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Stormy Night (嵐の夜 Arashi no Yoru?) is the 1st chapter of the 2nd volume and the 4th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


A hooded visitor enters Kuklo's cell and is keen on releasing him from his binds using a blood-stained sword. Kuklo becomes startled, concerned if the figure used his sword against Sharle. Kuklo breaks free from his cell in a fit of rage and steals the stranger's robes. Running around, he finds that Dario Inocencio had already been killed and tries to locate Sharle. He discovers that she is under attack by the Titan Cult worshipers, being protected by Xavi. When Kuklo subdues the worshipers, Xavi accuses him of being at fault. Xavi slashes his sword at Kuklo's face, disabling his right eye. With all that has occurred, Sharle finally decides to leave with Kuklo.

Elsewhere, Carlo Pikale wonders how Elena's son is doing.


Outside the Inocencio household, a mysterious group of hooded figures with swords stand ominously in the rain.

Kuklo is met by a figure

A stranger finds Kuklo

Kuklo waits in his cell, thinking about the previous night's conversation with Sharle. They decide that tomorrow, at night, they will both make their escape from the manor, feeling the constant rain will work to their advantage. As Kuklo is thinking, an unexpected visitor enters his cell. Kuklo at first believes that the hooded figure is there to buy him, and after noticing the stranger's weapon, he decides it would be best to stay quiet. When the man mentions that "they" were looking for him, he realizes that they are Titan worshipers looking for "the Titan's child."

Unsure of what is going on, he lets the stranger continue, as the stranger begins to release him, Kuklo notices blood on his sword, and panics, believing it to be Sharle's blood. Kuklo questions the stranger about who he killed, and is relieved when the stranger tells him it was just some servants, but is soon filled with dread when the man goes on to say his comrades are punishing those that locked him up. Filled with rage, he breaks free, takes the stranger's robes, and makes his way up the flight of stairs.

Kuklo's eye

Kuklo loses his eye

Despite being unarmed, he fights his way toward where he believes Sharle to be, passing the corpses of servants as he goes. Soon after he finds the impaled body of Dario Inocencio lying in his bed, he arrives to see Xavi Inocencio defending himself and Sharle from a group of attackers, and recklessly lunges toward the mysterious group. Amidst the commotion, Xavi takes the opportunity to kill the surviving attackers, though he does not let Sharle's sudden display of concern escape his notice.

After questioning Kuklo, Xavi blames him, as well as Sharle, for the attack on the Inocencio household, and attacks Kuklo, cutting his right eye in the process. Kuklo then manages to knock Xavi unconscious. Realizing the situation they are in, he asks Sharle what she plans to do next. After everything that just happened, she decides that it would be best if she left with Kuklo. He tells her that he wants to go to the Shiganshina District, to which she smiles, and they walk hand in hand from the Inocencio household.

Kuklo and Sharle leave together

Kuklo and Sharle depart to Shiganshina

Elsewhere, the now captain, Carlo Pikale marvels at once again donning the Survey Corps crest; the "wings of freedom." He and another soldier talk about how he was present when the gates were opened 15 years prior, and Carlo mentions that his father, former Survey Corps captain Jorge Pikale, had no choice but to resign due to his actions. As the talk turns political, Carlo decides it is best to focus on rebuilding the Survey Corps, and begins to wonder if, after fifteen years, he will have what it takes to bring the Corps back to its former glory. As he thinks about the events that led to the Corps' disbandment, he begins to wonder if Elena's baby is doing alright.

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