Squad Klaus (クラース班 Kurāsu-han?) was a team within the Survey Corps led by Team Leader Klaus. It was composed of many new recruits and was one of the central teams partaking in the battle of Shiganshina District where they safeguarded the horses.


Return to Shiganshina arc

Squad Klaus participates in battle and remains by the interior side of Wall Maria while the other soldiers head to the outer gate. After the appearance of the Beast Titan the squad is reinforced by Squad Dirk and Squad Marlene with orders from Erwin Smith to protect the horses from Titans.[1]

As the soldiers begin to slay the incoming Titans, they are crushed by projectiles from the Beast Titan, leaving only a portion of the squad alive, consisting of the fresh recruits. They retreat with Levi and head towards the Walls with the horses they have been ordered to guard.[2] The remnants of the squad are later given their final orders by Erwin to act as a decoy while Captain Levi uses the diversion to take down the Beast Titan. This is done through a mounted suicide attack using signal flares to throw off the Beast Titan's aim.[3] The entire squad is killed in the charge with the exception of Floch Forster.[4]



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