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Use this template to add infobox in articles about manga chapters.
Clean template
{{Infobox chapter
| Volume            = 
| Number (in vol.)  = 
| Number (overall)  = 
| Kanji             = 
| Romaji            = 
| Other spellings   = 
| Alternate titles  = 
| Release date (JA) = 
| Release date (US) = 
| Arc               = 
| Anime episode     = 
| Previous chapter  = 
| Next chapter      = 



  • {{Infobox chapter - Attack on Titan
  • {{Infobox chapter|NR - No Regrets
  • {{Infobox chapter|BF - Before the Fall
  • {{Infobox chapter|JH - Junior High
  • {{Infobox chapter|LG - Lost Girls
  • {{Infobox chapter|ST - Spoof on Titan

Special Chapters

  • Attack on Titan Side Stories: In "Number (overall)" put s1 for Captain Levi or s2 for Ilse's Notebook.
  • No Regrets Side Stories/Special Chapters - In "Number (overall)" put the number of the side story/special chapter preceded by a "s". Example, s1 for side story 1 (Levi's Unknown Fight...?!).
  • Before the Fall Extra Chapters - In "Number (overall)" put the number of the extra chapter preceded by a "x". Example, x1 for extra chapter 1 (Carlo Pikale's Expedition Report).


The infobox inserts the cover automatically looking for an image with a specific name. To use this function, upload an image with the following name:

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