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The Nose Knows! (鼻で感じろ!! Hana de Kanjiro!!?) is the 24th chapter of the 1st volume and the 24th chapter overall of the Spoof on Titan manga, written and illustrated by hounori.


A look into the life of Mike, and the perils of having an exceptional sense of smell.


Bothered by the smell of burnt stew coming from the kitchen, Mike asks Nanaba to close the window. Nanaba remarks that the kitchen is far away and she could not smell anything.

Mike offers to help look for Hange's data with his eyes

A troubled Hange desperately looks for some data she lost among her files, and Mike offers to help her search. Hange appreciates Mike's concern, but says his heightened sense of smell will not be useful in the scenario. Mike says he will simply use his eyes. Embarrassed, Hange gladly accepts his help.

Petra and Krista, come out of the women's bathroom and notice Mike standing outside. They both ignore him and go the other way. Mike asks Nanaba why he was being avoided, and Nanaba claims it was probably because they just came out of the bathroom, which exasperates Mike.

Connie shoves Sasha to switch places with him

Connie watches Levi and Mike stand in line, next to each other and comments on how Mike's height, made Captain Levi look shorter than he already was. Sasha notices Bertolt standing next to Connie, and Connie insists on switching places with her.

Oluo requests Mike to smell him and asks him if there was any strong smell coming off of his body. Mike does not find any such odor in particular and Oluo yells at his squadmates, for falsely accusing him of having the scent of an old man. Levi and Erwin approach Mike from behind, and he suddenly observes some smell, but shrugs it off, when Levi questions him.

Mike tries Nanaba's sleep aid on

Nanaba notices Mike yawning and asks him if he was tired. Mike claims he could not sleep well last night, because he was worried about what was going on around him. Nanaba lends him some sleeping aids, consisting of ear plugs and an eye mask. Next morning, he cheerfully exclaims that they worked great and the smells were what were bothering him.

Hange offers Mike some tea she made, but Mike is not impressed by its aroma. He claims to know a way to pour tea, which gives off a much superior aroma. After pouring the tea, Mike delights himself in the wonderful aroma, while Hange struggles to notice the difference.

In a room, Mike collapses to the ground, seeming exhausted. Nanaba and Levi rush him to a clinic for treatment. On examination, the doctor tells them that he has a sinus infection.

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