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This article is about the Female Titan arc. For the character, see Annie Leonhart. For more pages referred to by this name, see Female Titan (Disambiguation).

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The Female Titan arc is the fourth story arc of the Attack on Titan manga.


After the Battle of Trost District, Eren is assigned to the Levi Squad as a member of the Survey Corps. Along with some of his friends, he gets ready for an upcoming expedition. However, beyond the Walls, there is an unpredictable danger awaiting them.


Cover Number Title Release date
19 Still Can't See
 (まだ目を見れない Mada Me o Mirenai?)
March 9, 2011
Chapter 19 CoverCitizens of different areas are shown discussing the Titan that plugged the breach in Trost District with a boulder. Meanwhile, Eren, still chained in a cell, contemplates his worth as a person and wonders of his friends' whereabouts. He is then greeted by Hange Zoë and Mike Zacharias who take him from his cell and bring him to the military court where he stands trial to be handed over to the Survey Corps or the Military Police Brigade. After much arguing, Eren becomes frustrated and yells at the people in the courtroom until he is kicked and beaten by Captain Levi. After Levi claims he can easily kill Eren if he gets out of control, Commander Erwin makes a final proposal and Eren is turned over to the Survey Corps. Afterward, he is seen with Hange, Levi, Mike, and Erwin as Hange tends to his wounds. Erwin then formally welcomes Eren into the corps and Hange asks to see the spot where Levi kicked out Eren's tooth. They are all shocked to see it already growing back.

Cover Number Title Release date
20 Special Operations Squad
 (特別作戦班 Tokubetsu Sakusen Han?)
April 9, 2011
Chapter 20 CoverNow in the custody of the Survey Corps, Eren is taken to their headquarters under the supervision of Squad Levi. Captain Levi quickly puts his soldiers to work on cleaning the fortress. Eren briefly talks with squadmate Petra Ral, who tells him about Levi's shady past. Later at night, Squad Levi discusses the upcoming expedition and their need to learn about Eren's power of the Titans. Squad Leader Hange then joins them to discuss the progress of their Titan experiments. Eren asks about these Titan experiments, causing the others to quickly leave before Hange begins a long discussion on their research.

Hange discusses their findings involving their research on Sonny and Bean, the Titans that were captured from Trost. Eren discovers that Hange has a strange sympathy for the Titans they experiment on, and asks them about it. Hange explains that their research has suggested that the true nature of the Titans may be more than what humans would believe, causing them to see things from a different angle. Eren asks for even more information about Hange's experiments, leading them to talk until dawn.

That morning, a soldier interrupts their discussion to alert Hange of Sonny and Bean's sudden deaths. Outside, many Survey Corps soldiers are gathered around the Titans' steaming remains while Hange cries in dismay. As Eren looks at the scene, Erwin suddenly appears behind him, asking him who he thinks the real enemy is. Eren cannot answer him, and Erwin apologizes before leaving.

Cover Number Title Release date
21 Opening the Gate
 (開門 Kaimon?)
May 9, 2011
Chapter 21 CoverAfter the deaths of Sonny and Bean, all trainees of the 104th Training Corps have their vertical maneuvering equipment inspected. Connie, Armin, and Annie discuss the situation and where they plan to enlist. Later, Eren overhears that no culprit was found among the trainees, and he wonders which of his friends will want to join the Survey Corps. After a brief discussion between Jean and the others, the trainees are called in for their introduction to the Survey Corps.

Standing before the trainees, Erwin Smith tells them of the great losses the Survey Corps has faced in recent years as well as their new advances in knowledge. Erwin gives out the information that the Survey Corps plans to ride to Shiganshina District to locate the basement of Eren's home, causing Armin to wonder. Erwin makes it clear that those who join the Survey Corps are likely to die, and that they must be willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of humanity. Many leave afterward, but those who stay behind are welcomed into the Survey Corps.

One month later in Karanes District, the Survey Corps embarks on the 57th expedition beyond the Walls. The support team keeps a nearby Titan at bay while the rest ride forth to Shiganshina.

Cover Number Title Release date
22 Long-Distance Enemy Scouting Formation
 (長距離索敵陣形 Chōkyori Sakuteki Jinkei?)
June 9, 2011
Chapter 22 CoverEmbarking on their way to Shiganshina, Eren recalls the moment not long ago when he and his squad went over their plan for the mission. Shortly after that moment, he reunited with his friends and was informed of Marco's death. Jean made it clear at that time that everyone was counting on him.

On the expedition, the Survey Corps' procedures go as planned according to what they learned over the previous month. Sasha is nearly caught by a crawling Titan, while Armin witnesses his team encounter an abnormal Titan. His teammates Ness and Siss succeed in defeating it before a Female Titan suddenly appears, killing them both. Realizing that a Titan of such skill and behavior must be a human in a Titan body, Armin rides away in a panic, the Female Titan following close behind. The Female Titan had come in from the right flank, causing great amounts of destruction.

