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This article is about the 91st chapter of the Attack on Titan manga. For the 60th episode of the anime, see The Other Side of the Sea.

Quote1.png I will prove to you that I am the Warrior worthy of inheriting the Armor. Quote2.png
— Gabi proclaims her resolve to Commander Magath

The Other Side of the Ocean (海の向こう側 Umi no Mukougawa?) is the 1st chapter of the 23rd volume and the 91st chapter overall of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.


Four years after the battle of Shiganshina District, the Warriors of Marley besiege Fort Slava of the Mid-East Allied Forces. Falco Grice, a Warrior candidate, is saved by his brother Colt Grice who returns him to the trenches nearby. As his comrades patch Falco up and remind him of their goal in the battle, Colt reports the situation to Marleyan Commander Theo Magath. He suggests sending their Titans Porco Galliard and Pieck Finger to attack, but the presence of the anti-Titan artillery prevents this strategy.

Warrior candidate Gabi Braun offers to destroy the armored train carrying the artillery, and the commander reluctantly agrees. Gabi approaches the bunker in plainclothes while secretly carrying a bundle of grenades. When the train approaches, she collapses to the ground and throws the bombs on the tracks, putting the weapon out of commission. As she returns to the trenches, Galliard transforms into his Titan and shields the Warrior candidates from machine gun fire before charging towards the bunkers and wiping out the Allies' defenses.


It is the year 854, Marley has been at war with the Mid-East Allied Forces for four years, and as a result, has been forced to put its mission to retrieve the Founding Titan from Paradis Island on hold. The Marley fighting force consists mostly of Eldians under the command of Marleyan officers. To finally win the war, Marley's forces intend to capture Fort Slava, which will allow them to invade the port where the Mid-East Allied Forces' fleet is currently residing, and destroy it.

Colt brings Falco to safety

A young soldier named Falco is injured on the battlefield and has to be carried to safety by his brother Colt. Arriving in the safety of a nearby trench, Falco's comrades begin giving him first aid as Colt reports to his superior, Commander Magath. Colt reports that digging another trench will be impossible due to the artillery fire, but his superior is unwilling to listen to him.

As Falco receives medical attention, one of his fellow soldiers, Gabi, reminds him of their mission to capture Fort Slava. Falco asks why they, as candidates, are fighting on the front lines, and Gabi explains that they are being tested to see who will become the next Warrior. The battle is being used to determine who will inherit Reiner Braun's Armored Titan. Fellow candidates Udo and Zofia muse that Gabi will most likely be chosen, due to her high scores, but Gabi insists that her scores are not the reason why she will be chosen. She will be chosen because she is determined to exterminate the evil Eldians living on Paradis Island, and prove that the Eldians living in Marley are good ones, whom she desires to free from the internment zone.

Gabi crafts a bomb

Colt informs Magath that the soldiers will not have the power to destroy the fort's rail tracks, and that if they do not move soon, they will be wiped out by artillery fire. When Magath asks if he has an idea, Colt suggests releasing their two Warriors Porco Galliard and Pieck, the Jaw Titan and Cart Titan respectively. Magath rejects the idea, not willing to risk using two Warriors yet. As the two are discussing, another soldier informs them that the fort is bringing out the Mid-East Allied Forces' new weapon mounted on an armored train: the anti-Titan artillery, a 100mm-shell cannon that can kill any Titan, including one of the nine original Titans, with one shot. Colt argues that Galliard and Pieck's Titans are fast enough to evade any shots. Magath, unwilling to risk losing more Titans after the loss of the Colossus and the Female Titans, orders the soldiers to prepare to fight. Colt tries to protest, but Magath stops him, reminding him that he will need to change his attitude if he hopes to inherit the Beast Titan.

Gabi takes out the armored train

As the armored train begins to move closer to their position, Gabi asks Magath to allow her to destroy the artillery herself. Although Magath is reluctant, Gabi convinces him to allow her to try out her plan, which will prevent the loss of hundreds of troops. As part of her plan, Gabi takes off her uniform before leaving the trench in plainclothes. As Gabi approaches the Fort, two Union soldiers spot her, failing to notice the small bomb she has tied to her ankle. Colt points out that the use of plainclothes soldiers violates international law, but Magath notes that it will not be reported if no enemy is alive to tell about it. Afraid that Gabi might be an Eldian with the power of the Titans, the Mid-East soldiers prepare to shoot her, but are surprised to see her collapse on the ground. Gabi waits for the anti-Titan artillery on the armored train to draw closer before throwing her bomb onto its tracks, destroying it. Enraged, one of the soldiers begins firing at her.

Galliard saves the Warrior candidates

Falco, seeing Gabi is in trouble, leaves the trench to stop her, much to Colt's horror. However, as he reaches Gabi, Galliard appears on the battlefield, using his Titan to physically shield the two from fire, before charging forward and destroying the outpost the two Mid-East soldiers are in.

Characters in order of appearance


Isayama's initial sketch of Gabi

  • Hajime Isayama has claimed that drawing the battle scenes in this chapter was the most fun he had when working on the series.
  • This is the first chapter to contain no dialogue from any previously established characters.
  • Gabi's design and name were revealed by Isayama a few days before the release of this chapter when he posted a sketch he drew while watching UFC to his blog.[1]
  • This chapter contains an inconsistency in which Eldians sometimes have a badge with the Eldian star on it on their shirt collar and sometimes do not. There is also an inconsistency in which Magath is drawn wearing a black clip in place of the Eldian badge in some panels, and is wearing the Eldian badge in others. No comment has been made about this mix up yet.


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