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The Rivalry's Outcome (相克の行方 Sōkoku no Yukue?) is the 3rd chapter of the 8th volume and the 27th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


In Harkimo Workshop, Mai explains to Sharle that she wishes to speak with Xenophon Harkimo, but was hindered by the battle. After hearing of her intentions, Sharle chooses to follow Mai. On the ground floor of the workshop, the group of men who had been firing at Xenophon's workers are met with dissident forces led by August. August and the rebels meet with Xenophon and explain their situation, and Sharle notices that even some of August's officers are secretly uncertain of the ultimate purpose of their rebellion. Xenophon recalls that dissidents had attacked him fifteen years ago, but August assures him that his forces were not responsible for the event. Xenophon agrees to go with the rebels, but demands that the other workers must be set free.

Elsewhere in the Industrial City, Xavi continues to battle with Matteus. As Xavi is nearly overwhelmed, his spy Fuchs interferes and gives Xavi the chance to land a killing blow to Matteus. Fuchs reports that his men that he sent to Harkimo Workshop were killed by rebel reinforcements. Xavi and Fuchs head to Harkimo Workshop, and Xavi kills the two rebels left to guard the workers. They inform Xavi that August and the dissidents had taken Xenophon and Sharle.

Outside of the city, Gloria Bernhart arrives with a large force of Military Policemen.


The dissidents engage another group

The dissidents engage another group

In Harkimo Workshop, Mai apologizes to Sharle for startling her. She explains that she wished to speak with Xenophon Harkimo but was hindered by the gunfight that had broken out. As gunfire continues on the ground floor, Mai asks for Sharle to remain quiet after letting her go. Sharle agrees, and asks if the workers are still safe. Mai tells her that they had all been sent into the foreman's office, and Sharle thinks to herself that Mai is trustworthy enough to follow for now.

On the ground floor, Xenophon and his workers hide in the foreman's office while the armed men outside stand by the entrance door. As Mai and Sharle watch, dissident reinforcements arrive and open fire on the men. August steps forward after the men are killed, asking Mai who they were. Mai tells him that she does not know, and she directs him to the foreman's office where Xenophon and the workers are in hiding. Sharle tries to piece together the situation while August speaks with Xenophon.

Xenophon makes a request

Xenophon pleads August to let go of his employees

After explaining the purpose of the rebels' attack, Xenophon notes that they must be the Dissidence Movement he had heard of. August explains that he dislikes the name, believing their cause to be a noble anti-establishment movement seeking equal rights. He turns to Mai for affirmation, and she agrees with his claim after a moment of uncertainty. Sharle notes that it seems even some of August's officers do not know the purpose of their actions. Xenophon informs August that he was attacked fifteen years ago by the dissidents, but August informs him that he joined the cause after that time. He apologizes on behalf of the past rebels, and urges for Xenophon to join their cause. A pair of rebels on either side of August ready their rifles, and Mai grows worried for the workers' safety. Xenophon agrees to go with August, but only on the condition that the workers must be set free. Sharle and the other workers worry for Xenophon, and he makes it clear that if his demand is not met, the rebels will not have his cooperation.

Xavi kills Matteus

Xavi kills Matteus

Elsewhere in the Industrial City, Xavi grows fatigued as he battles with Matteus. Matteus admits that Xavi's skills have entertained him, and he expresses his excitement to kill him as his attacks become more aggressive. Matteus disarms Xavi, leaving a gash on his body in the process. As Matteus excitedly prepares to land the killing blow, a knife is thrown at him, cutting a finger from his hand. His blade slips from his grip, and Xavi uses the opening to grab his blade and swing for his throat, cutting it open. As Matteus chokes on his own blood, Xavi assures him that the hatred was mutual. Xavi's spy, Fuchs steps forward to pick up his knife, apologizing for the interference. Xavi thanks him, and Fuchs informs him that the men he had sent to the workshop were killed. The gunfight at Harkimo Workshop had been a stalemate until reinforcements arrived, wiping out Fuchs' men. Together, they make their way to Harkimo Workshop, leaving Matteus' body.

Outside the workshop, they note that things have gone quiet. Xavi heads inside on his own, killing the two rebels left to watch the workers. Approaching the workers, Xavi asks if they are the only ones present. The panicked workers inform him that Xenophon Harkimo has been taken by the rebels, and Xavi assures them that he will be rescued. When Xavi asks if Sharle is present, the workers tell him that she was also taken by the rebels.

Outside of the city, a dissident watchman standing guard is killed with a crossbow. With the coast clear, Captain Gloria Bernhart prepares to bring her Military Police Brigade forces into the battle.

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