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The Freshly Blood-Soaked Earth (鮮血の大地 Senketsu no Daichi?) is the 4th and final chapter of the 2nd volume and the 7th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


Kuklo shoots at a Titan but sees it has no effect. He notices that he has fallen behind the other soldiers, but hatches a plan to possibly incapacitate the approaching Titans and buy the Survey Corps soldiers enough time to reach the Walls. Unfortunately, he is grabbed by one and is about to be eaten when Kuklo stabs it in the eye with Sharle's dagger.


As Kuklo stares down the gaping jaws of the pursuing Titan, he ponders the fact that he was born inside a similar Titan. Imagining himself being persecuted by others for his origins, Kuklo becomes furious and begins firing his rifle wildly at the pursuing Titan, screaming that he is human. Calming down, Kuklo realizes that his rifle is not having any effect. Watching the Survey Corps, Kuklo angrily wonders why they are running, before rationalizing that, as this is the first time most of them have left the Walls, they must have panicked after seeing a Titan for the first time.

Ogre destroys the wagon

The Titan destroys the wagon

Realizing that the cart he is in is falling behind the others, Kuklo begins looking for things to throw out to lighten the cart's load, and stumbles upon a box of gunpowder. Formulating a plan, Kuklo orders the cart's driver to get on his horse, explaining that he intends to use the gunpowder he found to blow up the cart, and hopefully kill the Titan. Taking the soldier's blade, Kuklo begins trying to cut away the cart from the horse pulling it, but the ropes holding them prove too strong, and the Titan begins attacking them.

Kuklo is thrown from the horse, and lands on the ground in front of the Titan. Expecting to be crushed by it, Kuklo is surprised when the Titan instead picks him and the other soldier up. Seeing that their comrade is in danger, a number of Corps soldiers return, and begin attacking the Titan's legs. Although they deal some damage, the Titan's wounds instantly heal, and they are killed as the Titan kicks them away. Seeing more soldiers turn back to engage the Titan, Carlo Pikale orders them to retreat, but is annoyed when they ignore him. Deciding that there is no other choice, Carlo orders the rest of the soldiers to prepare to engage the Titan.

Kuklo stabs Ogre's eye

Kuklo stabs the Titan's eye

The Titan continues to kick away all of the attacking soldiers, it begins to raise Kuklo to its mouth. Although he tries to fight it, Kuklo gives up and, remembering Sharle Inocencio, regrets that he will not be able to return to her as he promised. It is at this moment that he remembers the knife she gave him for protection and, in a last-ditch attempt to escape, he drives the blade into the Titan's eye.

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