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Squad Miche (ミケ分隊 Mike-buntai?) was a section of the Scout Regiment led by Section Commander Miche Zacharius. They were placed in charge of the suspected Scout recruits at the time of the Wall Rose invasion.


The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission arc

Miche and Levi try to attack the Female Titan

As veteran members of the Scout Regiment from before the fall of Wall Maria, Section Commander Miche Zacharius and his subordinate Nanaba are made aware of Commander Erwin Smith's plan to capture a Titan spy during the 57th Exterior Scouting Mission. While Nanaba supervises the Scout recruits at the edge of the forest of giant trees, Miche joins the capture team further within. When the Female Titan is captured with the Scouts' special target restraining weapon, Miche and Captain Levi attempt to dismember the hands guarding the Female Titan's nape, only to find their ultrahard steel blades are ineffective against the Female's hardened crystalline skin. Before explosives can be brought out to remove the hands, the Female Titan screams. Soon afterward, Miche smells incoming Titans from all directions, and the Scout soldiers are forced to eliminate the Titans devouring the Female Titan. Despite their efforts, the Female Titan's operator escapes and Commander Erwin orders for a retreat to Calaneth District.[1]

Clash of the Titans arc

Tomas is dispatched to alert the Scouts of the Titans in Wall Rose

Shortly after the failure of the scouting mission, Commander Erwin entrusts Miche and his squad to watch over the new Scout recruits in Wall Rose, who had been deemed suspect of being an accomplice of the Female Titan. At the same time as the assault on Stohess two days later, Squad Miche spot incoming Titans inexplicably within the Walls. Miche immediately dispatches Tomas to alert their comrades in Stohess of the unexpected Wall Rose invasion.[2]

Admitting that there are likely no Titans among the 104th class recruits, Miche observes the incoming Titans while Nanaba tells the recruits of the invasion. She preps them to prepare to depart on horseback without delay before returning to Miche. They discuss the breach of the Wall, and he reassures her that humanity has not lost until it stops fighting.[2]

Once the 104th class recruits finish preparing, the squad rides out, with Miche coordinating the plan to split into four teams and spread the word throughout the Walls. Once the nine invading Titans reach the nearby woods, the four teams scatter in different directions. Due to the Titans accelerating, Miche splits off from the southern team to single-handedly engage the enemies, and leaves Gelgar in charge of the group.[2]

Miche moments before his death

Miche kills five of the nine Titans before deciding to depart. However, as his horse rides back to him, a fur covered Titan picks it up and throws it at him, knocking him from the roof into a nearby Titan's mouth. After questioning Miche, the beast-like Titan takes his ODM gear and goes to leave. Remembering his reassuring words to Nanaba, Miche steels himself, but is killed helplessly when the Beast Titan sets the remaining Titans on him.[2]

Squad Miche continues to spread the word throughout the Walls, with Tomas managing to get word to Commander Erwin. Seven hours after the Titans were spotted, the western team led by Nanaba and Henning begin heading south to determine where the Wall was breached. Two hours later, the southern team reaches Ragako, where they find the village deserted, yet entirely ruined by Titans.[3] Lynne theorizes that all the villagers had escaped, though Gelgar inwardly disagrees. Trying to get Conny Springer away from the Titan atop his house, the team swiftly departs to also search the Walls.[4]

That night, the two teams separately navigate through the dusk by torchlight. Terrified, they search the Wall before coming across one another, with neither team having found the location of the breach. The two teams agree to rest at the ruined Utgard Castle nearby, and to continue searching the next day. The four members of Squad Miche agree to set up a watch atop the tower, and prepare for a long night.[4]

Squad Miche attacks the Titans

In the middle of nightfall, Lynne announces that Titans are moving outside. After spotting the Beast Titan moving towards the Wall, the senior Scouts leap into battle, and maneuver around the tower to combat the wave of Titans. Finding that the Titans had made it inside, Lynne has the cadets immobilize the Titans within the tower.[5]

Lynne, Henning and the horses are all killed when the Beast Titan hurls several chunks of the Wall at the castle. It then summons a second, larger wave of Titans to assault Utgard. Nanaba and Gelgar continue fighting the Titans, with a shortage of gas and blades. However, Gelgar hits his head at some stage. Praising them on doing a good job, he falls down towards the Titans. Nanaba manages to temporarily save him, but her gas runs out and she is left stranded. With this, both veterans are devoured by the Titan horde.[5]

Return to Shiganshina arc

In the Battle of Shiganshina District, Erwin Smith contemplates his actions as Commander, and considered the ways he had fooled his comrades. He begins to envisage himself atop a mountain of corpses, representing the soldiers he had sent to their deaths. At the top of the mountain is Miche, alongside Nanaba and Gelgar, who stare back at Erwin.[6] Later in the battle, Erwin laments the dwindling hope of his dream, but thinks back to Squad Miche and the other fallen soldiers, who wonder if their deaths had meaning.[7]