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The Conclusion, No Regrets (悔いなき結末 Kuinaki Ketsumatsu?) is the 7th and final chapter of the 6th volume and the 46th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


Both the Wall Beautification Club & the 2nd District team are ready to face off against each other. Both sides learn the winner team gets one request that the losing team must grant. Which side will emerge victorious in this anticipated contest?


The day of the Wall Beautification contest arrives and Eren predicts they will be victorious over the 2nd District Club now that Levi has joined their team. Rico announces that whichever team is the winner, they will have one request given that the other team must fulfill no questions asked; this promptly causes Eren and Jean to start fighting over what wish to make. Isabel and Furlan appear and announce their request will be to have Levi return with them back to District 2. When Eren protests, Furlan and Isabel beat him, Connie and Armin; as the two leave, they steal their cleaning equipment and gear to try and get an advantage. Levi goes after them, curious as to why they want him to return so badly.

Levi notices Isabel's cleaning and remarks they are not as rusty as the last time he saw them. Isabel ignores Furlan's pleas and shows off her cleaning while demonstrating some squeegee art; Furlan believes him to be causing a diversion and makes it known. Even though Levi continues to pull objects out in front of Isabel, he bemoans Furlan's words are hurtful. Meanwhile, the Wall Beautification Club tries to work together and clean the wall; the others are astonished to see both Eren and Jean cooperating, only for them to start fighting almost immediately.

Isabel finally breaks out of her stupor and agrees with Furlan about what Levi is doing. As Furlan nervously looks to see his opponents' progress, he is relaxed somewhat to see Eren and Jean continuing to fight. Noticing Levi is watching them too, he takes the chance to steal back Isabel's squeegee and travels towards the top of the Wall. Isabel spills a container of coffee given by Levi on Eren, dirtying up the Wall again. As she and Furlan flee, Levi recruits Eren and Jean to get back to cleaning the mess.

Eventually, both Eren and Jean develop cramps so Levi takes over and both teams end in a tie. As both teams lament on what happened, Levi reminds them that Isabel had coffee on her hands from the spill and she inadvertently touched the wall, dirtying it slightly and making the Wall Beautification Club the winners. Unfortunately, they are disqualified for not having enough team members on the Wall; this greatly angers Levi and punishes both Eren and Jean. Isabel apologizes and reveals the true reason she and Furlan were looking to have Levi join them; they wanted a third person to see a movie with and get a discount on the price of tickets.

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