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The Stohess District (ストヘス区 Sutohesu-ku?) is the town located on the east edge of Wall Sheena.


At some unknown point in the past, the Royal Government ordered the construction of an underground city below this district and others within Wall Sheena, but the plan was abandoned during construction leaving unused tunnels below the city.[1]


The Female Titan arc

Stohess being evacuated while Annie transforms

The Stohess District is the prime location of the destruction caused by Annie Leonhart in her Titan Form, after Eren YeagerArmin ArlertMikasa Ackerman and the Survey Corps expose her true identity. When a convoy takes Jean Kirstein (who is disguised as Eren) to the Imperial Capital for judgment, this is but a ploy against Annie to expose her. After a fight between her and Eren, she is ultimately captured, but causes considerable damage to the District, including opening up a crack in the Wall, revealing the Titan inside it. Erwin Smith takes full responsibility for the destruction of the District.[2]

When Mikasa Ackerman inspects this crack, the Titan's eyes follow her movements, proving that the Titan is indeed alive. At the instruction of Minister Nick, the Survey Corps quickly covers it with fabric to prevent the sunlight from awakening it. Hange Zoë takes a sample of Annie's Titan armor and discovers that it is identical to the Wall's composition, revealing that the Wall was made using the Colossus Titans' hardening ability.[3]

Royal Government arc

When the plan to follow Eren and Historia Reiss's kidnappers fails,[4] Levi Ackerman takes his and Hange's squads to Stohess District to track them down. Most of Squad Levi waits in an alley for their part in the rescue while Levi and three of Hange's squad members spy on the hearse that they believe is carrying Eren and Historia.[5]

The stakeout is ambushed

Their stakeout is interrupted by Kenny Ackerman, who kills Nifa.  Other members of the First Interior Squad likewise kill Keiji and Abel.[6] Levi manages to dodge Kenny and the Anti-Personnel Control Squad and takes cover in a bar.[7]

The two of them exchange barbs about their shared past while Levi looks for an opening to escape.  When he creates one, he shoots Kenny and dives out a window, fighting his way through members of the Interior Military Police.[8] His squad is already trailing the hearse when Levi catches up with them and orders them to stop following because their plan has leaked. Levi and Mikasa then work together to hold off the Anti-Personnel Control Squad until everyone can escape.[9]

Shortly prior to Erwin's execution plans, Anka announces to the Military officials who are holding him that the Armored and Colossus Titans appeared at Stohess District, destroying both gates and breaching Wall Rose.[10] This, however, was a ploy that was devised by Dot Pixis to test the officials' manner of action in times of uncertainty.[11]


  • In the anime adaptation of Chapter 61, Anka says that the Colossus and Armored Titans broke the gates of Karanes District, instead of those of Stohess as it was originally in the manga. This seems to be a correction as Stohess is located in Wall Sheena, which would imply that both Wall Rose and Wall Sheena had fallen if this had been indeed the district attacked by the Titans.