Cover Number Title Release date
23 The Female Titan
 (女型の巨人 Megata no Kyojin?)
July 9, 2011
Chapter 23 CoverAs the lone survivor of his group, Armin Arlert fears the worst when the Female Titan catches up to him. Having miraculously survived his encounter, he meets up with Reiner Braun and Jean Kirstein. They discuss their options, and decide to act as bait in order to buy time for a retreat signal to be issued. In the process, Reiner is seemingly crushed in the Female Titan's grip, but manages to break free. With survival on his mind, he runs for his life, carrying Armin with him. Thanks to Reiner the Female Titan is retreating, but not in the direction they had hoped.

Cover Number Title Release date
24 The Titan Forest
 (巨大樹の森 Kyodai-ju no Mori?)
August 9, 2011
Chapter 24 CoverJean Kirstein, Reiner Braun and Armin Arlert are recovering from their battle against the Female Titan. They treat their wounds and look for their horses. Finally Krista Lenz appears with their horses and they start riding while following the formation.

Meanwhile, the Female Titan keeps killing soldiers and advancing towards the center of the formation. Erwin decides to enter inside the Titan Forest, making the Special Operations Squad enter too and the rest of the soldiers guard outside the forest. However, Squad Levi gets a horrible surprise when the Female Titan enters at the forest too, following them at close distance.

Cover Number Title Release date
25 Bite
 (嚙みつく Kamitsuku?)
September 9, 2011
Chapter 25 CoverStanding by at the edge of the Titan Forest, Jean and Armin discuss the strange orders Commander Erwin has ordered. Deeper in the forest, the Female Titan catches up to Squad Levi. The squad wishes to attack, but Captain Levi remains quiet as other soldiers begin to attack the Female Titan, only to be quickly killed. Eren considers turning into a Titan and fighting, only to be scolded by his squad mates. Levi says that the choice is Eren's to make, and that he should choose whatever option he will regret the least.

Thinking back to the time before the expedition, Eren recalls when the squad made an attempt to have Eren transform from the bottom of a well for examination. At the time, Eren is unable to transform for reasons he cannot explain. Later that day, when Eren reaches out to pick up a dropped teaspoon, a Titan arm is suddenly and violently generated, causing Squad Levi to panic. Levi stands between Eren and the now hostile soldiers, urging them to remain calm.

Cover Number Title Release date
26 The Easy Path
 (好都合な道を Kōtsugōna Michi o?)
October 9, 2011
Chapter 26 CoverIn the Titan Forest, Eren sees a memory about the Special Operations Squad. He remembers a time when he transformed by accident and the members of the squad tried to kill him. However, thanks to Levi, they finally apologize and trust Eren. Back in the present, this gives Eren the resolve not to transform and fight the Female Titan, but trust in his comrades instead. This allows the Survey Corps to capture the Female Titan alive and start the process to extract the human body inside the Titan.

Cover Number Title Release date
27 Erwin Smith
 (エルヴィン・スミス Eruvin Sumisu?)
November 9, 2011
Chapter 27 CoverThe Survey Corps are waiting outside the Titan Forest while a small group of soldiers capture the Female Titan within. Jean and Armin have a conversation about the Titans and their commander, Erwin Smith. Eren and members of Squad Levi have a similar conversation inside. Both groups finally state that people that can change the world must be able to do horrible things and reject their humanity in order to get a greater good.

Meanwhile, Captain Levi, Mike Zacharias and Hange Zoë are wondering how to extract the human body from the captured Female Titan. While Erwin plans to blow away her hardened skin with explosives, Levi tells the Titan that he will make her suffer. In answer, the Titan roars, making nearby Titans come to eat its body. The soldiers tries to stop them, but the Female Titan is finally eaten alive, heavily surprising Erwin.

Cover Number Title Release date
28 Choices and Consequences
 (選択と結果 Sentaku to Kekka?)
December 9, 2011
Chapter 28 CoverDespite the Survey Corps best efforts, The Female Titan ends up being eaten by various Titans, but Erwin believes that the human body may have escaped in the steam with vertical maneuvering equipment and orders Levi to prepare for battle. Elsewhere, Levi's Squad have trivial conversations as they escape as per their orders. They see an unknown soldier that quickly kills Gunther and then, much to their horror, transforms into the Female Titan. While Eren is told to run away, Oluo, Eld and Petra fight but they are eventually overpowered and killed by the Female Titan before Eren's very eyes. Feeling responsible for the deaths of his comrades, Eren transforms and blindly begins a fight against the Female Titan.

