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The Fires of Upheaval (動乱の炎 Dōran no Honō?) is the 2nd chapter of the 8th volume and the 26th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


In the early hours of the morning before dawn, the Industrial City is attacked by the Dissidence Movement. After the gate is bombed and the Military Police is slaughtered, August gives orders to his officers and rouses the dissidents to action. He gives them the order to capture Xenophon Harkimo alive so that the dissidents and the workers can cooperate in making the Industrial City the seat of rebellion against the Royal Government. After overhearing the dissidents' goal to invade Harkimo Workshop, Xavi grows worried for Sharle's safety.

Running to Harkimo Workshop, Xavi is angered at the dissidents' lofty and unrealistic goals. He is stopped by Matteus, who turns on him with the plan to frame Xavi for the dissidents' acquisition of weaponry. Drawing blades, Xavi battles with Matteus, realizing that the man is more skilled than he had anticipated.

In Harkimo Workshop, Sharle notices the fires elsewhere in the city. She attempts to warn the other workers in the building before she is caught by a dissident, who tells her to stay quiet.


The dissidents breach the gate

The dissidents breach the gate

In the early hours of the morning before dawn, two Military Police Brigade soldiers stand guard outside the gate of the Industrial City. They spot an incoming carriage, and the soldier Finke suggests it is a rush order. He stands in the middle of the road, urging the carriage to slow down, but the carriage presses onward, trampling him. Upon reaching the gate, the carriage explodes, and the other soldier is shot through the head before he can comprehend the situation. Military Police soldiers rush outside, but they are gunned down by the Dissidence Movement rebels.

As an officer among the dissidents' orders a ceasefire once the policemen are slaughtered, August steps forward to address the rebels. He orders his officer, März, to gather troops to support Juli's assault on the MP office. August orders his other officers April and Januar to guard the gate and lock down the Industrial City's main street. Addressing the remaining dissidents before the gates, he makes it clear that Xenophon Harkimo is to be brought alive into their custody. After overcoming the Military Police, they will then cooperate with the local workers to make the Industrial City the seat of rebellion against the monarchy, eventually leading to negotiations with the Royal Government for the equal treatment of all citizens in the Walls.

Elsewhere in the city, Juli's attack on the MP office is met with news of incoming reinforcements. Juli informs Xavi of their next plan of attack, but warns that if they fail in keeping control of the MP office, the diversion at the city mint will be trapped on both sides. Xavi is surprised to hear that the mint is a diversion and not the rebellion's primary objective, and Juli informs him that Harkimo Workshop is the true goal, though the information may have been meant for officers only. Xavi recalls that Sharle is working at Xenophon's workshop, and he grows worried for her safety. When März arrives with reinforcements, Xavi flees the scene on his way to Harkimo Workshop.

Matteus duels Xavi

Matteus duels Xavi

As he runs through the city streets, Xavi becomes angry at the Dissidence Movement's unrealistic goals of getting Xenophon to join their cause or convincing the Royal Government to negotiate with their people. He is stopped by Matteus, who asks him where he is going. Xavi claims he is going to the mint, but Matteus decides that the time has come to turn on Xavi. Explaining that the rebels' acquisition of MP weaponry will need official explanation, he chooses to pin the action on Xavi and kill him where he stands. Drawing his blade, Matteus attacks Xavi, who draws his own blade in defense. The two begin to spar, and Xavi realizes that Matteus is much more skilled at swordsmanship than he had anticipated.

At Harkimo Workshop, Sharle wakes up, ready for a typical day of work. However, she notices fires elsewhere in the city from her room's window, and she scrambles to warn the other workers. She stops in her place when she hears the sound of gunfire on the floor below, but before she can investigate, a dissident drops from the ceiling, covering her mouth and holding her in place. As the gunfire continues below, the rebel tells Sharle to stay quiet.

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