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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
Use this template to display a navigation bar of successions. This template should be put just under the page's infobox.
Clean template
| Title       = 
| Title link  = 
| Central     = 
| Preceded by = 
| Followed by = 
| Group       = 
| Black font  = 


  • Title: Title of the role.
  • Title link (optional): Page the title points to. If left blank, it will not put any link.
  • Central: The central person of the succession.
  • Preceded by (optional): Person who preceded the central. If left blank, it will come out as "none".
  • Followed by (optional): Person who followed the central. If left blank, it will come out as "none".
  • Group (optional): Color of the template according to the groups seen in {{colorgroup}}. If left blank, it will use the title as group.
  • Black font (optional): Type it if you want to use a black font for the title instead of the default white.


| Title       = Monarchs
| Title link  = 
| Central     = '''Rod Reiss'''<br/>(845-850)
| Preceded by = [[Frieda Reiss]]<br/>(842-845)
| Followed by = [[Historia Reiss]]<br/>(850-current)
| Group       = 
◄ Preceded by Rod Reiss
Followed by ►
Frieda Reiss
Historia Reiss

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