Succession of the Dream (夢の承継 Yume no Shōkei?) is the 3rd chapter of the 11th volume and the 39th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


Angel continues telling both Sharle and Leo about how he tried to avenge his assistant's death at the hands of a Titan. Sharle is able to eventually convince Angel to come out of his exile. Elsewhere, Kuklo wakes up in an unknown location.


Angel kills a Titan

Angel remembers using his improved device to defeat a Titan

After swearing vengeance on Mammon for killing Corina, Angel spends much time back in his workshop refining the cumbersome design of the device. At roughly the same time he completed the current design, the Survey Corps were planning an expedition to try and capture a Titan and Angel volunteered to go. While Sharle replies that she heard about it from Jorge, Leo is thunderstruck that Angel was part of such a clandestine operation. Angel tells him that it was to search for any weak points that could be exploited, which would have led to supporting more expeditions beyond the Wall.

However, Angel sadly admits that he fell behind and that his friend Sorum sacrificed himself to save him; also, Sorum had managed to kill Mammon, unintentionally robbing Angel of his chance for vengeance. This led Angel to spread his hatred to the entire race of Titans. Unfortunately, support dwindled after the failed expedition and the Survey Corps were dismantled. Just prior to this, Angel took part in one more expedition and was able to kill a 10m Titan using his device. Despite feeling elated, this ultimately did nothing to stop the government's plans. Then shortly after, Angel noticed that his vision was starting to blur and fade due to the explosion that helped him kill the Titan. Losing the means for his vengeance and unable to go back to his old line of work, Angel exiled himself to hide his shame and wound up in the Underground City.

Sharle tries to inspire Angel

Sharle tries to inspire Angel

Sharle tells Angel that expeditions have resumed and the Survey Corps have returned but Angel angrily states that it will not change anything. He states that he is useless in either fighting or crafting and tells Sharle his battle is over. Sharle apologizes but asks him if his passion to defeat the Titans existed before Corina was killed. Unmoved by Sharle's plea, Angel refers to himself as a broken husk and again asks her to leave him alone. Angel asks her if she knows about Maria Carlstead; Sharle merely replies that she is working with them on the project and leaves.

Alone in his shack, Angel wonders about Maria and reflects on Sharle's final words. Thinking back to his childhood, Angel remembers how he grew up with both Sorum and Maria and that all three wondered what life was like beyond the Walls. Noting that Sorum always had a desire to see beyond the Walls, Angel wanted to ensure that Sorum returned safely from exploring while Maria wanted to ensure they had a home to return to. Angel wonders aloud how far Sorum was able to see in his final moments and regains his passion and will.

Kuklo regains consciousness

Kuklo regains consciousness

As they return back to the Underground City, Leo assures Sharle that Angel has not been this lively and seems to have taken a liking to her; this moves Sharle and she resolves to keep trying. Klarissa congratulates Sharle on getting to see Angel and invites her to stay the night. The next morning, Sharle is momentarily confused why it is still dark, but remembers that she is underground. Klarissa comes in and tells Sharle that she has a visitor; going downstairs, Sharle sees a man with a cane in the central hall. He turns around and Sharle is stunned to see that it is Angel. Apologizing for his behavior yesterday, Angel smiles and asks to join her in beating the Titans.

Above ground, Kuklo wakes up in a cottage in the middle of the woods. He groggily sits up, wondering where he currently is.

Characters in order of appearance

  1. Leo
  2. Angel Aaltonen
  3. Sharle Inocencio
  4. Xenophon Harkimo (flashback)
  5. Mammon (flashback)
  6. Jorge Pikale (flashback)
  7. Maria Carlstead (flashback)
  8. Sorum Humé (flashback)
  9. Klarissa
  10. Kuklo


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