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This article is about the 43rd chapter of the Attack on Titan manga. For the Titan, see Armored Titan.

Quote1.png I have to get rid of can't be allowed to exist. What are you thinking? You make me sick. Just thinking about that righteous expression that was always on your makes me want to vomit. Quote2.png
— Eren confronts the Armored Titan

The Armored Titan (鎧の巨人 Yoroi no Kyojin?) is the 1st chapter of the 11th volume and the 43rd chapter overall of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.


Eren begins the fight with Reiner Braun, the Armored Titan, by striking him. Mikasa watches and regrets not being able to cut off Reiner and Bertolt's heads. On top of the Wall, Bertolt, the Colossus Titan, fights with the Survey Corps. Having grabbed Ymir, along with another soldier, he drops them into his mouth. The soldiers try to fight him but are pushed back by the steam released from his back and Hange orders everyone to wait until Bertolt can no longer produce steam as they cannot attack him otherwise. Connie and Historia help rescue soldiers and Historia expresses fear for Ymir as Connie does the same for Reiner and Bertolt, not knowing they are the Titans. Meanwhile, Eren lies on the ground, regenerating his hand and part of his head. He remembers how trustworthy Reiner and Bertolt were and realizes that Reiner had been going easy on him during their hand-to-hand training. He notes that they have caused the most pain in the history of mankind as he remembers the fall of Wall Maria. Angry, Eren steps up and punches Reiner in the face, only to receive another crushing blow back from him.


Bertolt throws Ymir and a soldier into his mouth

Eren punches the Armored Titan in the face while descending, hitting his head against the Wall. Mikasa observes this and regrets not having cut Reiner and Bertolt's heads off when she had the chance and wonders why she was not able to do so. She reflects that she will not get such an opportunity again. Bertolt, the Colossus Titan, swings his hand over the Wall, breaking part of the top and forcing the soldiers to jump off it. He manages to capture an unknown soldier and the already unconscious Ymir, then throws them into his mouth. Connie, Hange, Historia, and Armin are shocked, and Hange directs their soldiers in an attempt to finally bring down the Colossus Titan. All of the squad members charge all at once and Bertolt tries to defend himself; however, his movements are slow and the soldiers evade him easily. They direct themselves towards the nape of his neck to slice it off, but he immediately releases a burst of hot steam which throws them off and thwarts their attempt, burning the soldiers and forcing them to retreat. Armin notes that because of the high pressure wave of steam, they will not be able to attack him without being burned. Hange orders Squads 2, 3 and 4 to remain on standby near the Colossus Titan so that they can kill it when it stops releasing steam while Hange, Armin and Squad 1 take care of the Armored Titan. At a distance, ConnieHistoria, and some other soldiers feel the heat of the steam and start taking care of the wounded and the burned. Historia express her worry for Ymir and begs for a way to save her while Connie asks for help for Reiner and Bertolt because they did not have any vertical maneuvering equipment, unaware that they are the enemy.

Eren is wounded

Meanwhile, Eren has been punched and knocked to the ground by the Armored Titan with his head and his hand wounded, which are starting to regenerate. He realizes that Reiner had been holding back on him during their hand-to-hand practice fights in their trainee days. Eren remembers how they were so calm and that they were considered trusted friends by everyone. He reminisces about how he wanted to become strong like him and becomes disgusted with Reiner's face overflowing with justice. Eren admits that they are the people that had caused the most harm and pain in the history of mankind, while he remembers the day when Wall Maria was breached. Mikasa notes that her blades were useless against him, just as they were against the Female Titan, but this time the Titan's whole body is hardened and Eren's attacks also seem ineffective on him. Reiner heads towards Eren as he picks himself up, fully regenerated, and attacks him with a powerful punch at his face. Reiner punches him in return, again, this time obliterating half his head and making him lose balance.

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