the Cart Titan, still with the artillery platform on its back. He concludes Pieck must have fallen as the Jaegerists cheer beside the body.

Floch arrives and asks the cheering soldiers who took them out, but no one landed a shot. Magath's soldiers shoot the Jaegerists from under the smoking skeleton and Pieck's smoke screen gives Magath's cannon the one shot he needs for a sneak attack against the Beast Titan. The shell strikes the Beast Titan in the shoulder near the nape, toppling Zeke from the Wall and to the city below, but it is not enough to kill him. Magath urges Pieck to hurry and reposition them, because if Zeke has any strength left he will use it to scream.

On the ground, Falco, Colt, and Gabi hurry to Zeke.

Currently Publicly Available Information


Paradis Island Surprise Attack

The goal of the surprise attack is to retake the Founding Titan. It's unknown what conditions must be met to activate the Founding Titan's power, therefore, it's critical to secure the Founding Titan before its power can be used.

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  • Gabi is shown riding a horse, despite previously stating in Episode 70 that she has never learned how.