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Quote1.png To settle the debt he owes me...I will use all of my strength to crush you in the next game!! Quote2.png
— Annie to Class 4

The Alarm Clock Trap (目覚まし時計の罠 Mezamashidokei no Wana?) is the 4th chapter of the 1st volume and the 4th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


As the dodgeball tournament begins, Jean is exasperated by Connie not understanding the rules, Sasha eating right in the middle of the game and Mikasa performing poorly due to Eren not being present. As Class 4 barely escapes with a win, the team of Class 3 easily wins their match up and discover they will be going against Class 4 next. One of the players, Annie, notices that Eren is gone and, remembering how she was embarrassed earlier by Eren sharing the same favorite food as her, vows to defeat them in their match.


The match between Class 4 and Class 1 begins

As the class prepares for the dodgeball tournament, the teacher recalls an embarrassing instant from his school years and orders no one to mention that Eren has not shown up yet. The tournament begins and Connie, misunderstanding what the rules are, throws the ball at the other team's back attacker. Jean begins berating him and Marco takes Connie aside to explain the rules. At the same time, Sasha is busy eating once more and claims it is to keep her from passing out during the game. Jean remembers that they still have Mikasa on their team, but she is unenthusiastic and performs poorly. He asks Armin what is going on and Armin responds that it is because Mikasa has not seen Eren yet and when that happens, her abilities drop to about 30%; Jean is incredulous about this.

Somehow, they are able to win and watch the second match featuring the team consisting of Annie, Reiner, Bertolt, Krista and Ymir. They quickly start eliminating players and both Jean and Marco marvel at the teamwork being displayed. Annie knocks four opposing players out and their side wins. Jean bemoans the fact Eren is not here and their chances are dashed without him and Mikasa playing poorly.

Annie swears to defeat Class 4

As they leave, Annie overhears that her team will be playing against Class 4's, the one that has Eren's class. She remembers the incident from the first day of school involving Eren and his lunch and that they both have the same favorite food. Annie tries to not let her emotions get the better of her and asks to be excused for a second. She goes over and asks Jean about where Eren is, surprising everyone on the bench. After Armin offers an excuse, Annie states that Eren forced her into living a lie and swears they will be crushed by her. Armin cries out for Eren, who just wakes up and glances at his alarm clock.

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