The Romantic Tale of Hannah and Franz (ハンナとフランツの愛の物語 Hanna to Furantsu no Ai no Monogatari?) is the 12th chapter of the 1st volume and the 12th chapter overall of the Spoof on Titan manga, written and illustrated by hounori.


Hannah Diamant and Franz Kefka are an inseparable pair, though they still have their difficulties.


Hannah has a money crisis

Hannah needs Franz to loan her some money

Franz suddenly gets a bad feeling and rushes to Hannah's aid in the marketplace. It turns out that she forgot her wallet and needs him to loan her some money.

On a park bench Hannah asks Franz if he remembers what anniversary it is, and he cannot believe he has forgotten one of their anniversaries. Hannah then tells him that it is the fourth anniversary since Wall Maria was destroyed and Franz is relieved that it was not one of their personal anniversaries.

Connie tries to tease Franz by covering his eyes and pretending to be Hannah, but Franz assumes that is it Hannah making Connie imitate her to trick him.

Franz is writing a letter when Hannah leans in to help. They quickly get mushy, as they take turns writing one line each and complimenting each other. Mina asks what they are writing and it is an apology for breaking some equipment. Mina yells at them to take the letter seriously.

During training, Hannah is upset that Franz is looking at the chest of his female training partner. Hannah's male partner agrees with her, but tells her to turn his way before she gets hurt. She apologizes while he beams at her. Mina does not miss the irony.

Franz is distracted

Franz is distracted by the doctor's well-endowed bust

When Hannah gets hurt in training, Franz quickly rushes over to carry her to the clinic. She apologizes for doubting him, to Franz's confusion.

At the clinic Hannah's sprain is addressed, but Franz happens to stare at the doctor's well-endowed bust, to Hannah's annoyance. In the barracks that night Hannah turns over muttering about how Franz is an idiot and Mina asks if she can forgive him since he already apologized.

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