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The Imprisoned Princess Flees (遁逃の籠姫 Tontō no Kago Hime?) is the 1st chapter of the 10th volume and the 33rd chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


Xavi and Sharle are able to convince Gloria Bernhart that the latter has never seen Sharle before. The following day, Sharle decides to try to find information on the famed inventor Angel Aaltonen. After escaping a rape attempt, Sharle is able to meet up with a soldier named Hans who had a dagger crafted by Angel. She then makes plans to travel to the last known location of Angel, the infamous Underground City in Stohess District.


Sharle realizes that Kuklo is still alive

As Xavi nervously wonders if Gloria recognizes Sharle, he is surprised when Sharle claims that she is very rarely allowed access outside of the family home. Caught off guard by this, he agrees and says that their father was overly protective of Sharle; Xavi insists to Gloria that this is the first time in many years that Sharle has been out in society. After some time, Gloria agrees and then takes her leave, wishing to see both of them again soon. Xavi starts to question to himself why Sharle is acting that way, possibly due to not hearing a body matching Kuklo's being found among the dead. He assures himself that Kuklo is indeed dead and that he felt how solid the final strike was. Xavi decides to let Sharle be, after seeing her in better spirits than before.

The next morning, Sharle assures herself that Kuklo must still be alive and laments how she will be easily spotted if she went to search for him. Looking outside the window, she spots the Military Police headquarters and recalls the dagger crafted by Angel in Xenophon's workshop; this gives her an idea. Although not able to search for Kuklo, she can still try to track down the owner of the dagger and, hopefully, that will lead to Angel's whereabouts. Hearing that Michael Pottering is here to take her to the opera (and realizing both Xavi and Rixner are away), Sharle sees this as her chance to get away. As they pass the headquarters, Sharle claims she has a message for Xavi and asks for them to stop.

Sharle escapes from the carriage

Suddenly, two others open the carriage and drag her out, with the intent to rape her. Sharle manages to get away and reaches the guards, claiming she was en-route to a meeting with Gloria and forcibly taken. Gloria comes out and has the three arrested. Once inside, Gloria makes tea and compliments how Sharle was able to hold off two attackers by herself; Sharle merely claims that a family friend taught her. Gloria excuses herself and arranges for a carriage to take Sharle back home. Before leaving, Sharle asks a guard if a Military Police soldier named Hans is stationed there. Hans meets with her and is surprised that a young girl from a noble family is interested in his dagger.

Hans meets with Sharle

Regardless, Hans states that a blacksmith named Angel made it for him in the Underground City in Stohess District. Hearing about a famed craftsman living down there, Hans recalls how the skill was unlike anything he had ever seen before and that others were jealous. However, he advises against her going there due to the lawlessness of the city.

Certain the blacksmith is indeed the famed inventor Angel, Sharle returns back home. Excited by the amount of progress made already, Sharle makes plans to immediately set out to the Underground City. Although Xavi will more than likely send guards to look for her, he will think Sharle went back towards the Industrial City and will send them in the wrong direction. Sharle resolves to find Angel no matter what and bring him back out of exile.

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