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The Recruit's First Mission (或る新兵の初陣 Aru Shinpei no Uijin?) is an extra chapter included in the 6th volume of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


A recruit of the Shiganshina District Garrison worries over his abilities as the Survey Corps returns to the city with a Titan in pursuit. After supportive words from an older comrade, he sees the world beyond the Walls for the first time.


While Carlo Pikale is leading the Survey Corps in a retreat from a Titan, an officer of the Garrison in Shiganshina District is declaring the situation to a group of recruits. Sammer, a recruit among the others, listens with anxiety to the news, doubting his own ability to handle the situation. He worries, thinking to himself about how he has only been out of the Training Corps for a single day. He salutes when the speech is concluded, despite himself.

Sammer looks over Shiganshina

Climbing Wall Maria on tall ladders, an older soldier notes Sammer's anxiety. As Sammer climbs with cannon supplies on his back, the old soldier urges Sammer to look behind him at the city he must defend, the front line of humanity. He shivers at the sight of Shiganshina standing behind him. Atop Wall Maria, the Garrison soldiers are recounting the situation as they spot Carlo's Survey Corps returning with a large Titan pursuing them. Sammer muses on the state of the front lines as the Garrison prepares to open fire on the Titan.

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