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The Survival Expedition arc is the seventh and final story arc of the Attack on Titan prequel series, Before the Fall.


The preparations have been made and the fateful day of the Survey Corps expedition has finally arrived. The soldiers are ready to bravely ride out beyond the Walls for the first time in years. With the future of the Survey Corps in the hands of mostly untested new recruits, will they be able to step up to the challenge and lead the Survey Corps to see another day?


Cover Number Title Release date
57 Before the Expedition
 (遠征の前 Ensei no Mae?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 57 CoverThe final preparations are being made for the expedition outside the Walls. As Rosa and the other recruits celebrate in anticipation of the expedition, Kuklo and Jorge discover an unforeseen issue. With both Xavi and Gloria looking for an official starting day, is the expedition (and the future of the Survey Corps) already doomed?

Cover Number Title Release date
58 Moment of Departure
 (出立の刻 Shuttatsu no Toki?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 58 CoverIt is the day before the expedition outside the Wall and the residents of Shiganshina hear about the plan of the Survey Corps to travel outside the Walls. With the memory of the destruction and carnage caused fifteen years ago still fresh for some, many are unsure if the expedition will ultimately be worth the effort.

Cover Number Title Release date
59 Quagmire Underfoot
 (霖雨の大地 Rin'u no Daichi?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 59 CoverAs the Survey Corps begin the expedition, Jorge reveals that this expedition has two ultimate goals: to test the vertical maneuvering equipment against Titans and to produce maps of the area so the Survey Corps can one day track where the Titans ultimately come from. As the rear teams recuperate, Kuklo and Rosa notice a signal flare from up ahead signaling the presence of Titans; however, the rain begins to fall once again as soon as the flare is sent, causing the smoke to disappear.

Cover Number Title Release date
60 Tragedy in the Rain
 (雨中の惨劇 Uchū no Sangeki?)
Before the Fall - Chapter 60 CoverThirty minutes prior to the red flare being sent off, Carlo Pikale and teams one through eight approach the farthest mapped point outside the Walls. When the rainfall begins once more and threatens the expedition, an unlikely person forces them to continue on. Meanwhile, teams nine and ten come upon a discovery that forces Rosa Carlstead to make her first major decision as Team Leader.


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