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Quote1.png I saw a girl I didn't know kneading clay to body. I didn't know where I was. All I could do was watch. It felt like I'd been there...for years. But it also felt like it was over in an instant. Quote2.png
— Zeke Yeager tries to explain who saved him

Support (支え Sasae?) is the 1st chapter of the 29th volume and the 115th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.


Floch Forster, Hange Zoë, and a number of Yeagerists are traveling to a Titan Forest when they hear the explosion caused by Zeke Yeager triggering a Thunder Spear. Zeke believes he is dying and thinks back to his shared mission with Tom Ksaver and his meeting with his brother, Eren Yeager. Before he dies, a mysterious Titan crawls up to him and tears open its belly, stuffing Zeke inside. Hange and Floch find the remains of Levi Ackerman as Zeke emerges from the Titan, fully healed.

Meanwhile, Yelena has Dot Pixis and other dissenting members of the military assembled in Shiganshina District. Eren goes to meet with the imprisoned Gabi Braun, to have her send out a distress call to Marley in exchange for saving Falco Grice. However, a disguised Pieck Finger stabs the prison guard and pulls a pistol out, pointing it at Eren.


Zeke clings to life after being blown apart

As Floch Forster and the other Yeagerists escort Hange Zoë, they hear an explosion off in the distance. As they ponder what it could be, Hange recognizes it as an explosion caused by a Thunder Spear. Zeke Yeager has been gravely injured to the point that only his head and part of an arm remains attached to his torso. He notices that the area around him is quiet and he realizes he is losing not only his hearing, but his vision as well.

As he lays dying, Zeke remembers his conversation with his friend and mentor, Tom Ksaver, regarding how to get around Karl Fritz's vow of renouncing war. If a Titan of royal blood comes into contact with the individual who possesses the Founding Titan, they will be able to draw out its power. However, Zeke would not be able to use the power himself. The decision would remain with the individual who possesses the Founder. Ksaver tells Zeke to think of himself as a key and to find an individual he would trust with the Founding Titan.

Zeke puts on Ksaver's glasses

Some time afterward, Zeke ate Ksaver and became the new inheritor of the Beast Titan. He put on Ksaver's glasses and called him "father," promising to find a suitable person for their plan.

As time passed, Zeke recruited Yelena and the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers. He learned that Eren Yeager possessed the Founding Titan and that Eren's father, a doctor, was missing. Zeke realized that his biological father had not died when he was sent to Paradis Island and that he must have acquired the missing Attack Titan. From there, Grisha must have fed the Founding Titan to Eren. Zeke realized that his father had done the same thing to Eren that he had done to Zeke, and so he promised Eren that he would rescue him.

Eren agrees to Zeke's euthanasia plan

Years later, they met up in Marley while Eren was pretending to be an injured soldier. Eren told Zeke about how he obtained his father's memories and how Grisha had killed the Reiss family to ensure he could take away the Founding Titan. Eren understood that if any of the Reiss children remained alive, he could have been fed to them so they could regain the Founder, and that they were able to live because those children died. However, Eren told Zeke that he disagreed with Grisha's plan and that if the Eldians had never been born, none of them would have had to suffer. Eren agreed to cooperate with Zeke's plan.

After remembering that he gave Eren a baseball as a token of their agreement, Zeke begins to slip away, envisioning a young girl in tattered clothes holding a bucket. One of the Titans he had created regenerates, and crawls up to his body. It rips open its abdomen and picks up what remains of Zeke, shoving it into the wound.

At Shiganshina District, Yelena and the Yeagerists have rounded up Commander Dot Pixis and the other Eldian military members and tied different colored cloths around the arms of the military. Pixis assumes this is to reveal who drank the infused wine and who could be deemed as a threat. After some banter, Yelena glares at Pixis and, due to them not trusting Zeke, claims they must be punished for their actions.

As he is reborn, Zeke looks up at the sky inside the unknown land

Floch, Hange, and the others approach the remains of the wagon and notice the Titan in the distance. Hange then spots a body near the river and despite warnings, goes over and is horrified to see that it is Levi Ackerman. Floch brushes it off as fortunate and goes to finish him off, but Hange reveals that he is dead due to him absorbing the blast of a Thunder Spear detonation at point-blank range. Floch approaches them to check Levi's pulse himself when he notices the Titan begin to evaporate. A recovered Zeke steps out in a daze. Hange uses this opportunity to escape with Levi's body and jumps into the river. Floch orders some of the Yeagerists to give chase. He asks Zeke what happened, and he recalls waking up in an unknown land, where a little girl rebuilt his damaged body out of the soil that surrounded him. He states that it felt like it took years, but it was done almost instantly. Zeke concludes that what he experienced must have been the paths. He also reveals what happened to the Survey Corps soldiers that were escorting him with Levi and goes to meet up with Eren, reminding them that all they can do is move forward.

In a prison cell, Gabi Braun recalls the reactions of the Blouse family and is surprised when Eren appears with two Yeagerists. He orders her to cooperate with him if she wants Falco Grice to survive, but then one of the soldiers plunges a knife into the throat of the other; the soldier is revealed to be Pieck and holds Eren at gunpoint as she closes the cell door.

Characters in order of appearance

  1. Floch Forster
  2. Hange Zoë
  3. Zeke Yeager/Beast Titan
  4. Tom Ksaver (flashback)
  5. Yelena
  6. Reiner Braun (flashback)
  7. Bertolt Hoover (flashback)
  8. Eren Yeager
  9. Armin Arlert (flashback)
  10. Pieck Finger/Cart Titan
  11. Onyankopon
  12. Kiyomi Azumabito (flashback)
  13. Historia Reiss (flashback)
  14. Sasha Blouse (flashback)
  15. Jean Kirstein (flashback)
  16. Connie Springer (flashback)
  17. Mikasa Ackerman (flashback)
  18. Grisha Yeager/Attack Titan (flashback)
  19. Rod Reiss (flashback)
  20. Florian Reiss (flashback)
  21. Rod's wife (flashback)
  22. Urklyn Reiss (flashback)
  23. Abel Reiss (flashback)
  24. Dirk Reiss (flashback)
  25. Frieda Reiss/Founding Titan (flashback)
  26. Ymir Fritz
  27. Dot Pixis
  28. Levi Ackerman
  29. Oliver
  30. Gabi Braun
  31. Lisa Blouse (flashback)
  32. Kaya (flashback)
  33. Artur Blouse (flashback)