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Quote1 I don't care what happens to me matter what he's done to Bigbee...but I will get my futon back with these two hands!! Quote2
— Armin resolves to face Levi

Summer Futon Rescue Mission (愛のお布団救出大作戦 Ai no Ofuton Kyūshutsu Dai Sakusen?) is the 1st chapter of the 4th volume and the 24th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


Armin finds out that Levi was able to steal his prized futon Bigbee. Eren rallies his classmates to track down Levi and steal it back for Armin. They soon realize that the dormitory where Levi lives is riddled with traps; what untold horrors could Levi be inflicting on Armin's futon, and with Armin coming down with a cold due to not having his futon, can Eren and his friends get it back in time?


After arriving back home, Armin takes Bigbee, his futon, to air outside. Just then, Armin's grandfather calls to him and says that another of his friends are here. Armin goes to the front door but is surprised to see no one there. Going back to his room, he is horrified to see that his futon was stolen.

Eren rallies his friends

Eren rallies everyone to get back Armin's futon

Later, Eren, Mikasa, Jean, Sasha and Connie all arrive at Armin's house and learn what happened; Armin reveals that he found several clues left behind and is certain that Levi is the one who stole his futon. He starts to cough and tells the others that without his futon, he will only get worse. Eren immediately rallies the others to try to steal back Armin's futon from Levi. All but Jean agree to help, with Jean only agreeing when Mikasa mentions he would just slow them down anyway. As everyone begins to leave, they suddenly realize none of them know where Levi lives. Jean calls up Mr. Smith and, coming up with a cover story, is able to get Levi's home address.

Armin regains his will

Armin regains his will

Learning that he is living in one of the school dormitories, Armin spots Bigbee on one of the balconies. As Eren makes his way towards the building entrance, he gets caught in a pitfall while Connie and Sasha encounter several traps as well. This, along with the fact that Armin's futon is no longer on the balcony, seemingly confirms their suspicions that Levi knows they are coming. Armin decides to try to call it off but becomes determined to get his futon back. Rushing inside, Sasha gets caught in a tripwire and hoisted up. Connie and Jean soon fall as well and Mikasa gets caught while reaching the floor where Levi's room is. Noticing one with a dustpan outside, both Armin and Eren approach it but the latter gets pinned down by a gigantic tuna can. As Armin tries to free him, Eren demands that he continue on; bursting in, Armin demands Levi return his futon.

Levi sews futon

Levi reveals he is just repairing Armin's futon

Annoyed, Levi looks up and mentions that, despite knowing they were coming, the others could have rung the doorbell first. Seeing Levi holding a needle with his futon in front of him, Armin screams and lunges over to grab it. Mikasa and Eren both hear Armin's scream and rush over to Levi's room. Bursting through the door, they are surprised to see Armin resting under his futon; Levi mocks Armin for coming down with a cold without his blanket. Eren demands why he stole the futon and Levi mentions it should be obvious: there was a hole in it, and he is sewing it up. Meanwhile, it is learned that the traps the others encountered earlier were not set by Levi, but by Hange who set them up as a precaution against burglars.

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