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Sports Test of Fear (スポーツテストの恐怖 Supōtsu tesuto no kyōfu?) is the 1st side story of the 8th volume of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


Eren and his fellow classmates are tested on their sports performance. Eren becomes frustrated as Mikasa effortlessly outshines him in every event.


On the day of a sports and fitness test, Eren sets aside his focus on beating the Titan students and shifts his focus to beating all his other classmates. While he posts an impressive score in the shot put, Mikasa effortlessly bests him. While caught off guard by this, Eren is confident about his performance in the long jump only to see Mikasa best him again by almost double the amount.

This goes on throughout the day, with Eren becoming more and more frustrated with Mikasa beating him in every event. As he tries to catch his breath, Eren tells Armin he refuses to give up or else his dream of defeating the Titans will be for nothing. Eren takes offense when Mikasa offers to protect him from the Titans and vows to beat her in the final test of the day.

During the final test involving situps, Eren learns from Armin the record of situps done in thirty seconds is thirty-five. Anticipating Mikasa to do at least twenty more, Eren becomes upset when she lets go of his legs and fidgets as he prepares to start. Eren is able to break the class record and laughs in Mikasa's face. When it is her turn, Mikasa headbutts Eren and knocks him out. She then does eighty-one situps, easily breaking Eren's new record.

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