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Sunny Springer (サニー・スプリンガー Sanī Supuringā?) was the sister of Connie Springer and a resident in Ragako village. She was transformed into a Titan by the Beast Titan during Wall Rose's supposed breach.[1]


Human form

Sunny was a visibly young girl with a petite build and short height; it appeared that she wore a light colored long sleeved dress in Connie's flashback. Her light hair is fairly long, going down to her shoulder blades and is slicked back.


Clash of the Titans arc

Sunny Springer is one of the victims gassed by Marleyan soldiers before being turned into a Titan by Zeke Yeager at the start of Wall Rose's Titan invasion.[2]

Sunny is first revealed in a flashback by her brother Connie Springer in which he remembers her playing with their little brother Martin. During this time, Connie worries for Sunny's safety as he searches their village of Ragako looking for survivors after news that Wall Rose had been breached by Titans coming from the south, the same location as their home town.[3] It is later revealed that Sunny was one of the Titan that were created by the Beast Titan after the events of Eren and Annie's brawl in Stohess District. Her Titan is eventually killed at some point before Wall Rose was declared Titan-free.[1]