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Souda (ソウダ Souda?) was a captain[1] of the Garrison in the live-action films Attack on Titan and Attack on Titan: End of the World. He was portrayed by Pierre Taki.


Souda was a man who appeared to be in his late 30's to mid 40's. He had short black hair which was parted on the left.[2] He was always seen wearing his Garrison uniform.


Souda was a dutiful soldier who was sympathetic and open-minded to Eren and his friends. However, he had a tendency to drink on the job.


Souda acted as an assistant to Eren's father in his experiments to turn his children into Jaeger Titans. While the men are injecting Eren with Jaeger serum, they are interrupted by the arrival of soldiers who intend to destroy the research. Eren's parents manage to hide Souda and their son before they themselves are arrested, and Souda watches with the youth as the soldiers burn all of their research.

At some point in his life, Souda would rise to the rank of Captain within the Garrison.


Attack on Titan, The Movie: Part 1

While patrolling the base of the wall with his fellow Garrison soldiers, Souda comes upon Eren and his friends, who have sneaked into unauthorized territory to inspect the wall. Eren attempts to fight off the soldiers, and Souda is forced to break up the fight by promising to discipline Eren himself. As the other soldiers move on, Souda teases Eren for trying to get close to the wall, before getting serious and informing him that a new military regiment to journey beyond the walls. He suggests that Eren sign up to join it, but is interrupted by the appearance of a Colossal Titan which begins to kick a hole in the wall.

Souda orders the three youths to flee, before returning to the Garrison's outpost to begin preparing the outpost's cannons to fend off Titans entering through the breach. Souda has his soldiers wait to draw in the Titans before firing, but when they finally do fire, the Titans immediately heal from the damage the cannons deal. Souda orders the soldiers to reload and try again, but the Titans descend upon the outpost and begin devouring the soldiers before they can reload. Souda manages to escape alive.

Two years after the Colossal Titan's appearance, Souda is reunited with Eren and Armin on the night of the military's mission to reseal the wall. He is saddened to learn of Mikasa's apparent death, and sadder still to learn that the two have joined the military, telling them that killing Titans will not make a difference.

After the military arrives in Omotemachi, Eren and Jean get into a fight, which ends with Eren knocking Jean out. Souda treats the boy's injuries, noting that fighting has always been the one thing Eren is good at.

As day begins to break, Titans begin attacking the military's forces in the city. During the chaos, Souda finds Armin and some other recruits taking cover on the ground, and orders them to retreat. One of the recruits tries to get him to give first aid to her boyfriend but Souda, seeing that the boy has been bitten in half and is beyond saving, drags her away.

Souda is one of the handful of soldiers who manage to survive the attack, and joins the other survivors in taking refuge on the roof of a building. As Titans close in on the building, they are saved by the arrival of a Mysterious Titan, which begins killing all of the remaining Titans. Recognizing the way the Titan fights, Souda realizes that the Titan is Eren, and when it collapses he orders the soldiers to cut him out of the Titan.

Attack on Titan, The Movie: Part 2

Following the revelation that Eren is the Mysterious Titan, Commander Kubal orders that the boy be detained so he can be questioned. Souda and the other survivors can only stand by as Kubal questions Eren at gunpoint.

When Eren is unsuccessful in convincing Kubal that he is not a threat, Armin and Mikasa step in to try to defend him, but Kubal simply orders them to be killed as well. In an attempt to keep the three safe, Souda tries to explain the science behind Eren's ability to the soldiers, but is shot by Kubal before he can finish. Before he dies, Souda manages to give Eren one last warning, informing him that Kubal was the one who killed his parents.


  • Souda was likely the replacement for Hannes, a Garrison soldier who was an old friend of Eren's father and acted as a fatherly figure to Eren and his friends.
    • Due to Souda mentioning how he harbored an attraction towards Eren's mother that was not reciprocated, he could also be seen as a replacement for former Scout Regiment Commander Keith Shadis, who does not exist in this continuety.
    • Souda shares the same voice actor as Hannes in the film's dub.