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The Family Entanglements Episode? Not Good (家族がらみの話はNGで Kazoku-garami no Hanashi wa NG de?) is the 5th chapter of the 8th volume and the 57th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


It is 'Parent -Teacher Conference Day at school, and the students in Class 4 realize Mikasa's parents are in Canada and will not be attending. While the other students try to get their parents to attend, Eren tries to come up with a way to have Mikasa feel included too.


Eren tells Carla about the open house

Eren is ashamed when his mother Carla decides to attend a parent teacher conference being held at school and asks that she does not due to her usual appliance of makeup that causes him to become embarrassed; when Grisha suggests that her going without any would embarrass him, she quickly turns on him.

Mikasa is stressed about the open house

The next day, other members of Eren's class share how they deal with it until they notice Mikasa sitting alone by herself; Armin realizes that since her family lives abroad, she does not really have a family to come attend the event. While Mikasa tries to brush it aside, the others can clearly see she is bothered by it. When they get ready to go back to homeroom, Mikasa abruptly leaves; this causes Eren and the others to follow her out of curiosity.

Mikasa meditates after school

They trail Mikasa to a temple where she is trying to meditate in order to clear her head; Eren's presence causes Mikasa to run off and drops her phone without realizing it. Eren shares it with everyone else and that night, Armin, Sasha, Connie and Jean persuade their parents to attend the conference. Meanwhile, Eren talks to his parents about wanting to do something for Mikasa since her parents are unable to attend. While Carla is thrilled that Eren is starting to think about others for a change, Grisha says that they act as surrogate parent figures for her; Eren leaves when Grisha says they took her in to provide her a friend in Eren but does not hear that Mikasa should be left to handle this on her own.

Eren tells the others about his plan

Mikasa's friends dresses up like her family

The day of the conference, Mikasa is by herself in class and notes that no one else is present while the parents slowly begin to arrive. Just then, Eren, Armin, Connie, Jean and Sasha arrive dressed as members of Mikasa's family. Mikasa notes that she never met some of the people they dressed up as (such as her grandparents) but is appreciative of the gesture as she sees her friends as her family. Moments later, Mikasa gets a call from her mother on her phone and says everything is fine thanks to her friends. Later on, during Eren's conference, the teacher expresses to Carla that Eren's anti-Titan rantings are once again causing disruptions in class, much to her surprise and Eren's embarrassment.

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