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The Boss is No Weakling (兄貴はシャバくなんかない Aniki wa shaba ku nanka nai?) is the 2nd side story of the 6th volume of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


Two former students from another district school named Isabel and Furlan arrive at Attack Junior High School to force Levi to leave and return back with them; with a cleaning challenge laid down, which school will Levi be forced to go to?


Some time after taking over the gang of punks during his first year, Levi confronts the three former leaders over an area that has not been cleaned to his liking; despite their attempts to explain, Levi berates them and orders they clean it as well. Meanwhile, two other students from Attack Junior High District 2 named Isabel and Furlan break through a window and announce their intent to take Levi back to their school.

Levi dismisses them and tells them to go back home. He announced that he had no reason to go to District 2 but knew there was a purpose for him at this school. As one of the former leaders try to explain how they have grown fond of Levi as well, Isabel bites his arm and issues a challenge to see who gets to have Levi. While the former leaders declare this to be selfish and stupid, Levi reasons that they came a long way for this and accepts the challenge on their behalf.

The two sides agree to the terms: cleaning the entire school without leaving any dust or grime behind and they must fight with the cleaning supplies. As the former leaders begin to get overwhelmed, they resort to fighting dirty due to there being no rules. However, Isabel and Furlan still come out on top and are declared the winners by Levi.

Despite this, Levi bids the two farewell and refuses to go with them; he declares there is nothing more he can teach them and knows that the district is in good hands with them. Isabel informs the three former leaders that they will have to up their game when Levi leaves the school to go to another one; the three announce they have already graduated and Levi ignores them all, irritated over some spilled water left on the floor.

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