Cover Number Title Release date
29 Crushing Blow
 (鉄槌 Tettsui?)
January 9, 2012
Chapter 29 CoverEren, transformed in a Titan, pushes the Female Titan on the floor and punches her, breaking his arms. Eren blames himself for the death of his comrades and roars, making both Levi and Mikasa head in the direction of the roar. The Female Titan manages to escape and the fight begins. The combat is matched, even when the Female Titan uses its hardening powers to attack Eren. However at some point Eren stops fighting for unknown reasons, which allows the Female Titan to defeat him with a critical strike. The Female Titan then picks up Eren's true body before Mikasa's eyes, leaving her in despair.

Cover Number Title Release date
30 Losers
 (敗者達 Haisha-tachi?)
February 9, 2012
Chapter 30 CoverCaptain Levi heads to Eren's location after hearing him roar from the distance, assuming he had turned into a Titan. While traveling, Levi passes by the bodies of his fallen squad. After witnessing the Female Titan rip Eren out of his Titan's neck, Mikasa attacks her to free him, but Levi commands her to fall back so that they can plan a proper attack. Levi is left injured after Mikasa attempts to kill the Female Titan, but they successfully retrieve Eren. During their return, Eren awakes only to hear that the mission had failed. When they return to the city, the Survey Corps is hazed for doing a poor job. Petra's father briefly speaks with Levi, much to his agony. It is later decided that Eren is to be handed over to the Military Police Brigade.

Cover Number Title Release date
31 Grin
 (微笑み Hohoemi?)
March 9, 2012
Chapter 31 CoverAnnie awakes in her room within the Stohess District. While the citizens grow nervous due to the oncoming arrival of Eren, Annie and the other Military Police recruits are given the mission to protect Eren and the Survey Corps as they pass through town. Marlowe, a young soldier, is put in charge of the mission's details because his superior officer singled him out for asking a question. He then gets angry, saying that the Military Police is full of lazy scum. Some other soldiers then begin to make fun of him, but Annie defends him by saying that he is indeed a righteous person. When the operation begins, Annie is found by Armin who asks her to help Eren escape. She initially refuses but then accepts when she is told that he would be killed. She then travels with Armin, Eren, and Mikasa and they tell her to enter into a tunnel, but she refuses. After much debate, the three reveal that they know her identity as the Female Titan and she gives a disturbing grin, saying that though they may have won their bet, hers begins now.

Cover Number Title Release date
32 Mercy
 (慈悲 Jihi?)
April 9, 2012
Chapter 32 CoverAfter Annie reveals her true identity, Armin fires a signal for hidden soldiers to immobilize her. However, she manages to wound herself with her ring and trigger a transformation, killing those restraining her. Eren, Mikasa and Armin are then trapped under the tunnel where they planned to lead and capture her, fearing that Annie will crush them if they go outside. After a little debate, Eren attempts to transform but is unable to once again. He remembers the details of Armin, Erwin and other soldiers creating this plan and theorizing that Annie was the Female Titan. However, Mikasa tells him that he must not hesitate and to remember what she has done. Because Eren is still unable to transform, Mikasa and Armin split up and exit the tunnel from both entrances, even though Eren pleaded for them to reconsider. Eren then realizes just how cruel the world is and is able to pull himself together. He then transforms into his Titan and lands a strike on the Female Titan right away.

Cover Number Title Release date
33 Wall
 ( Kabe?)
May 9, 2012
Chapter 33 CoverThe people of Stohess District watch as a new steam explosion appears in the city, caused by Eren's transformation. Eren starts fighting for the second time against Annie, who starts running while Eren and other soldiers follow her. The battle takes place inside the city, where buildings are destroyed and many soldiers and civilians die. After Annie is able to subdue Eren, she tries to escape by climbing the Wall. However, she is stopped by Mikasa who cuts off her fingers. While the soldiers try to take Annie out, she recalls a memory of her father. Once she has the chance, she crystallizes herself so she cannot be interrogated. Moments later, Mikasa freezes in place on the Wall after seeing a Titan within the structure.

Cover Number Title Release date
34 Soldiers Dance
 (戦士は踊る Senshi wa Odoru?)
June 9, 2012
Chapter 34 CoverEren is pulled from his Titan body by Armin while Mikasa clings to the Wall, staring at a Titan within. Hange looks at it in astonishment and then notices Minister Nick as he states to not let the sun hit the Titan. Elsewhere, Marlowe and Hitch question the higher-ups and they give them no answers. After covering the Titan, Nick does not give answers and Hange holds him over the edge. He tells Hange to let him fall and they, after a lengthy speech, throw him back onto the Wall. Later, Jean, Armin, and Mikasa are with Eren while he rests. Armin theorizes that the Walls were made using the Titans' hardening ability, Armin and Jean then leave for a meeting. Erwin is questioned by higher-ups and states that he wants to find all the Titan spies living within the Walls. Thomas, a Survey Corps soldier, then barges in and informs them of dire news involving Wall Rose. Earlier, Connie, Sasha, Bertolt, Reiner, Krista, and her friend were left without equipment and stationed in the southern part of Wall Rose. Mike Zacharias smells Titans invading and orders Thomas to report this to the Commanders.