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This article is about the manga chapter. For other uses, see Can't Look into His Eyes Yet: Eve of the Counterattack, Part 1.

Quote1.png Just shut your mouths and invest everything in me! Quote2.png
— Eren asks his superiors to trust him

Still Can't See (まだ目を見れない Mada Me o Mirenai?) is the 1st chapter of the 5th volume and the 19th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.


Citizens of different areas are shown discussing the Titan that plugged the breach in Trost District with a boulder. Meanwhile, Eren, still chained in a cell, contemplates his worth as a person and wonders of his friends' whereabouts. He is then greeted by Hange Zoë and Mike Zacharias who take him from his cell and bring him to the military court where he stands trial to be handed over to the Survey Corps or the Military Police Brigade. After much arguing, Eren becomes frustrated and yells at the people in the courtroom until he is kicked and beaten by Captain Levi. After Levi claims he can easily kill Eren if he gets out of control, Commander Erwin makes a final proposal and Eren is turned over to the Survey Corps. Afterward, he is seen with Hange, Levi, Mike, and Erwin as Hange tends to his wounds. Erwin then formally welcomes Eren into the corps and Hange asks to see the spot where Levi kicked out Eren's tooth. They are all shocked to see it already growing back.


After the events that occurred in Trost District, the Interior is in a state of confusion. Many are skeptical of the Royal Government's official information, turning instead to the word of the Merchants' Association. Some claim the news of a Titan fighting for humanity is little more than propaganda, while others ponder the implications of a Titan on humanity's side.

Mike and Hange arrive

Still locked in the underground cell and dealing with hostile attitudes of his fellow soldiers, Eren starts to see himself as a monster. He starts to wonder what his friends think of him, or if he will ever be allowed to leave the cell. Moments later, Hange Zoë and Mike Zacharias show up and take him out of the cell. After brief introductions, they lead Eren to a courtroom.

Walking in, he is shackled to a post in the center of the room. He looks around and sees Nile Dok, the Commander of the Military Police Brigade, as well as Commander Pixis, Commander Erwin, Captain Levi, Mikasa and Armin. When Commander-in-Chief Darius Zackly enters, the trial begins. As Eren begins to wonder what he is being charged with, Zackly informs him that the usual rules are inapplicable in this situation, so there will instead be a military tribunal with Zackly having the final say in regards to Eren's fate.

The Survey Corps and Military Police Brigade are present at Eren's court hearing

There are two opposing viewpoints about Eren. Some believe him to be a demon, while others believe he is a savior. The trial will decide whether he will be entrusted to the Survey Corps or the Military Police Brigade. Commander Nile believes Eren should be disposed of and his body examined. He also explains that doing so could potentially cause a civil war due to the political weight his existence carries and the residents of Wall Rose regarding him as a hero. His solution is to posthumously name him a hero after they have gleaned all the information from his body. Minister Nick, a leader in a religious order that worships the Walls, is outraged at this notion and wants him to be executed immediately for the heresy of circumventing the Walls' divine protection.

Commander Erwin wants to use his power to regain Wall Maria and asks that he join the Survey Corps. Zackly asks how they would go about this, as the gate in the Trost District is permanently sealed. Due to the new situation, they will have to leave from the Karanes District in the east of Wall Rose and work their way south. This causes an uproar with one of the merchants present, who wants all the gates to be sealed up and hurling insults at the military. Levi speaks up and reminds him that he is only safe because of the sacrifice of people in the military and that they need more land in order to feed everyone. Nick speaks up again accusing the man of blasphemy for wanting to lay hands on the Wall. Eren recalls that even mounting defensive cannons on the Wall initially took some time because of the widespread support of the religion.

Zackly, silencing the outburst and getting back the trial, asks Eren if he thinks he would be a benefit to the Survey Corps with Eren answering yes. Zackly then points out a report from the last mission that following his transformation, Eren lost his senses and attacked Mikasa. In disbelief and not remembering anything from when he was a Titan, Eren looks over at his friends and Armin realizes that his suspicions were correct. Zackly asks Mikasa if this is true and with hesitancy she answers yes. However, she also points out that Eren, in his Titan form, had also saved her life twice.

Levi kicks Eren

Commander Nile believes that Mikasa's testimony is biased and should not be trusted. He also brings up the incident from six years ago, in the year 844, when Eren and Mikasa killed the three men who had kidnapped her. While being legitimate self-defense, he thinks it casts doubt on Eren's humanity and that he should not be trusted. Another outburst from the courtroom has people believing that Eren is a Titan in disguise, and he should be executed before he turns again. They also accuse Mikasa of not being human and call for her execution as well. Eren, defending Mikasa, states that he may be a monster, but she has nothing to do with it. He wonders if he should stop speaking up, but decides to say everything that is on his mind. He calls out the dissenters as cowards and tells the court that they should trust him. Surprised at Eren's sudden speech, the Military Police get their guns ready, not knowing what to expect.

Out of nowhere, Levi delivers a flying kick to Eren's face, knocking a tooth out. After a few more blows, Commander Nile cautions that he might cause him to become a Titan. Levi finds this caution amusing, since the Military Police were so ready to dissect him earlier. He also states that Eren took out twenty Titans in his own Titan form; if he were to direct his anger at the police they would not be able to stop him. Commander Erwin then suggests that Eren be under the watch of Levi. If he turns into a Titan and becomes a threat, Levi will take measures to bring him down. Determined to show the people that he is a hero, Erwin asks Zackly to let Eren join the Survey Corps on a mission and to postpone his judgment until then. He agrees and says that he will return depending on the mission results.

Erwin welcomes Eren into the Survey Corps

Now out of the courtroom and in the custody of the Survey Corps, Commander Erwin explains that Eren's outburst gave them the perfect chance to play the cards they had. Levi asks Eren if he is angry with him. Eren understands why it had to be done. Hange scolds Levi, saying he took it too far by knocking his tooth out. Hange then asks Eren to open his mouth and sees that his tooth has already grown back.

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