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This article is about the 44th chapter of the Attack on Titan manga. For the anime episode of the same name, see Close Combat.

Quote1.png I have no idea why you two are doing all of this...but, looking back on it, you made a lot of bad decisions. And one of them...was teaching me how to fight like this. Quote2.png
— Eren uses Annie's fighting style against Reiner

Strike, Throw, Submit (打・投・極 Da - Tō - Kyoku?) is the 2nd chapter of the 11th volume and the 44th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.


As Eren is being beaten down by Reiner, the Armored Titan, he recalls Annie Leonhart teaching him how to fight. At that time, Mikasa challenges Annie to a fight to see which of the two is stronger. Annie accepts the challenge and the two go into a battle stance. Back in the present, Eren gets up and continues his fight against the Armored Titan. The Survey Corps tries to convince Eren to retreat to the Wall, but Eren ignores them and continues the battle. The tables turn as Eren starts to rip Reiner apart with a series of strikes, throws, and submissions. Reiner unleashes a desperate cry for help, which leads to Bertolt Hoover performing a 60-meter body press as the Colossus Titan.


Eren recalls their training days with Annie beating him to the ground. After a brief conversation, Annie throws a quick left hook, surprising Eren. He attempts to shield himself as Annie switches her arm and throws Eren down to the ground by an arm triangle. Annie continues to hold Eren in a choke while he tells her that he gives up. Annie instantly loosens her grip upon seeing Reiner falling and eventually landing on top of Eren. Mikasa walks over and coldly challenges Annie to a fight. She accepts the challenge and they both go into their battle stances, with Annie wondering if her technique will work on a "beast."

Eren fights Reiner using Annie's techniques

Now in present, Eren wonders why he is remembering all of this now as he stands up and continues to fight against the Armored Titan. Despite Armin warning him not to fight, he ignores him and tries to throw a straight punch while Reiner counters with a right cross. Suddenly, Eren dodges under Reiner's punch and throws him onto the ground by mimicking Annie's arm triangle, which surprising the others.

He proceeds to mount him and Reiner attempts to escape the mount. However, as the Armored Titan escapes and throws him down, Eren, making use of his martial art skills, extends his legs to lock Reiner in a triangle choke, saying that he will not escape that easily. Again, he tries to break free but Eren transits the choke into an arm-bar and rips his right arm off. Mikasa and Armin convince Eren to retreat to the Wall again, and he does so.

Running out of options, the Armored Titan sheds the armor at the back of his knees allowing him to move at a higher speed. He then tackles Eren to the Wall, cracking it in the process. Before his punch lands, Eren barely escapes it by tripping Reiner, causing him to fall off balance again. Hange manages to figure out that the weakness of the Armored Titan are his joints because, just like a medieval armor, he cannot harden the back of his joints. This allows Mikasa to cut through the Armored Titan's legs as Eren grips him in a guillotine hold during Reiner's second attempt at tackling Eren down.

Bertolt falls over Reiner and Eren

Unable to break free, the armor around his neck begins to weaken and Eren tries to rip his nape off. With his remaining hand he crawls a small distance towards the Wall and then releases a powerful roar calling for help. Armin then realizes their current position, right below the Colossus Titan, just when the body of the huge Titan falls down over the two at great speed.

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