The Bad Influence of Stohess District (ストヘス区の悪友 Sutohesu-ku no Akuyū?) is the 19th chapter of the 1st volume and the 19th chapter overall of the Spoof on Titan manga, written and illustrated by hounori.


Hitch Dreyse follows Annie Leonhart around to learn how she spends her day. She then gives Annie a surprise gift that she passes on Bertolt Hoover and Reiner Braun when the three meet in secret.


While Annie gets ready in the morning, Hitch tells her all about her last date and how badly it went. Seeing that Annie is about to leave, Hitch concludes that Annie is going out to see a man and coerces Annie to take her along.

Annie slams Hitch on the ground

Annie slams Hitch on the ground

However, Annie decides to take Hitch to some of her favorite haunts, such as the park, which is perfect for practicing her low kicks, and the river, which is also perfect for practicing her low kicks. Annie is impressed that Hitch is still with her and asks if she would like to join her for some "horizontal action." Hitch is confused and protests that it is the middle of the day and they are by a riverbed, but Annie makes her intentions clear when she slams Hitch to the ground with a martial arts throw.

They get fries and a corn dog to eat and Hitch says she cannot do anything rough anymore since she hurt her neck while they were sparring. Annie is agreeable and asks that Hitch help her select a souvenir since she is meeting someone later. Hitch laughs maniacally and says she will find the perfect gift.

Annie thanks Hitch for helping her find a gift and as they part ways Hitch asks her to say hi to the boys for her. Hitch also suggests that she check Annie's underwear to make sure it is sexy enough. Annie tells her to get out.

Reiner confronts Annie about the lipstick mark

Reiner confronts Annie about the lipstick mark on her neck

Later, Annie reports in to Reiner and Bertolt regarding how her life is going as an MP. Reiner notices that Annie has lipstick on her neck and she panics, wondering if it is from Hitch and if it has been there all day.

Before leaving, she hands the gift to Reiner and Bertolt and they give her a gift in return. The three then part ways. When Reiner and Bertolt open the gift they find it contains oyster juice and Spanish fly cakes, and Reiner demands to know what Annie is thinking. Back at her own barracks, Hitch teases Annie about having a cute plush bear, which Annie insists was a gift.

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  • The Spoof on Titan translation notes explain that the English translation uses oyster juice and Spanish fly cakes for Annie's gift to Reiner and Bertolt so the aphrodisiac joke can be understood without referring to footnotes. In the original Japanese, Annie gives them 赤マムシパイ (Aka-mamushipai?) (an alcoholic drink with a red viper inside) and すっぽんドリンク (Suppon-dorinku?) (a vitality drink made with turtle extract).


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