The Girl Waiting in the Workshop (工房で待つ少女 Kōbō de Matsu Shōjo?) is an extra chapter included in the 6th volume of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


While Kuklo is away, Sharle Inocencio and Xenophon Harkimo discuss Kuklo's potential with the new device.


At a time before Kuklo's arrival at the Industrial City, Sharle is washing laundry in the workshop. The woman with her laments seeing her work so much despite being a guest, but Sharle says that working keeps her mind distracted. The woman says that she hopes whoever Sharle is waiting for will return soon.

Sharle and Xenophon talk about Kuklo

Sharle and Xenophon talk about Kuklo

Later, Sharle wakes up Xenophon after he fell asleep in the middle of his work. As she opens up a window, she spots a prototype of the device that Kuklo would test. Xenophon says that Jorge Pikale had borrowed it to "save the Titan's Son." Sharle protests to Kuklo's old title, to which Xenophon apologizes and asks what kind of boy Kuklo is. Sharle is confused, and Xenophon explains that he is interested in Kuklo's physical abilities. Sharle recalls Kuklo's ability to fight when Titan cultists invaded the Inocencio manor, though she could not really see him in action. Xenophon explains that Carlo Pikale has shown interest in Kuklo's abilities as well, believing he may be able to master the device.

Relieved that someone truly values Kuklo's life, Sharle decides to have faith that Kuklo will return to her.

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