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Quote1.png According to these, we're a special race called the Subjects of Ymir who can turn into Titans. There's also a belief that we may rule the world again. That's why the world wishes to eradicate us Subjects of Ymir for good. Quote2.png
— Hange Zoë relays the truth found in Grisha's basement[1]

The Subjects of Ymir (ユミルの民 Yumiru no Tami?) are an ethnic group descended from Ymir Fritz and the only race capable of becoming Titans. They are the majority race of a nation called Eldia, and are often called Eldians (エルディア人 Erudia-jin?). Many Subjects of Ymir live on Paradis Island, behind the three Walls; however, outside the Walls, Subjects of Ymir live inside internment zones such as Liberio's.[2][1]

The Subjects of Ymir believe that they are the "chosen children of God";[2] however, the rest of the world views them as an "evil" race of devils,[3] the "spawn of the Devil" (悪魔の末裔 Akuma no Matsuei?).[4]


The Subjects of Ymir claim descent from Ymir Fritz herself, the first human to acquire the Power of the Titans over 1,800 years ago. After Ymir's demise, her daughters Maria, Rose, and Sina Fritz devoured her corpse and gained her ability to turn into a Titan. As per their father's commands, Ymir's daughters reproduced to expand the bloodline and continue the race of humans who can turn into Titans. The Subjects of Ymir conquered the old nation of Marley using the Nine Titans and established

the Eldian Empire, which over the centuries would come to rule the mainland continent of its origin.[2]

About 600 years ago, an epidemic plagued much of the world; killing so many that the population plummeted. The King at the time used the power of the Founding Titan to rewrite how the bodies of the Subjects of Ymir were designed to overcome and survive the pandemic

The rule of the Eldian Empire lasted until the end of the Great Titan War, which resulted in Marley's resurrection as a nation and Eldia's capital being moved to Paradis Island. The land surrounding the new capital of Eldia would later be surrounded by three concentric Walls raised through the guidance of the Founding Titan. On the mainland, Marley gathered the Eldians, and placed them into internment zones such as the one within Liberio. On the island, the Subjects of Ymir had their memories of the world outside the Walls erased by the Founding Titan.[2][1] The Eldians of other races were unaffected by the Founding Titan, so the royal family either granted them nobility in exchange for silence, or persecuted them as in the case of the Ackermann and Oriental clans.[5]


Titans and Paths

The Subjects of Ymir are the only living beings capable of transforming into Titans. Some of them will also inherit the Nine Titans. If one of the Nine Titans is not transferred before dying, the Titan will be sent to a random baby among the Subjects of Ymir, with distance and blood relation playing no factor. This led to the discovery that all Subjects of Ymir are connected by paths, and these paths connect all Subjects of Ymir to the Founding Titan.[2][1]


According to Marley, the Eldian Empire had forced other races to have their children, to produce more Subjects of Ymir.[2] This implies that if a Subject of Ymir reproduces with an individual of another ethnicity, the offspring will be a Subject of Ymir.

Subjects of Ymir can be identified through blood testing.[1]


Ilse's Notebook: Notes from a Scout Regiment Member

Ilse encounters a Subject of Ymir

In the year 849, Ilse Langnar of the Scout Regiment's 34th Exterior Scouting Mission encountered a Titan who called itself a "Subject of Ymir." The Titan spoke to her, believing her to be "Lady Ymir," and Ilse attempted to question it. After Ilse panics when the Titan gives no answers, the Titan kills Ilse bitterly before storing her corpse in a nearby tree.[6]

One year later, Ilse's notebook recounting her time in the scouting mission is found by Section Commander Hange Zoë and Captain Levi on the 49th Exterior Scouting Mission. The findings in Ilse's notebook convince Hange and Commander Erwin Smith that attempted Titan capture should be resumed as a Scout Regiment practice.[6]

Return to Shiganshina arc

Upon uncovering the secrets of Grisha Jaeger's basement following the Battle of Shiganshina District,[7] the surviving members of the Scout Regiment learn of their ethnic identity as Eldians and as Subjects of Ymir, a race despised and feared by all peoples of the world.[1] This news, along with the many remarkable truths found in the basement, become a much-discussed topic among people of varying opinions within the Walls.[8]

Marley arc

The Warriors gather to discuss the fate of the Eldians

Following the Marley Mid-East War, the Warriors of Marley begin to grow concerned over the fate of the Eldians, and by extension the Subjects of Ymir, particularly in the world's growing desire to see them exterminated in order to end the Titan threat. Capturing the Founding Titan remains in high priority, though Pieck acknowledges that this alone will not save the reputation of the Eldians. In an effort to shed a positive light on the Eldians and to do away with the threat posed by the people of Paradis Island, Zeke Jaeger collaborates with the Tybur family, who agree to make a public announcement in favor of the Eldians during a festival in Liberio. At this time, they will convince the nations of the world that Paradis Island will be conquered within a year.

Willy readies the ambassadors for the following day's announcement

Soon afterward, the Tybur family comes to Liberio. As Commander Theo Magath and Lord Willy Tybur discuss the affairs of their nation, Lord Tybur expresses the regret he and his ancestors have felt for the fate the Eldians have been burdened with in the past century. Desiring to set things right for his nation, Lord Tybur offers to work with Magath towards the betterment of Marley.

One month later, the time of the festival approaches. On the eve of the festival, Willy acknowledges the world's shared hatred for the Eldian people, announcing that by the end of the festival he will announce his plan to solve the crisis posed by the Eldians and the Titans.

War for Paradis arc

Eren addresses all Subjects of Ymir

About one month later, back on Paradis Island and following Marley's surprise attack on the island for the raid on Liberio, Eren Jaeger manages to come into physical contact with his royal-blooded half-brother, Zeke Jaeger, allowing him access to the Founding Titan's powers. Eren uses them to unleash the countless Colossal Titans within the Walls to destroy the outside world, telepathically addressing all Subjects of Ymir using the Founding Titan to declare his intentions.